Final moment soon.

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I dunno how to feel about cocoon baby rebirth.

How could the villain job against them so badly in episode 10?

Because he's not after world domination.


why didn't he just buy the stone?


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I doubt grandpa would sell it, considering his attitude towards stasis usage.

Juri won't get the happy ending

I would be proud of them if they went through with an ending like that.

The fat father would've sold it without telling anyone

>credit ends
>a scene starts
>some rumbling heard from the broken stone pieces
Probably never again the chant will be in the episode. Subs when?

Juri a cute

Catching up, this guy seems pretty on the ball.

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>Subs when?

Yeah that didn't take very long.

From the studio's Twitter

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I love Umetsu's art but I hope he gets to do his own project soon.

Did you watch Wizard Barristers?What a waste of Wakamoto.

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Final ep and no one cares still. RIP.

Uh oh.Too bad the grandpa got kicked out of stasis.

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>Everything was solved
As convenient as it was, I'm too happy for Juri to care.

I giggled for some reason.

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Or more porn

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Stand up straight.

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keep this thread bumped for me bros

the premise of this sounds pants-on-head derivative but these are sparking my interest

I hope the window was smashed in the earlier fight.

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And everything end well. This is 100% aoty

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Same reaction. Ending is more or less Deus ex machina but I still liked it a lot.

>that blonde woman

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I don't know what you mean.

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He didn't watch the first episode.

Haha time to punch the baby!

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Was worried at first the ending was going to feel contrived, but I was happy with how it played out.
Still wish there was story left in this world.

I thought she was going to leave the baby floating in mid air.

synopsis of the show makes it sound pretty boring/generic, screenshots in this thread just look like bland animation

>welcome home

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I mean, yeah, isn't like anything beyond generic, but i like that too, because it show that normal people was involved in this story, the only one who stand up was the bad guy with the red eyes, making them obviously someone "outside" of the "normal world".

Imagine reading ongoing manga in a timestop world.Madness.

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Even that already makes premise not generic for me.


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I want to come in and come out of that ass.

jesus fuck there should be a limit to how big of a deus ex machina you can pull off

somehow I'm happy with this Deus Ex Machina at the end but holy shit what an asspull

>the loneliness is killing her inside
Feels bad man.

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Exactly, was very refreshing, nothing stand up among the characets except the villian and the Stasis, and only the Stasis world remain without explanation because i guess is beyond human mind how the fuck it works at the end, so better leave it as a mistery, and in my opinion is was a wise choise.

I had forgotten this.

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I thought she was going to become a mummy, and then someone else could free her down the line like they did with that other kid.

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Truly the best ending.

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I like Juri.

>this whole scene
>overlapping voice tracks
Too real.

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Finding god-chan was kinda bullshit but im happy with the ending they got.

I guess it was interesting they showed the ending at the start since everything happens in a instant.

Well, somewhat of a deus ex machina, but it tied everything together so I dont mind it all.

Interesting to note that killing those specters make the stones.

Is this Juri?

Yeah on the one hand except for the 1st scene the resolution was really out of left field, but on the other hand I feel like the manga's not a tragedy so it was gonna be resolved one way or another.

It's wild they showed this in the first 5 minutes of the show. I had pretty much forgotten about it

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Everyone keeps saying that it's a deus ex machina but Juri being stuck in stasis was clearly meant to be a way to explain the origins of stasis.

What the actual fuck was the deal with titty Highlander? Jesus Christ, I feel that I'm being sequel baited into a much less interesting show.

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I mean someone had to make the stones, but that person just happened to be in town that day, rubbish. It was still a good episode though.


She just happens to be in the exact same spot as basically the goddess of stasis the moment she breaks down, she manages to get her into the stasis and she just happens to be able to take anyone in and out of it as she pleases.

It was a GIGANTIC asspull.
proper ending would be if she became the thing (however it was called) and either someone else later on or someone in their family (or grown up sagawa) found another stone which we know exist and find a way to expel spectre from juri and themselves.

This was an asspull that was ridiculously uncalled for.

My explanation is that the spirit dragon thing led Juri to her

Juri Yuri

That doesn't appear in the raw so I doubt it.

Juri in bath.

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The whole baby Sagawa thing was weird as fuck. Plus she became a mom without even the fun part.

>Show is over
>Full ED still isn't out

I love this show, genuinely one of my favourites from this season. But this was a giant asspull, user.

They'd either preserve the mystery of stasis or go full on BAD END on this show. Now having Time Witch save the day just because doesn't feel right.

> GIGANTIC asspull
that's what your mom said last night

Holy shit, they actually managed to tie in the founders part. Goddamn, truth be told I got misty eyed a bit watching Juri giving out to the stasis. Good shit, I'm happy as fuck.Fucking keyboard ate my spoiler tags man and apparently I'm retarded.

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Yes it is

Are you gonna delete this one too?

Niggas sweating bullets.

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For some reason this guy comes to mind

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Nah, I'm okay with this.I have to tease the anons that couldnt watch this right now.

Thanks for that. I'd deleted the earlier episodes but had thought I'd seen her before.

where is it, can't find it on nyaa

What is going on in this pic?

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They have to dispose of the bodies of the entire organization + the thugs they hired.

i still have it backlogged yet come to the threads every once in a while

You can try search the series japanese title.
Probably crap their pants due to the dead bodies left.

>music on nyaa
But in seriousness it is actually there.

I like that the anime does this at the beginning but the manga doesn't, like they acknowledge it's bullshit.

Whatever, it was good enough.

Still AOTS.

Real hero.

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How does that clean up job even work? The two of them had to go inconspicuously all over town and collect the dead bodies including the ones that had their heads splattered to the sides of high school buildings? What about the damage? Did they also do something about that? I'm not convinced.

Is he still stuck in Stasis?

What she meant by this?

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>hmm, how can I harness the power to stop time at will?
>I know, I'll rip this thing's eyeball out and put it in a rock!

Yeah, he is a bone fide herald now unless off screen purging happened but his real body is fucked anyway by the looks of it.

Not so hard to understand. The thing was alive inside the stone, giving it nourishment unleashes his power.
The mystery is why their family have power inside the time stopped.

Genuinely AOTS for me too.

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