Who was in the wrong here?

Who was in the wrong here?

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Subaru for chosing Emilia over Rem

Was this the scene where he spergs about needing to be rewarded for helping her out?

>Being anime original

I don't remember any scene with Kokoro and Mitsuru looking this good.

Kokoro has straight hair and Mitsuru isn't a drooling retard.

Shit, I meant curly, but I'm sure you knew.


Subaru, for losing. If he'd won, she would be mad wet for him. Nothing gets women hotter than watching men fight over her.

If he'd won, she would have been all over him.

If it was Rem. Emilia would still act the same way because she's special.

How would you feel if a person who you care about starts babbling incoherent shit and mention events that never happened?
Subaru was in the wrong, but he had his reasons.


>Emilia is special
especially retarded

>Guy was almost beaten to death
>he starts talking weird shit
>"yeah fuck off now"
Emilia is a cunt who'd ditch anyone who becomes more of a problem than a help even for a second.

you for watching bad anime

the author for writing cheap and forced teenage drama

From the thumbnail I thought he was Milkman and wonder who's the girl in the background.

>Who was in the wrong here?
You could replace that pic with any screenshot from Re:Zero, and the answer would always be the same:

I thought it was Hiro and 02.


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Subaru is probably the most dislikeable MC of any show I've ever watched. Obviously there are shows with MCs who actually do evil things, but it's still possible to sympathise with them.

I think Subaru is one of the most likeable and relatable male MCs.

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I think Subaru is pretty understandable.
He's been through a lot of shit to save everyone.

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Subaru is always wrong, that's pretty much his character.
It gets boring quickly.