ITT : Queen of reaction faces

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Someone post that smug girl from Killing Bites

Favorite Reimu.

I miss her.

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Does the anime good tho ? never played the game of course.

I liked her better when she was called Yumi.

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Most Tsundere girls have tons of reaction faces, This one for example.

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I came to post this, she alone filled an entire folder

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Gotta agree with this

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Good Taste
Immortal Invincible God Tier Taste
Okay Taste
Okay Taste
Demi God Tier Taste

She's back. In vidya form.

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Man, Anime designs was far better.

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The man with no taste

You disgust me.

I love this cute autist.

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Are y'all even trying?

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Howdy ?

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This anime was so shit Jesus Christ.

Im enjoying the game, but man fuck mission 14. I hope VC4 won't pull that kind of cheap bullshit.

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surely you jest

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Designs, not characters.

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One of few non tsundere girl that has tons of reaction faces

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I fapped to this.

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You are entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong you are.

Are we forgetting someone?

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Oh boy it's another memespouting retard that mass replies to a thread and arbitrarily rates each post with some scale he pulled out of his ass. We suuuuuure have a shortage of those

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