My Senpai is Annoying

Here's three more chapters of a cute little romance manga.

If there's any grammatical mistake or weird phrasing, please point them out.

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i love this

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>Blocking your grandpa

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This is too goddamn adorable.

>Not buying the Fire Flower

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And that's it for now. Thank you for reading.

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Thank you for sharing.

>I'm kind of scared of the tip.



Thank you for making my day again.

ooh snap...
that could be interpreted as candy

Reminder to EVERYONE:
Candy on white day means "I love you"


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Are these the first new chapters after your initial dump?

Stalker, my motherfucking nigga. Thanks as always.

Cheeky. Thanks for the read Stalker-user. Also I feel like the name of this manga is starting fade away. I'd like to see her be a bit more irritated with him and his antics like the title implies.

Thanks for the update, stalker.
By the way, CoC or Misery?

>I want the manga to go backwards in terms of relationship development
Do you like girls turning from dere to tsun?

Wouldnt that be what they call the "manipulative bitch" archetype?

Not at all, I just felt like the development was a bit rushed. It's been what? Six chapters and she's already head over heels for him and blushing constantly. I would have liked to see more build up.

24 chapters, I'm sorry. It's late and I haven't slept. Still 20 chapters is short.

Who is the stalking girl from the las panel?

Her co-workers are the best, and before I continue to read and forget to do it, thank you STALKER!

The one I've worked on atleast. Still have one more chapter left to catch up.

>Gross bedwetter
>Blocks her own grandpa
Senpai is annoying, but kouhai is a huge tiny bitch.

What do Macarons symbolize?

Romantic rival!

I do agree that she blushes too much. Loses impact and becomes annoying.

It's a cookie. Means "I want yo be your friend"

A stalker?

Friendzoned, nice.

Btw, a candy!

Is this another "romance" manga that won't actually go anywhere? It feels like pretty much all manga regarding romance don't actually go anywhere with the relationship.

I noticed a mistake in chapter 11 some time after the thread died.
Don't know if you're going to bother fixing the chapters on mangadex or your website though.

Ch 11. Page 4. "she must've saw them" --> "she must've seen them"

Posting superior senpai

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I've never had a "friend" before.

>Top frame
Gramps looks like a badass!

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Thanks for the hard work, this adorable

This looks like some good lovey-dovey stuff. What's the name?

Adorable thanks

Seconding the need for sauce homeboy

that's cute


>will this really makes my grandfather happy
Should be "make"

Iqdb worked. Sent me to danbooru.

I don't remember what she gave him for Valentines

danbooru has the name, look it up on mangadex


Friendship chocolate IIRC


you can see piss wouldn't be a dealbreaker on that last panel

a bag with chocolate bears and cats, the animals they're associated with.

I love you stalker-kun.


Bless you STALKER

lastest raws are out, and grandpa is there
he's just like Senpai

God bless you, Stalker, and keep you safe from harm.

Another user mentioned it, but "makes" in panel 1 should be "make".
>"that came out lately"
Can't remember why, but "lately" is an inferior word choice to "recently." Aside from reading weird, there's something I can't place about "lately" that reads wrong.

Is the "Se here" from gramp's second message in panel 3 supposed to read "See here" or "Now see here"? The "now" puts gramps in control of the conversation, so a lot of older people use it, but I wouldn't know if it's taking too much liberty in the translation.

"thought this was a good chance and tag along" isn't natural grammar for English speakers.
>"good chance to tag along"
This flows better if the translation has the two ideas "it was a good chance" & "i chose to tag along" put together.
>"thought this was a good chance and tagged along"
If the raws read "it was a good chance" as one statement and "i chose to tag along" as a different statement, this is the better choice.

Nothing with grammar, but March 9th is a Friday in 2018. If her grampa sent her her doll picture on her 22nd birthday, she was born in 1996.

Thanks for picking up on the poster titles on panels 2 & 3. And for picking up the series, STALKER-kun.
She rub that tiddy on his shoulder. Goddamn.

She so wants him
I bet that they'll end up together first

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is that grampa is a nope reference?

Maybe one of the artist's previous characters. I've saw her in the new year chapter

I think it grandpa almost went navy seals pasta there
>you see little shit
>I'll have you know I was involved in over 300 wet bed incidents
et.c etc.


The main couple needs to catch this side couple coming out of a stockroom some time, all sweaty with their clothes disheveled.

And I bet that they won't try to deny it

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thank you STALKERanon

and does anyone else want this series animated, and Igarashi voiced by Yukarin doing her Kaoru voice from Danna ga nani...

No you piece of shit.

>red tulip means love
>yellow tulip means friendship or helpess love

>that smirk
>tiny hint of a blush
Gotta relieve the sexual tension somehow.

Visualize the possibilities, bitch.

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She's so aggressive


Consider Cookies, cocksucker

spasibo, Stalker.

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Yes, and he's a male tsundere. That's why something like
Would be shit.

>male tsunderes can't be dragged into closets at work for a quickie by their aggressive partner
>male tsunderes can't insist they only did it to blow of some steam from their job
>i-it's not like he'd actually want to have sex with her under normal circumstances, baka
I do see where you're coming from, though. I'd like to see the side couple's relationship develop, but it'd be better if it wasn't rushed.

It just isn't that kind of comic.

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A working adult setting is different from the usual highschool setting because it allows the writer to be matter-of-fact about sexual relationships. It doesn't have to be lewd or even casual about it, just acknowledging that they're all adults. This is a pixiv comic, not a serialized manga, so if the creator wanted to opine on the merits and disadvantages of office blowjobs no editor is going to shoot him down.

he's dense in his own way
yet I bet that if he made a rushed move, she would just laugh at him

>not a serialized manga
I have a news for you user

I saw that it's on someone's Pixiv, but it's also being published in its own volumes too? How does that work exactly?

Even though this is an office setting with adults, the romance still feels very much like a high school romance.

I empathize with her. The start of spring is awful.

Dunno, but I saw announcement some time ago about serialization.
Probably in the same way as LNs/WNs

I think it's mainly thanks to the Senpai becoming your usual neutron star dense high school protag and kouhai becoming blushing moeblob

Is the previous dump thread archived?

It's all up on mangadex, mate.

bruh that's an easy ass one

>I was dragged here against my will

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He's going to break her

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