Winter 2018

Are you happy that it's over, or will you miss these shows?

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Even if I move on, these shows will remain. And I can come back anytime I want.

I really only cared about Franxx and Saiki K, which are still going. There'll be plenty more to scratch that Yuru Camp CGDCT itch.

Which one has a second cour though?

half of the shows I'm watching are 2 cours

Don't use emoticons on Sup Forums.

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Phenomenal season

Gonna miss my weekly dose of Violet. But at least there will be a new movie hopefully.

no new show will beat franxx in shitposting, i predict

it'll be relegated to leftovers soon. the shitposting will hopefully die out soon.

This season was mediocre. On the other hand, Spring sounds awesome.

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>My Hero Academia
>Tokyo Ghoul
>Food Wars
Hell yeah, I'm fucking hype

You have to be at least 18 to post here.

The only show even remotely interesting is franxx and it has 13 more episodes so there's nothing to worry about.

There are actually good non-sequel anime worth getting excited about in Spring 2018, user.

Nice buzzwords.

Wait Amanchu is getting a second season? And I thought the OVA was too much. I can't even finish S1.

I will miss Sora Yori and Mitsuboshi Colors. It was a pretty good season in general.

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I'm fucking sad mate.

>Sora Yori (AOTY)
>Yuru Camp
>Killing Bites
>Toji no Miko
>Slow Start
>Mitsuboshi Colors
>Hakumei to Mikochi
Holy fuck, what a great season it was, the best I've seen in a couple of years.

Fuck off you're not allowed to enjoy sora yori on this board.

Other way around. I don't watch shows that aren't finished. I'll finally get to start 3-gatsu S2 and the magus' bride.

I've enjoyed the season.

How about just say if it doesn't contain any shonen your fucking hate the season.

You two should hook up like Yuri on Ice.

Got to watch Maedchen, Takagi-san and Colours. Pretty good season overall desu

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I'm gonna miss these shitposts.

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Just wondering, how much anime have you seen?

What the fuck is this?
>Demons Horror Parody
>Source Unknown

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I can't even imagine living your life like this.

There's really nothing more enjoyable than following a series on a weekly basis and discussing every episode with your bros on Sup Forums.
What is even the point? May as well not watch anime at all.

Almost all anime in existence has already finished airing. Typically people like you only watch seasonal shows.

>Almost all anime in existence has already finished airing.

No shit, Sherlock?

>Typically people like you only watch seasonal shows.

I'd venture to guess this describes about 90% of all the people here on Sup Forums.

Skip magus bride. Its a fucking dumpster fire.

>Death March
Fun as hell, but there will always be more dumb isekai to fill the void that it left. I have no attachment to any of these characters. In fact, the isekai anime industry has TAUGHT me NOT TO form attachments to characters in isekai anime.

>Killing Bites
I will miss this show quite a bit. Blood-pumping, anime like Killing Bites, which mix sex appeal with action, don't come around every season. I can only think of a few other of these crazy, over-the-top sexy sports anime, like Ben-To, Keijou and Shakunetsu Takkyuu Musume. They're all good, but there's just not enough of them.

Glad to see it gone. What a cocktease.

>Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
I will miss it. Cute ss anime isn't that common.

It kind of fell apart toward the end when the villain became a generic op edgelord, but I will miss having a good anime with a plot-driven story that's not centered around a main character who "was an ordinary japanese high school boy until...".

>Yuru Camp
There will always be more "CGDCT + hobby" anime. This was a good one, though.

>Ryuuou no Oshigoto
Will miss it. Good loli anime is few and far between.

>Marchen Madchen
Bye-bye, shitshow.

>Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san
Good in small doses. This was the thinking man's dagashi kashi. I don't need any more of it than the one season, though.

>Mitsuboshi Colors
One of the best CGDCT anime of the past few seasons. Will miss it, but there will be more.

>Overlord II
My enjoyment of the first season still taints my opinion, but the second season was barely tolerable due to the pacing. In a sense, I'm glad to see it gone just so I am not torturing myself every week waiting for plot developments that were still three to four episodes out.

>Koi wa Ameagari no You ni
Kind of underwhelming and creepy. I could only enjoy the romance if I self-inserted as the middle-aged store manager, which was not a super fun experience.

>Darling in the Franxx
>Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan
Will continue enjoying both of these.

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>>My Hero Academia
>>Tokyo Ghoul
>>Food Wars
>Hell yeah, I'm fucking hype

You are what's wrong with the anime fanbase.

I don't have the right number, I usually don't track everything I see but I started to watch fall 2011 IIRC and I watch like 20 shows a year so make the math.

>only watched 120+ shows
lol that explains it

I'm looking forward to spring but I loved this season too.

Netflix originals: Devilman Crybaby, B: The Beginning (train wreck but fun to watch, would be better if it was airing and watched by the whole Sup Forums week by week), A.I.C.O. (was so bland)
There were nice CGDCT like Slow Start, Yuru Camp, Sora yori mo Tooi Basho,
Mitsuboshi Colors and Takunomi (started off somehow weak but I got attached to these drunks by the end) and simply cute stuff like Miira no Kaikata, Gakuen Babysitters, Hakumei to Mikochi.
Nice sequels that still delivered Dagashi Kashi 2, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen,
Gintama, Basilisk, Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan 2.
Had a nice romance like Koi wa Ameagari no You ni and soap dramas like Citrus.
Some shows started off strong but kind of went down by the end: PTE (nothing topped the first episode),
Kokkoku, Dame x Prince (it was unexpectedly nice for otomeshit)
Ito Junji: Collection adapted only one of my favorite stories but it still was better than Gyo.
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san was nice to follow.
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens felt like poormans durarara but it was still entertaining enough to keep watching.
I'm too stupid to follow the plot of Fate/Extra Last Encore but it looks nice.
Sanrio Danshi went downhill with stupid forced dramas too.

I've also enjoying both Darling in the FranXX and Violet Evergarden. I like stupid teenage dramas and soap operas.

So, what's the problem? I don't watch anime looking for complex plots, strange characters, gorgeous animation or battle scenes flawlessly executed, I watch it looking for comfiness and relaxation, if I want everythig I listed before, I watch 3D shows on Netflix, it's really simple for me.

I will not miss any of them. Horrible season.

I'm not going to miss the shitposting that's been going on in the more popular shows' threads

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Why the AOTS isn't in your image.

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it wasn't limited to the more popular shows
this is the future you chose, from now on only the very least popular shows, the ones with 20 watchers max, will be able to have threads that don't devolve in retarded shitposting and autistic meltdowns within the first ten replies

Good God this is cancer.

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nope, this season was shit, and i dont usually shit on seasons no matter how bad they are

God next season looks absolutely awful

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I can't wait for FranXX to be over, maybe redditfags stop spamming Sup Forums

Best season we've had in a long time.

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Well, KyoAni already confirmed that they're working on another VEG project.
Might be S2 or movies so I don't know.

>be VEG
>become a big international hit
>get new project announced weeks before the anime even finishes airing

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This season was amazing, best one in recent memory.
Next season looks pretty meh.

>I'm too stupid to follow the plot of Fate/Extra Last Encore but it looks nice.
Don't bother, it's shit.

This season was better than Autumn '17 but not as good as Spring or Summer '17

>God next season looks absolutely awful

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Tell me about KyoAni, how do they always find a way?

This season was dogshit though.

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Gonna miss it, it was great.


>Yuru Camp
>Slow Start
>Darling in the Franxx
>Mitsuboshi Colors
It was great.

>>Darling in the Franxx
>>Mitsuboshi Colors
you havin' a giggle there mate

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There fanbase are stupid enough to support them... That's it.

Go home.

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But I thought Sup Forums said KyoAni is finished and VEG will tank?

All that trash, anime really is in an all time low.

>There fanbase are stupid enough to support them... That's it.
The irony.

Indonesian faggot stop ban evading.


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Right. Masterpieces don't really exist but VEG is pretty close to one.

>Sora Yori
Do you enjoy Latin American soap operas, as well?

>watch an episode of a show I like
>open the thread on Sup Forums
>it's all either shitposters responding to obvious bait with autistic walls of text, fabricated fanbase wars or straight up people who don't watch the show posting sales figures with smug kyoani reaction faces
yeah ok

***,*77位/***,*97位 (**2,739 pt) [*,**1予約] 2018/04/04 【限定】ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン 1 (第1巻のみ特典:L版ブロマイド + 全巻購入特典:「LPサイズディスク収納ケース」引換シリアルコード付) [ VIOLET EVERGARDEN ] [Blu-ray]

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Yeah sure buddy

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VEG is probably gonna make it on Top 10 in stalker rankings after next week's episode

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How rabid do you think the anti-veg shills would be if that happens?

Keep telling yourself that.
KyoAni has had a pretty good track record with final episodes. I hope they don't botch this one.

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wow are you telling me that VEG could possibly become as successful as two generic moeblob shows, a literal meme and an anime about homosexual singers?
kyoani truly found a way

I doubt it. Next episode is a preparatory episode, not an emotional one.

I'm sad some shows are ending
But on the other hand, VEG is going down soon too, and thank fuck for that
We'll have to endure another season with Franxx but whatever at least one cancer will be goneDBS will basically be dead too, which is a nice bonus

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Next episode is the flying letters episode isn't it? The episode where Violet writes a letter to Gilbert? With the way people are invested in Violet's character, it'll be quite emotional.

>KyoAni has had a pretty good track record with final episodes
How low are your standards?

user, take one look at and try to tell me that there will be a net loss in cancer.

Correct. But it's still a preparatory episode, not one with a proper closure to a climax.

>Expecting some indonesian anti-kyoani hater to care
absolute. kek.

This is the most MAL post I've seen in months.

With the way people are invested in Violet, even a preparatory episode like that should have enough impact to propel it to top 10. The climax would just cement VEG as a classic.

And Aiden's episode are one of the weakest and yet VEG still broke on top 100.

user, I'd take any one of those over VEG or DBS. It's not great mind you, but fuck me was this season miserable

That remains to be seen and they could always screw up the ending spectacularly.

Ann broke the top100, Aiden just kept it afloat.

Did kyoanifags peg you this season?

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>muh moeblobs
>not reverse-harem otomeshit

please don't bully him. it must be rough seeing your efforts to try and falseflag VEG fail spectacularly.

>Ann broke the top100
No she didn't, VEG is around 140 something after Ann's episode.

>if you don't shitpost with autists every week you should stop watching anime altogether
Pretty ironic you consider others to have a sad life. There isn't a single downside to watching a series without being cockteased every week.

Case and fucking point

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hey yourself

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How many of their shows have you watched?



What's worth marathoning that I've missed out on?

Franxx in the Beans



On hold:
Pop Team Epic