Violet Evergarden

Why does she run like this?

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She has autism.

She's a ninja, obviously

It's supposed to make you "run faster" or something.

It allows her to run faster by reducing air resistance.


Believe it!

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Autism and a ninja




Dropped this after I found out that she literally got inspiration from prostitute looking writer. Does it get any better or is the prostitute out of the picture mostly?

Ann please get out of my head.

because it's easier to animate running that way

I wanna pick her up

Anyone up for a MOMMY Baioretto?

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Could be because her hands are just metal sticks so she's just dragging them behind her. Or maybe Japs think that running this way is faster. I honestly don't know.

Sorry I don't like hags. Give me loli baioretto instead

Because he arms are made from fucking metal. Put some dumb bells in your hands and try and run, faggot.

A true man of taste would appreciate both you faggot

Autism just like her Sup Forumsiewers

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Is the show good now? I stopped at episode 2.

It does the exact opposite, actually. It's just easier to animate.

it's exactly the same as it was at ep2 but with more forced drama.

>introduce character that no one cares about
>make something bad happen to the character
>play sad music
>animate baioretto doing different faces
>play more sad music
>expect people to cry

Das it, mane.

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Guess it's just like every time Sup Forums hypes up a show, it's mediocre.

It's a good face for different faces.

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I know right? We need more fight scenes and action and sex. Fuck this gay ass shit.

Actually, weaponized autism.

I watch it for Baioretto-chan's cute autism and her being a saberface

Keep watching

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Isn't this how every anime character runs?

Step aside.

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Why does he run like that?

Maybe his butt hurts

Maybe his butt hurts

maybe his dick hard

It's hard to a give shit when it's setup like this yeah. Best episode was 5 with the princess.

Is the show ever gonna explain why this girl has superhuman strength and agility, or is just gonna be one of thos anime things? Seriously, as is, it only detracts from the show. There is zero reason to have Violet being like this.

From what

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We just don't know.
LN readers probably would, but I don't know if I want to know. The source material seems like a trainwreck from what I hear. Adaptation did some good.

Yeah, the adaption did good in cutting down on the chuuni shit of the LN, but I wish they'd just rewritten it completely. Just have Violet be an orphan of war or something. If you absolutely have to have her be in the military somehow, then make up something more believable than a teenage girl beating on trained soldiers.

This whole scene was so fucking cringe inducing.
Why did the writer think this was a good idea?

Why did making Violet some Superhuman even seem like a good idea in the first place? Its so cringey and feels completely out of place in what would otherwise be a great anime.

Shit episode.

I want full loli autist Violet. The one that could barely even speak.

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>All this brainlets
Violet arms are made from METAL and thus make it heavy

>>All this brainlets


I pity those who cannot enjoy this masterpiece from Japan.

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すみません I'm not a burger

Baioretto carried this show so hard w/ her autism. The other characters are a complete joke.

At this point you just have to roll with it, honestly. She's superhuman for the same reason they have those otherworldly prosthetics: it's convenient for the plot. They might throw us a bone in the next episode with Dietfried, though I doubt they're going to address it in any meaningful way.

>you just have to roll with it
Yep. This is how you detect bad presentation and illogical plots.

She is isn't she? They did really well with her character development,

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I'm in no way obligated to roll with it.
The prosthetics are scifi, but not straight up magic.

>less personality than a fucking isekai self insert
>carrying anything

What character development?

Violet is the girl of the season.

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Nice reading comprehension.

My cute autistic seiba

>implying the burger king isn't already sutistic

>"we're no match for her"
>they just walk away
Thought this was hilarious desu

I'm just telling you that in all probability the show isn't interested in resolving that plot-point. You're obviously not obligated to do anything.

>The prosthetics are scifi, but not straight up magic.

They may as well be magic. It's a wildly futuristic technology in their otherwise anachronistic world. No one besides Violet is shown to have them and nothing about them is ever explained or addressed. They just exist to make Violet's back-story more dramatic.

The prosthetic arms are a lot less conspicuous than Violet being a super soldier for literally no explained reason at all. It's a major plot point that they've spent zero time on so far. You can achieve all the same things in the story without this nonsense. If the important thing was her relationship with muh shousa, then have her be a message runner in the army or something like that. It's just shoddy writing. It completely breaks with the rest of the established setting.

>our commander just get shot by enemy out of nowhere
>clearly there's a sniper or an ambush
>quick! Panic and fire your guns instead of taking cover

I suspect that the author is an autist who can't understand human emotion too.


Is this an elitist nihonjin?

No, it is a quote from weebs who like VEG.

Nips writing LN, anime or manga are not really known for their grasp on the human condition.

So next episode will be the flying letters festival? Is it going to be another sad one?

Novel spoilers from the new volume?

Gilbert dies this time for sure, but impregnates Violet at the last second.

Maybe her butt hurts.

The first one, as already previously revealed, is Charlotte’s story, which was included in the manuscript of either volume 1 or 2, but didn’t make it into the finished book due to page limit.

Another story will be centered on Benedict. He visits a certain town with Violet due to work and they lose each other. He goes looking for her, and thus the events unfold.

Yet another will feature Cattleya. Apparently, she gets proposed to by one of her clients. His personality has nothing to be criticized as a marriage partner, but a “certain person” keeps surfacing in Cattleya’s mind.

Next will be about Gilbert and Hodgins. Probably has flashbacks of their school and early military days. Get your tissues ready.

I have more issues thinking on how the hell she spotted the soldier from the plane when she didn't even know his face.

>certain person

is it actually benedict or claudia?

There's a lot wrong with the scene, but the initial jump was due to finding out that the camp got btfo and perhaps there was still a chance to find the client.
Rather, how she managed to spot the dude mid fall boggles my mind.

>Sup Forums
>hyping VEG
Dumb newfag fuck.

did you watch the show? they are clearly conscripts and before they could do what they needed to they got hit by artillery

Ep10 is easily episode of the season.

Dude she's a byakugan user

5 is my favourite so far.

>Next will be about Gilbert and Hodgins. Probably has flashbacks of their school and early military days. Get your tissues ready
Are you talking to the fujos?


Even conscript or normal civilian know to take cover when facing an ambush. The funniest part is that they keep walking in the open after the ambush. Even funnier is that the guy saw his friend got shot, he ran around in front of an open hill to give the sniper an even better aim.

Why isn’t Usain Bolt using the naruto run? He could easily go below 9.00

>The prosthetic arms are a lot less conspicuous than Violet being a super soldier for literally no explained reason at all.

You say that, but I don't agree. I think there's little discernible difference between the two, at least thus far. Both of these story-elements exist solely for dramatic flair and are never properly addressed. There's not a single fact about that prosthetic technology that's presented within the story. Why does only Violet have them, are they expensive, are they reserved only for the military, does she only have them because shousa got that dough? Why is this post-war society isn't teeming with amputees with metal limbs?

>You can achieve all the same things in the story without this nonsense. If the important thing was her relationship with muh shousa, then have her be a message runner in the army or something like that. It's just shoddy writing.

The point was also that Gilbert gets all suicidal and bent out of shape because of the shit he puts her through, at least if they intend to carry that over from the LNs. They had to have her in the thick of it, and the easiest way to justify that was to make her superhuman. Again, it's just more convenient for the plot. It is what it is.

Maybe some of this will get addressed, or maybe none of it will be. For now you either take it or leave it.

Finnish non-com conscript here.
The average conscript private doesn't know to take cover.

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Not even conscripts. Basic human instinct is to get down.

>average conscript private doesn't know to take cover.

Even I know to duck or hide behind trees without being in military.

They probably do too, but even the well instructed slightly stressful military training scenario is enough to absolutely lock-up most people.
Just imagine the real deal.

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I like how only in VEG thread people try to explain away illogical shits that regular human won't do except in anime.

This entire post reads "it's not the way I wanted so it's bad writing".

Armoured brigade (Finland)
It ain't pretty.

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the slut subconsciously wants both inside her at the same time.


It's not what I wanted, and it's bad (OPINIONS) because of the reasons I state.

Well then, carry on.

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I'll laugh if it's gonna be Edward.