Female character cuts their long, beautiful hair for """character development"""

>female character cuts their long, beautiful hair for """character development"""
How do we get rid of this trope? I can't stand it.

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3rd nuke


>female character
How do we get rid of this trope? I can't stand it.

I agree, all qt females should have short hair to begin with

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Just replace all females with the better girls (boys)

This meme happens IRL too you know.

Sadly it will not go away. Cutting one's hair is a symbolic act in japan, it's a lesser variant of harakiri, representing casting away what you once were (e.g. rejection of nobility and honor, or reclamation thereof). Samurai who had failed their master, but not disgraced enough to have death demanded of them, would shave their heads and go into exile.
Even though I love incredibly long hair (I mean down to the ankles), I know this simply isn't going to vanish.

>female character grows fat and paints her hair purple
>for character development

By replacing them all with fuccbois

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>not liking short hair
shit taste
This user understands it

my niggas

I prefer short haired tomboy grow her hair after NTR'ed to emphasized that she accepting her female side and her feminity.

get rid of it in Japan, first.
A woman cutting her hair is symbolism for her becoming an adult. So for her getting married or becoming a different person.

It's always sad when people prefer short-haired girls. Like...it's 2018, just admit that you're gay.

It's not current year in Japan, yet.

Unironically came to post this.
We didn't need the short history lesson though.


This, there isn't a single gril in the world that would look better with shorter hair than with longer.

Girls with long hair are roasties

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t. balding roastie

Its ok to be wrong sometimes user

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>t. So gay you need to hide your gayness with hair

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This motherfucker gets it

Fuck you


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I like this plan
Agreed, it needs to stop.

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I love it when a character becomes undeniably more beautiful with short hair.
Who's "we"?
Fuck you, I enjoyed that guy's post and I want more like it.

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What if I'm gay but I still hate girls with short hair?

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where's the bald chicks? that's character development.