Aikatsu & Pripara

Maybe all your idles never stop smiling!

Cocotama and Rilu Rilu also welcome.

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I want to do sexual things to a sheep.

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>he still watch Axekatsu and Priparaxe

Heh, get a life retards.

I watch Renewtama.

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Ako, there are around 30 million sheep in New Zealand alone. That particular sheep is mine, but there are still well over 29 million sheep left for you to choose from. If you wanted that one you shouldn't have taken so long to woo her.

>Maybe all your idles never stop smiling!
And all idols will stop smiling next week.

I want to fuck Lala.

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I said I'd be back when I was right.

Here I am.

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Will there be anyone in Aikatsu Friends as perfect as Elza-sama?

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Elza was a once-in-a-generation idle.

I want to hatefuck her.

>written out
>when the show is ending

Perfection in human form

She's alright. Not Yume level, but not bad.

It's impossible to take Rola seriously when she says stuff like this.

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Excuse me?

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A smile worth protecting.


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I wanna see Rola try other hairstyles

I wanna see Rola try my dick.

She doesn't need another disappointment in her life.

Why does she have tits in half of those pictures and is completely flat in the other half?

I dont think I'll like watching Aikatsu weekly but waiting a year before I can marathon the first season sounds difficult.

The Rolls rolls in mysterious ways.

Is Fairilu S2 only 49 episodes? Or has leopard just stopped there for some reason?


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weekly is fun because you can join in the discussion(by that I mean shitposting)

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Daily reminder that no one can defeat Elza EP.51. Not even Yume + Rainbow dress fullpowered rainbow aids with Loser crying in the sideline.

If this was an action show, Yume would've totally gone one on one with Elza at the beginning of season 2, go Rainbow Power Max only for Elza's wings to sprout and totally destroy her rainbow aura on stage and make Yume unable to use it again, leading directly into her story for getting her own wings.

whos the artist?

>If this was an action show
At least then it could've been retarded and fun rather than just retarded.

When are Idol Time, Stars and Rilu Rilu supposed to end ? And Cocotama isn't ending, right ?

Me on the right.

Miyu's chest

I want to fuck Rola's armpits.

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I want to liquefy, ferment, and distill Lily into a high quality liquor.

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As do I

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I'm not into GB!

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I always wonder if he's fucking dead.

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Aoi is _________

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Pit queen.

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I hope Raichi hits it one day.

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Nah, he has shit taste and doesn't deserve anything good. All milf fackers should die.

He doesn't deserve it.

He's fucking Orihime, his mom and Noel.

Orihime is for Johnny, and Noel is alone.

Keep it down Aoi, Ichigo and I are trying to sleep.

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At least try changing your IP address and baiting harder, faggot. Nobody likes that piece of shit autist idle other than you. It’s no wonder the show got cancelled after her introduction.

Rin stole Johnny's jacket and is forcing him to go to her room to get it back.

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Would you marry her now that Ichigo is gone?

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Ichigo is never gone. Ichigo is eternal.

I would marry anyone, I'm so lonely, is painful

I'm anyone.

Ok, lets do it

No, you're no-one.

Du-duwa do it?


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I can't believe user did this.

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Then go get married.

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This was literally the only time that Elza was cute.


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I love those boots.

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sorry but you can't marry my wife

That's disgusting. She should act her age.

Isn't Aoi married to Ichigo? Ichigo has a cute wife.

Aikatsu choreography in a nutshell.

Good post.

I'd fuck Elza.

go die

I'm gonna marry tho

Spotted the aoi fag

Her name is Seira, no wait her name is Akari now.

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I promise that I'll make you happy, or at least not much more unhappy.

Please don't ever hurt Aoi and Kii's feelings by saying that their wives would cheat on them.


i see you're a man of culture

Akari looks happy with her waifu and in laws.

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Was it rape?

>people shipping ichigo with seira and akari
actually disgusting

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I've heard that getting your blood sucked feels really good.

Are Aoi ainons still mad about this? Akari won, she ran off with Ichigo. I hate to see what happens to Rola ainons when Hime runs off with Yume.

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