Berserk 355

Casca is back.

We waited for years for this. It didn't disappoint.

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Berserk sucks balls

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>cammyfags not satisfied shitting up HxH threads so they're moving on to the rest of the board

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I just caught up with Berserk and I can understand why people think it sucks. It does have its good points though.

Golden Age arc is still its absolute high point, but nothing that's come since has sucked too terribly.

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Elaine is already back. We need not urge her to hurry.

>not conviction

bad taste

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wrong one, user

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Hurry back Elaine

>It didn't disappoint

Speak for yourself, mate.

Learning to love Berserk again.

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user, you should really finish the chapter.

Just a reminder that Farquaad did nothing wong

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This hurt me.

You suck balls all day just because you like it so much

Kill me, Pete

Where can I DL this chapter

what a fucking page

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why do jap try to whitewash casa ?

Cause she's been blacked

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Oh Jesus.



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>timed a potential hiatus right with Casca's scream so we feel Guts' confusion and despair right alongside him
World class writer right here

>I want to see Griffith

Should've made the tree a little pink.

just like my japanese animes

What if Guts' behelit actually belongs to Caska? Now she un-potatofied, could she use it?

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>miura has drawn these chapters years before hand during one of his hiatuses
>he releases them based on his mood

>if he ever grows really nasty, he'll skip a chapter


>thinking Behelits are the same as basic shounenshit powerups
Go read the manga again, idiot

Welcome back, Casca

>Not reading what I said
Read what i said again, moron.

>It didn't disappoint.
>that cliffhanger

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She'll get raped again and then she won't ever be back

Was she talking to us?

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Is Miura really expecting us to believe that Gut's Protective Nice Guy bit could make a girl fall in love with him?

it's not a bit, guts is a dad in every sense

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He is tall, strong and good looking, so yes

Tower of Shadows was horrifying to read again.

Holy fuck Golden Age fags are deluded.

Lost Children and Conviction are better. Honestly I liked the new gut's party and new hawks gathering over most of GA.

>What if Guts' behelit actually belongs to Caska?
This question has been asked a million times. It could belong to literally anyone in Gut's party except Guts because he's awesome and wont ever do that.

sacrifices cant use behelits

So do you guys think the flow of time between elf island and outside world are more in sync now that the realms are merged?

Seems like Griffith is still sweeping people up in to his dream.

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When was that stated in the manga?

>good looking
I dont think he's good looking in the story. Current art style Guts is attractive but that is through our eyes. I wouldnt call him attractive in the old artstyle which is what I assume the world sees.

It was stated they can not be sacrificed again I believe but not that they could not use one.

Though I am scared that the behelit is farnese's and she activates it cause she wants Gut's dick. Hopefully it's a GS ball and Rickert just infuses it into the dragon slayer.

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how do you even get laid when you're so oblivious to what women find attractive

Slan even tries to convince Guts to make a sacrifice in Qliphoth and in BS the reason they present as to why he's not the one to make a sacrifice (since he'd make a great addition to their ranks, Zodd 2.0 or stronger) is that he wasn't ordained by fate, not that he was sacrificed

Are you sure that by "god hand" they don't mean elf king's hand?

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Gut's is big and strong and alpha and shit which does make panties wet but he's not conventionally attractive if that is what you were inferring.

I want a greater sample size then moth loli. We always hear how attractive Griffith is all the time.

>not manlet
>huge muscles
>handsome face
I wonder

Why the fuck do people want her to use it? Who would she sacrifice and WHY? Oh no I'm in distress better kill the people who have been caring for me. I swear people don't think at all and just go
>haha wouldn't it be terrible if Miura did this haha
and think it's totally what's going to happen.

>I want a greater sample size then moth loli. We always hear how attractive Griffith is all the time.
Griffith is "beautiful", but Guts has always been ruggedly handsome.

>he's not conventionally attractive
Dude what? Guts is handsome as fuck. He's not pretty, prettiness is for girls and twinks, but he's beautiful. I'd sell my ass to big Dono to look like him
>Oh no I'm in distress better kill the people who have been caring for me
literally Griffith

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>not conventionally attractive

>chiselled jaw that can cut through diamonds
>tall and dark
>good facial symmetry
>strong brow game
>mysterious with a troubled past
>protective of those close to him
>genuinely kind

believe it or not most women aren't into bishounen twinks

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>used goods (has AIDS)
>kills children
>wife abuser

Guts is only 254 lbs? Seems a bit too light for him.

go back to /r9k/

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Griffith was always looking to get to that castle on the hill. No one mattered to him as long as he was climbing towards it.

Griffith is the pretty boy that girls dreamed of in their dreams as their prince charming. While Guts is that jock who want him to fuck them hard they wouldn't be able to stand up.

What wouldbe your reaction if in the next chapters Casca want to go with Griffith?

That's obviously wrong though

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guts behelit belongs to this lovely guy, since he is dead, the behelit lost its color and became usuless

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it's more than that, it goes as far as maternal instinct

women naturally look for a partner who is dependable and will take care of their family

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So Griffith?

griffith couldn't even protect himself let alone those close to him

Sure if you want to have your kids sacrificed to fucking demons.

Is Guts ever going to use the fucking magic earth axe damn I just want somebody to use it

looks shit desu

Does Casca ACTUALLY love Guts at this point


What does her smile tell you?

Painful memories

is it the same retard that keeps making these posts or is the fed really poisoning the water supply

if she goes back to Griffith i will drop this shit for good

flouride did this

She kissed Griffith and told Guts to not watch during her "rape" instead of simply telling him to stop. She's a whore with no loyalty. Only soymilk drinking numales (literal cuckolds) ship GutsXSlutsca

Maybe Roderick or something who knows. Dragon Slayer is too symbolically important for him not to use. Also it's probably more effective.

>Welcome back, Casca

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I know what is going to happen in the next chapters. They're finally reunited, and under the other "special" tree (Griffith already destroyed the tree that Flora was protecting).

Griffith's apostles are going to attack the island, meanwhile Guts and his party, all the witches and spiritual world beings are going to protect this tree. I bet that they are going to win (at least temporarily), and Griffith will have to go there.

Meanwhile, Rickert is going to conspire and discover the truth about Falconia and how Griffith wants to sacrifice the whole city.

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Pages that remind you that Miura likes to make his audience feel bad.

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nice fanfic

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Ah, a beautiful reunion under a cherry blossom tree... classic

Probably when griffith was balls deep


>Is Guts ever going to use the fucking magic earth axe
Hopefully not. But maybe Azan could use it if he stopped being such a bitch and stopped shrinking. Though I I kinda prefer his bo or what ever that weapon is called
Who else could possibly use the axe in the party?

When was this?

Nigga what? Guts is the eastern combination of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. He’s the chaddiest or them all.

I started Berserk last week and caught up today.
I usually find characters that always complaint about how useless they are annoying in manga, but I find it pretty endearing with Farnese. Maybe because she's actually making good progess