BanG Dream!

Imagine fucking a Kasumi

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But I'm not a little girl, or a guitar?

Someone dump proto-manga.

but she is not for lewd you retard
she is like a dumb cat
would you fuck a cat?

A cat is fine too

I'd rather not.

Kasumi smart autist

Unlike you.

which dream would you bang, etc.


It's my dream to bang Misaki

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kawaii desu

Kasumi is a dumb autist

Slightly off topic but I've never watched an idol anime and like look of this show's character designs. Is this a good show to go down the idol rabbit hole with or is more of an meta show?

I want Pastel palettes to wear bikini....

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I wanna stuff their belly with Choco coronet bread and fxxk them.

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For starters this show isn't about idols nor is it meta.

Why are there so many people who hate Yurika Endo and are happy that she's retiring? For some reason, the people at the /vg/ general don't seem to like her.

Who cares about /vg/?

fuck, I'm such an idiot. please excuse the newfaggotry

Why do you ask the same questions over and over so often? Do you have actual autism?

Imagine banging a Kasumi.

Its a good show to go down the band girls rabbit hole.

not about idols but band players. [email protected] if you want to watch pro idols or Love Live for school idols

Dumb tripfag.