Gohan Blanco and other memes funeral thread

As we see the end of Dragon Ball Spic, we must see the decline and end to the vast array of glorious memes that spawned from it.
Let's hope GeGeGe no Kitaro 2018 can be even a third as meme-worthy.

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I liked more jojo memes

But Gohan Blanco kinda turned out to be potentially real

>finally freed from the underage spic cancer
Good riddance

i wonder if dead orga would be ded at somepoint but after the last ep of pop team epic i doubt it

>Making funerals for things that won't stay dead.

No one cares about your 9gag-tier memes outside of your spic circlejerk, they've already been dead since long ago

>underage spic cancer
You realize none of that had anything to do with spics right? We made it all up.

Are you saying Gohan Blanco is Jesus?

You realize there was proof of 90% of people posting in DBS threads to be actual spics regardless? Of course you don't, you're new.

It's a pretty big fucking circlejerk tho

it's not over, the team is already working on the next dbz super movie for q4

Is that true? It's DBZ over? Are the spics finally gone?

It'll be reborn when the movie drops.

And the manga will go past the ToP so it's pretty much confirmed Super will return as a TV anime eventually.

For a year, yes. Hopefully Dragonball gets the Naruto treatment.

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Dragon ball needs a cool down this shit was out of hand .

>Are the spics finally gone?
there wasn't a single spic in the thread, you dense faggot.
just the usual Sup Forumsnons "ironically" acted like cancer.
also this is 1000% off-topic
sage and report
fuck off, you memeshitters

>he doesn't know about the /vint/ happening
You don't know what you're talking about, newfag. People in Dragonball threads have been outed to be 100% spics when flags got enabled during April Fools. That's where the spic memes came from.

You mean /spa/ you fucking mongloid, there were a lot of leafs in there as well.