Did they even deserve the Primera Espada position?

Did they even deserve the Primera Espada position?

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Their technique wasn't as good as Barragan's time aging technique, but they had more raw spirit power. So therefore, they are higher in ranking.

Hell, no. Barragan's performance put him to shame, Wanderweiss did MUCH better in 10 seconds than whatever Starrk was doing.

Its probably just because Barragan was an one-trick pony. Take that away and probably Harribel can even beat him. Cero Metralleta and the nuke wolves would be amazing if shooting ceros and big explosions ever actually killed anyone in Bleach.

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I always figured Starrk ranked above Barragan because his ability was splitting his soul and souls don't age or die, they just reincarnate endlessly.

I wanted them to live, I liked them so much.

>strongest chillest espada
>only fight is literal shit
Thanks for the shit payoff Kubo.

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The ranks were based on raw power, nothing else. Its a dumb system for ranking actual combat ability as demonstrated by Yammy, but Aizen probably designed it like that specifically to fuck with Barragan and to giggle at all the arrancar throwing fits over numbers that don't actually matter.

>one trick pony
at the end of the day he was still able to manhandle SoiFon in hand to hand combat. He was probably godly with the axe too
His power was just so broken that he comes off as a one trick pony since everyone spent the entire fight running away from him. Gotta wonder of he ever had a cero oscuras that combined his aging powers and turned a cero into a literal death ray.

Ulquiorra and Barrigan were the only Espada even worth anything. Each and every other one was shit, even Wonderweiss was more useful.

Put Ulquiorra first because of his secret release and Barrigan second. The others were all trash.

>M-muh one trick pony
As opposed to the two trick cero barrage and wolf grenades? If it gets the job done why bother with anything else? You do remember that he bodied Soi Fon well before even releasing, right? Motherfucker casually speed blitzed her and shattered her arm with a touch because of how bullshit his aging powers were.

>Motherfucker casually speed blitzed her and shattered her arm with a touch because of how bullshit his aging powers were.
If you control time, speed blitzing is a child's play. He was more broken than Aizen, and only monologuing about ants made him not level the entire city to dust

Dida aizen even knew about ulquioras 2nd form?

>more broken than Aizen
>implying Aizen couldn't just stand a 100ft away and kill him fully casted offensive kido after offensive kido while making barragan think he's right in front of him
also forgot that Barragan took how many nukes to the face? Durability is also a trick so one trick he is not.

really wish segunda etapa wasn't a thing
all it did was give Ulquiorras first release limitedscreentime and make me wonder about everyone elses potential foms
how broken would Segunda Etapa Barragan be?

>also forgot that Barragan took how many nukes to the face?
he literally stood monologuing about ants after he was imprisoned by a kidou specialist. If he just kept his Respira around all time like a non-retarded person, he would have won the fight

>Didn't want to fight
>Goes toe to toe with two captains at once while taking it easy
>Finally decides to fight
>First trick is an army of exploding coyotes
>Kyoraku pulls out meme shikai
>Literally cheats
The only person to blame for the primera espada being shit is Kubo.
loli-man > all

No. Barragan was still the strongest Hollow and Aizen was just trolling him. Stark was strong to be sure, but his power was less overwhelming and more poorly controlled by him.

The rankings are based on RAW Spirit Power. Not techniques. Barragan has a really fancy aging attack, but how fast can he age thousands of ceros? Stark had a shit fight, but his backstory made it clear that his unrestricted power literally crushed hollows around him to death.

You people don't get that if you have enough spirit power, you can negate, or reduce the power of an enemy attack. It's not always about techniques. Aizen, Ichigo, Kenpachi, etc have made that clear over and over.

>take that away
why the fuck would you strip a character's power to compare them? That's right. It's because you're retarded.

the exploding coyotes seemed weaker and shittier than the cero guns. kyoraku would've taken a while in serious mode to beat stark.

Any of Starrk's attacks even after powering up were nothing but flesh wounds damage tier trash, Wanderweiss used his bare hands in base form and fucking delivered. Starrkfags are just the worst.

>The rankings are based on RAW Spirit Power
Yeah, right, implying Aizen didn't let Gin do the ranking, letting him fuck around just for shit and giggles.

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The problem here is how much Cero's were written off because every espada could do them. If it was a starrk only ability he would have been on par with at least Ulq.

The problem is that Starrk is shit and his fanbase are bleach gohanfags.

I always figured the espada were just given a number based on their purpose.
Look at the examples of replacements we have:
Grimmjow got replaced by the trap, they are both brash dicks with speed attacks.
Nel got replaced by harribel, they're both stoic and fight with a lance-like weapon and ranged attacks.
And then yammy is just a tank and "trump card," being that he could suddenly transform into the most physically imposing espada after he would have likely been assigned the weakest captain to fight because of his low number.

At least half of them were put in specific ranks just to piss them. Some were just random. Yammy was put in 0 just to piss off the audience.

Im still mad that yammy got rekted off screen, same with gerard but on screen by ywhy

Probably not. Aizen put them on 1st place to fuck with Skeltor.

How would barragan even fair with the top stern ritters? I know theyre basically immortal but he would atleast fuck up that poison guy or that gay gunslinger right?

>dies by a dirty cheater
I really liked them tho. I felt really bad when he called for Lylinette

Don't think about it too hard, Yhwach couldn't see Ishida shooting the arrow at him despite being able to see his own future.

Nuke coyotes looked strong imo.