Touken Ranbu Hanamaru S2

Today is the finale.

Did you enjoy the second season?
What are your expectations for the last episode?

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At least we know for sure we'll get our weekly dose of QUALITY.

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I had a blast watching S2 with you all, honestly. I've grown even more attached to this franchise after these months, to the point where I'm starting to feel interesed in all the other secondary stuff.

I enjoyed s2 a lot, I really liked the focus on other characters and some unexpected combos like ookanehira and the genjis. I've grown to love the franchise even more. You all here have comfy threads every week too, thanks Sup Forums. Gonna miss you guys.

Sure a lot of female anons here

Everybody on Sup Forums is a little girl.

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Yasusada soon.

>Did you enjoy the second season?
For the most part. If only they didn't recycle scripts.

>What are your expectations for the last episode?
Some last minute asspull that's gonna leave a bitter taste in everybody's mouths.

5 minutes

Now anons, for the last time, let's move forward one step at a time, as each flower blossoms!


Ah, so that's why they had Aizen and Atsushi kiwame'd.

Yasusada pls.

Will Sugita show up this epi?

Oh that's unexpected.
First part is pretty good.

>they left yasusada behind

>he isn't coming back


Four months passed when they left Yasusada in Edo but he teleported right away.

Yasusada ;_;

Yasusada teleported to the past, when the citadel had only three swords.

Thank you Hanamaru season 2!

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>final episode is also worst episode

Maybe that way it's easier to accept the end.

the QUALITY this episode was astounding

It was an okay finale.

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better quality

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>yasusada let his hair down because his ribbon got fucked up

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Now we wait for the event in June.

>20 minutes of absolutely nothing but Kashuu and Yasusada

There's no way we are going to fill a thread with this.

Why this is so dark you can't see shit.

Don't forget this week's login bonus if you play the game.

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We can talk about how they actually didn't try to downplay Yasusada's crazy.

It was a nice touch.

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They will announce Hanamaru S3 and Katsugeki S2, and provide teasers for Katsugeki movie and live action movie, r-right?

It wasn't a hug but I'll take it. They didn't royally fuck up like I thought they would. It ended up being a pretty nice reunion, and Yasusada being sent back to the early Honmaru was really nice. Nothing comparable to last season but not bad either. It's nice that they got a final song again too.

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Would've been pretty retarded of them to skip it if they were going through the trouble of showing his kiwame.

Raws available.

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>happy that they're together
>sad that it's over
I don't know how to feel.

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Yasusada knows about the fucked up stuff fans create.

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Holy shit, they really dropped the ball. This is awful.

T-there will be a season 3, right?

Yeah. Only few scenes at the end were well drawn.
That's sad.

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>you might have stumbled across a sword on kiwame trip in the street without noticing

>while living in goddamn Russia
Seems unlikely.

I'm so kawaii.

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>Yasusada's face two minutes after killing the enemy

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>kasen's face scars disappear after the next scene

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retrogrades I hate you so goddamn much but the persimmon game too strong

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I just didn't like how the Dategumi mattered nothing in the end. I thought there'd be some drama or tension, but as soon as Kashuu showed up they simply left, they didn't even have a post-mission scene. That felt inconclusive.

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They got screwed over so hard.

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I feel the same user, I was hoping that at least they'd give them awakening scenes or instead of leaving so soon fight with Kashuu and the rest, the date-gumi deserve better

>what the fuck is going on dudes

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>guys I've only been gone for half a year and the art goes to shit what the FUCK happened

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Who knows user, you might find Nihoungou on his search for the strongest alcohol.

Barely seven minutes in and I can't watch this anymore.

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I'm not counting on it, but I'd like it. The new swords need their Hanamaru time. I would be happy if S3 could have new main protagonists, or at least put Kashuu and Yasusada on the same level as everyone else.

This is your date tonight.


>tfw they ruin your favorite sword

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I'm too happy that he's back to care about the episode's QUALITY.

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>yfw the bloodshed was so good you bust one hell of a nut

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>new main protagonists

This is precisely why I doubt there'll be a Hanamaru S3. They made Kashuu and Yasusada the main characters and people would probably lose their shit if they were left aside. On the other hand though, both have been fully exploited by now so there's nothing new they can do with them. I guess they'll prefer to just leave things like this rather than taking risks.

They can do Kashuu's Kiwame.

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They can be involved in the new overarching storyline if autistic nips require it, but it doesn't have to revolve around them. Even though they got this whole last episode, after the first few episodes of strong Kashuu angst the show didn't waste too much time on them and we got the best episodes of the season.

But getting rid of Yasusada and showing them apart was already a huge risk. They basically had the entire Okitagumi cluster buying their BDs and they effectively got rid of portion of those sales. Might as well do S3 while pandering to some other group, the damage is already done.

>new main protagonists

I personally would like to have some more Sanjo time.

HS is on time today!!

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Stop complaining Okitagumifags, we know you'll be fapping to this later on.

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What did he mean by this?

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>lewding best sword

It must be a miracle.

He meant buy the official pins

Buy all the BDs.

>Ichiki went to the musical and met Torigoe
>now they're calling each other "Yasusada" on twitter

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That's super cute. I prefer that over Sugita harassing Ichiki.

have some shitty OC

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I can't believe it. Do you guys remember back when we started, how Crunchyroll didn't even stream the show and we all began to panic about not having official subs and how we wouldn't get to have proper threads? Then one user subbed and uploaded the first episode for us, that was amazing. Thank you once again user.

That's so nostalgic.

It's only been three months.

Touken Ranbu is a children's anime I swear!!!

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This isn't even the lewdest one.

Is this proper sword owner behaviour?

>wah! what are you gonna do with that whip, hijikata-san?

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Looking at the creases on his pants, it looks like Hori has quite the boner.

>Iwatooshi's tits in the first one
>Sword awakening and showing off their bodies
>Sengo being lewd around Tonbo
>Kiyomitsu's solo performance had bondage
>Now this
This is escalating.


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indeed I will

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Pretty good. Now I lost my comfy show though.

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The citadel at the beginning seemed like a very lonely and sad place.

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S-so are we still gonna do something special for the last ep

And he fights wearing those.

Well, I was gonna do an mspaint doodle but the anime had me beat at achievements in not even trying.

Imagine it being the same way again, now because the war is over and swordboys are to be dismantled one by one.

Why should we?

I've always liked the idea of an empty citadel with nobody but the starter sword and the saniwa. It gives a nostalgic feeling, like it's how it all began and something that only the saniwa and the starter know. Nobody else has that memory, and it's something they could only experience once in their lifetime.
Although I guess it doesn't matter much here since the saniwa is a hikki who never leaves his room.

I had read a fanfic about this exact situation on pixiv once, cried my eyes and soul out afterwards.

And yet the Hanamaru devs barely showed it, in either season.

Why is Shinano so slut?

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Fortunately for us, that part of the story will never be canon and it will remain in fanfic hell.