Why are girls named Rin always sluts in anime?

Why are girls named Rin always sluts in anime?

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I can't think of a Rin who doesn't suck for money.

I hope slut means best girl in your language, OP

Why did you post a girl named Eri?

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It doesn't, not with that girl he posted.

She wasn't a slut in her anime as I recall.
she was in the VN

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No one is interested in a grandma


Truth hurts. Grandmas don't deserve love

Not that user, but grandmas are at the point where they don't even have beauty anymore. But they're still human, so naturally they also need love, even if it's just the emotional kind.

Grandma can be loved by the grim reaper

So can you, ya shitposter, fuck off already. This is the last (You) you get from me.

Suzuki is not a slut.

Rin more like Bin

The one in your picture isn't.
Also, isn't Shimarin's name Rin?

Tohsaka Rin pleases old men for money.

Rin is pure.

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Deal with it nerd

Explain THIS

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>ywn be chosen by suzuki

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nah she's pure.

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Rin is a dumb whore, only good for riding Onsa's katana.

Wait a minute, wouldn't the S be inverted then?

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Yes. She's got a lot of explaining to do

>Why are girls names Rin always best girl in anime?
Fix'd it for ya

Dunno about the anime but in the manga a dude is talking to the owner about how he put his suzuki symbol on backwards.

yes and its a good thing

The only thing worse than being a slut is being the direct cause for someone to snap and try to put the world under an everlasting illusion.

You kidding? Rin is devoted to her Suzuki like a waifu/husbando

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>Why are girls named Rin always sluts in anime?
Not only girls.

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look at this slut get penetrated

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rins been a hoe for a while now

The human body doesn't move like that jesus fuck

It's not the best pic of her, but Suzuki is generally very arousing

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I thought I replaced this fucking thing with the real deal


Funnily enough, the only reason I know all the motorcycle brands now is because of the dumb song they had.

So, is it rin or lin?

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Rin is pure!

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