How does Sup Forums like Tatami Galaxy v1.5?

How does Sup Forums like Tatami Galaxy v1.5?

Any other anons seen it yet?

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its vastly superior to the shitty tv show.

Loved the movie. Watching it felt like a time bending acid trip.

Did you like the climax towards the end? it felt a bit excessive to me

The whole thing felt excessive, so that in particular didn't really bother me.

Guerilla Theater finale is the best scene.

Aye. The rest after that felt pretty anti-climatic.

All I learned is that you should stalk someone if you want to date them.

I watched this with my mom and she liked it

I really, really enjoyed it.

I just wish the main characters had been given a bit more personality. The story kinda happens around them for most of the film.


I really liked it, i hope it comes out on bluray with english subs soon

It was fun. Doubt I'll revisit it in the future though, Tatami Galaxy is better in pretty much every way.

It was a very fun film that made me feel warm inside, and I haven't had that in quite a while.

The story was pretty stupid, but it was a fun watch.

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I also found it excessive. It feels like every other scene in the film was very character and theme focused and I liked that, so it suddenly bursting into an action scene that lasted like 5 straight minutes that completely distracted from the character drama that had been built up annoyed me.

At about the 25 minute mark onward I thought it was incredible


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And then?

I mean, it's not a patch on TTG but I appreciate that it carries the same spirit (thanks to everyone involved in both).

I was sad there was no MC/Akashi cameo, though.

Very weak compared to Tatami Galaxy. The TV show gives enough time for relationships and characters to be shown. Nothing is adequately developed in the movie and there isn't much depth into the writing.

One of the big problems of the movie to me. The male protagonist is too forgettable.

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The girl was the protagonist.