>Director: Tetsuo Hirakawa (Grimoire of Zero)
>Character designer: Mai Otsuka (This Art Club Has a Problem!, Shakugan no Shana)

>In a video message, Hirakawa reaffirmed that the anime will run for 26 episodes over the course of half a year (or two cours). He added the anime will depict all the characters and all the routes from the original game. While the game unfolded from the first-person perspective of the protagonist Takuya, the anime will also depict the relationships of the girls around Takuya. Hirakawa vowed that the anime "will outdo the game in dirty jokes," that Mio "will be even more tsundere," and that Kanna "will be even more mysterious."

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> Kanna "will be even more mysterious."
I bet everyone will end up calling Kanna a slut even though is best girl

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I'm excited for this just because it feels like forever since I've watched a VN adaptation.

>mfw I'm doing the VN
I doubt best girl statut can be given to anyone else beside Mitsuki

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Can the soundtrack even hope to be as good as the VN's?


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which chara design will they use ? Old or new?

Dunno, but I bet the story will be pretty rushed, let's hope the soundtrack will be good

Desire adaptation when?


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I am no fan of the remake. But this is interesting.
I am still fairly sure that it will be an interesting watch. Though it would most likely absolutely destroy one of the best games ever made to everyone watching the anime before playing the game.

So I really hope no one does that. But of course, the vast majority will. Here on Sup Forums included. And such is life. And such is Sup Forums.

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I doubt it. But with how incredible the sound track is, even inferior remixes should still sound pretty great.
That's kind of how I feel about this adaptation in general. How hard won't you have to screw up for it to actually be bad? Even taking for granted it will be notably worse than the source.

dont worry user, i'm doing it right now and enjoy it a lot, but I wonder how so many best girl can get hapiness, they deserve it

Best girl, best theme.


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That track is pretty comfy

Don't mind me. Just being the best girl.

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The anime audience wouldn't be able to handle Makoto's route.

There was a program that helped turn their scanned colored drawings in simpler pixel art, but I can't remember its name. Wish I did because its look is neat. >inb4 a scanner

>all these best girl claims ITT
>nobody posts the actual best girl
The fuck is wrong with you people? She had by far the best chemistry with Takuya.

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It's a difficult choice.

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you, I like you user.
Is there any way or site to get all of this shit ? I'm doing the game and wants to get all art of it.


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She's literally a slut and a whore though.

Dare I say, is YU-NO one of those cases where every single girl is the best girl?



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>anime will outdo the game in dirty jokes

Is he gonna turn this shit into Green Green? Focus on the damn story instead.

Nope, because Yu-No.

The torrent here has seeds

I really hate what they did to the MC. Could they have made him to any bigger of a faggot?

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I really wanted to like her but she was dull compared to the other girls. Even the mute was more interesting.

>top: low quality sub 480p image from gramma computer times
>bottom: redraw utilizing all advances of modern computer technology meant specifically for modern screens and the naturally far more demanding viewer

>Hirakawa vowed that the anime "will outdo the game in dirty jokes,"
Doubt it but it would be nice if they do

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Would you?

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i can just save the pic on the gallery, why should i use the torrent

Thank you.

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>Exposes her eyes later on

If this is relevant to anybody here is the ost lossless


Fuck, it seems foobar can't play .vgz, thanks anyway

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The feeling when you solve the puzzle in her route is incredible.

>that Mio "will be even more tsundere,"
Pls no. Mio's "tsundereness" is already perfect. In fact, what I like most about Mio is that her being a tsundere isn't her default personality trait, but a state of mind influenced by the things going on around her, like the protagonist's self-destructive behavior before the start of the game.

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he looks less of a fag in the full character art, probably because of the pose and the balled up fist

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>How can I self-insert if his face is clearly someone else?

I'm a bit worried, but hopefully he just meant "Mio will be more Mio" rather than "Mio will be more bitchy."

Tell me more user, did she prostitute herself?

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Also, Mio's tsundere antics mesh really well with Takuya's crass behavior and they play off each other.
Take the following exchange for example:
>【Takuya】(It's Mio...)
>【Mio】What's with that face?
>【Takuya】Why, good afternoon, milady. Is it not a lovely day today?
>【Mio】Stop addressing me so pompously.
>【Takuya】'Sup, whore.
>【Mio】Who're you calling a whore!?
>【Takuya】Didn't you just tell me to stop using milady?
>【Mio】Don't take it to an extreme!
>【Takuya】(What a spoiled princess... *grumble*)
>【Mio】What are you grumbling about?
>【Takuya】Grumble, grumble.
>【Mio】Are you a moron?

Guys, what's the best way to play Yu-No? Is Saturn emulation up to scratch yet or am I gonna have to shell out some cash?

Download the elf classics PC port and use the English translation patch alongside the Sega Saturn voice patch and the high quality PC-98 music patch if you're an EOP. The fan tl team also released the voice and music patches for the Japanese version but I'm not sure if they're still up online.

>Tetsuo Hirakawa (Grimoire of Zero)
Has he done anything more? Because this show was real snorefest.

The tlwiki page explains everything.

You need either foobar2000.org/components/view/foo_gep or foobar2000.org/components/view/foo_input_vgmstream , I'm not sure which one is actually making it work for me

Ideal, didn't even realise there was a PC version. that makes things easier


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This one worked perfectly, thanks user

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I'd really suggest using hoot or github.com/takamichih/fmplayer/releases with hoot.joshw.info/pc98/yuno98snd.zip.
The .vgm rip is a conversion of an .s98 rip, and both contain wrong sounding audio and glitches.
You can also download the remake's preorder soundtrack, which contains the original soundtrack:
Lossless: mega.nz/#!NjxExSyI!GNmpJXlDDMOgXHsoAqbce1LCHzbt_KWyCpe0pT1DDmg
Lossy with translated track titles: mega.nz/#!4rYB1ISa!CksFmCzzcZF4SiOR8zY_ib_U0Blyfo8ch1kdp6BzQr0

How can the soundtrack be so fucking good?


Every time. Why can't nobody get Sayless's name right? So far I've seen Celes, Celeste, Sares, and even Seyless.

Who's writing the script for the series?
It would be quite hard to set up all the events beforehand without constant jumps.

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Nice, thanks.
>19.16 GB
I didn't know you could download that much from MU directly

I hope we can get an expanded story for the other world arc, I always felt that ended too fast

>that Mio "will be even more tsundere,"
>and that Kanna "will be even more mysterious."
This really doesn't sound promising to me at all, it's like the director doesn't understand what made the VN so great. The fuck are you on about making Kanna "more mysterious"? What does that even mean? You don't learn anything about her until you play her route. Also these characters are defined by more than basic archetypes.

It was rushed apparently, which would explain oddities like Kazuhiro Kanae (he's a composer that worked at C's ware, which is where Umemoto and Takami also used to work) of all people getting brought in to compose music for the epilogue.

>walk in
>see this
What do?

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Reload my save file




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The whole thing was retarded

>God emperor is Ayumi
>Main villain is a space flea
>Space cop
>Lol fuck your daughter and then some more chicks after your wife died

"Porn with a sci-fi plot" explains YU-NO pretty well.

You're only describing the epilogue. The first half was still mostly fantastic outside the Ayumi route.

The God Emperor was actually going to be Mitsuki

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She only truly wants the Takuya though. I forget why does this.

By far the best aspect of Yu-No was the timeline hopping mechanics. The story was okay.

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No money

IIRC, at first it was for the money, but later it was just to feel wanted.

I really do like how it's written. The whole game is very apt at very swiftly and aptly transitioning between certain tones. It's good. It manages to do both drama and more light hearted exchanges effectively. And change between them successfully without being jarring.

I love this game

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>Lol fuck your daughter and then some more chicks after your wife died

That was pretty bad, actually.

The MC wanted revenge for his wife, but he ended up sexually harassing and fucking literally the first chick he saw.

The whole thing with his daughter is also terrible.

The translator made a fantastic work

If by "best" you mean "most frustrating".

>Oh hey you didn't collect that one hidden gem in the lab towards the end of Kaori's route and forgot to put down a save earlier.
>Guess you have to replay Ayumi's route just to be able to try again.

I actually had to redo Kaori's route too because of that gem. Still love the game, though.

You can at least speed up text, so it's not really a problem.

It obviously got to a point where they needed to meet a requirement for sex scenes, even if it came at the expense of the story.


This one captured the atmosphere perfectly: middle of the night, standing alone alongside those two rocks shrouded in mystery.

They could have try to fill the sex scenes quota with Eriko in the early game, she didn't have any!

Wait til you hear the remake version:

Sounds like a Zelda temple, I don't really dislike it but I prefer the original

Imagine if the story wasn't constrained by forcing sex into the game.

The all ages versions are an improvement in that regard. I'm an EOP so I can't verify myself, but has BDSM elf sex scene even been written out entirely? I kinda got that impression.

did some google and now im interested in this game , should i play the PC , saturn or the remake ?
also im not reading the thread so i dont get spoiler so im sorry if someone already asked this

Couldn't find the whole set of CGs, but judging by this it looks like the sex scenes will be implied instead of cut completely.

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Who the fuck bought a Sega Saturn? They retailed for like 6 months in the US?

Only translated version is the elf classics Windows port so that one.


I rather like the Saturn version of this particular track. It managed to capture that ethereal feel.

PC all the way.

Saturn is bogged down by horrible downscaling.

As for remake, see pic related.

Attached: 1514144672787.png (1754x2971, 2.32M)

Definitely the PC version.
It has the best music and the English patch has the Saturn version's voices.


i will take a look , thanks
ok, no remake for me, got it

SS version has kissu instead
The remake is based on the Sega Saturn version, which only dumbs down the sex scenes a little instead of outright removing them

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Speaking of the Saturn version, what do you think of its OP?


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