Just watched the new franxx episode, i am legitimately fuming right now

just watched the new franxx episode, i am legitimately fuming right now
how could trigger do this to us?

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Just stay in one Franxx thread you crossboarding retards. You don't need fucking 20

So we're in agreement?

02 > Miku > Ichigo > Kokoro > Dykuno

Hiro >= Goro > Milk > Zorome >>>>>>> Fatass

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How is making multiple threads crossboarding? This is Sup Forums related.
What I'm trying to say is- I don't even know what the fuck op is complaining about, but you're a colossal faggot.

Hello Sup Forums

>milk higher than zorome

are you fucking serious right now

VEGfags think any anime that isn't there's is Sup Forums. Pretty stupid, right?



Bait and switch, user.
But it’s still an NTR flavored development, so it’s relegated to the side characters

OP, Trigger isn't in charge of any of the significant production, they didn't contribute to the character design, script or anything else worthy, just some storyboards and animation production, obviously. Franxx is an A1 show mostly. Don't fucking blame Trigger for how shitty this show is. If you don't believe what I just said read the credits of some episodes.

It's not shitty though. I bet you liked this show up until you were cucked today.

>Be me, hype af for new trigger robot show
>after ep 1 learn its all a1
>learn trigger doesn't even do shit til episode 03
>robots look like cartoons
>evangelion rip off cockpit
>useless teen melodrama

the autistic feelings of sheltered tweens is garbage, i wish this show was just ttgl 2.0

The show was mediocre from the beginning, everyone know is crying about that shitty executed partner swap because the identify with someoneelse getting the girl they like and now they can talk about something in this boring mediocre show
i'm still watching because i hope something will happen but 11 episodes and it's just pure boredom. all. Even if the major reveals come later on, i don't think it will save the show. it's so poorly executed ,it's just funny, the show is all over the place.

And not all over the place in an amazing cross ange kind of way either.

This man speaks truth


Honestly feel like I've been conned into watching a dumb romcom/soap opera

They call you FranXXfags crossboarders because it's blatantly obvious you're new to this board

>advocating for generals

Go make your self taller, fucking inbred.

Fuck off

Miku too high

Whats the matter son? Why are you mad

Spotted the newfag.