Darling in the Franxx

>literally Kivnaiver with mechs and NTR

is this the biggest disappointment of the season?

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without a doubt

Zero Two > Miku > Kokoro > Ikuno > Ichigo


Don't worry OP, you're still the biggest disappointment every season.

>is this the biggest disappointment of the season?
you haven't see kokkoku

no that would be (You)

It's safe to say Trigger jobbed badly.

It's absolutely nothing like kiznaiver besides the fact that the cast is a bunch of teenagers who interact regularly, but that's 90% of anime.

Stop with these really weak and vapid "critic" post, i know the shows overwhelming popularity on her erks you but these shit post of yours don't do anything for anyone especially when they are completely untrue and laced with horrendous judgement.

this is the best trigger anime so far tho


It's not good, the characterization is bad and the cast is bloated

Everyone besides diehard Triggerfags could tell it was shit since day1.

>tfw the next trigger anime is about mechs again
>2 boys and 2 girls
>It's going to be another NTR filled shitty teen melodrama
wew lad.

It's extremely similar to Kiznaiver, at least the 6 episodes of Kiznaiver before I dropped it

Comparing it to Kiznaiver implies that there will be a happy ever after. There won't.

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I dont give a shit about trigger and this is my AOTY
Pretty sure most triggerfags dont even watch this show

>Ikuno = Maki
>Futoshi = Yuta
/fitlit/ might actually become a thing

Kiznaiver already had NTR

you must have shit taste

the only reason I can think of for this being AOTY is that you're a triggerfag

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Where? I don't remember any.

Yes, Yes. Spout your buzzwords and your shitposting. Use your time better.

>DiTF threads
>Not blogposting and tumblr
DiTF threads should be banned on sight to be honest.

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>baseless statement A and baseless statement B

>potentially interesting premise that ends up being a mere excuse for showing cheap melodrama and love triangle between teenagers, complete with autistic screechings over not being reciprocated
It's VERY similar to Kiznaiver, just with a slightly less autistic cast

Will she ask him to break her?

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Kokoro>Zero Two>Miku>Ichigo>Shit>Ikuno

>one post with multiple replies probably shitting on it
>reason to ban a series' threads on sight
Look at Mr. Constructive Post Man here.

Yes, I can totally Ikuno going off the deep end after being abused by Mitsuru and Ichigo completely oblivious to her true feelings. Futoshi is the nearest available outlet to fuck the pain away.

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>tfw this will be future Futoshi

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>implying two-faced slut > anyone.
After this episode, even Ikuno is better than Kokoro.

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Wow, what an absolute shit taste you have.

At this point, the absolute, impotent hatred people have for Darling in the Franxx might far outdo the actual amount of people that like the show.
Kind of sad, to be honest.

At least look up the rules of the board your visiting crossboarder. I'll give you a hint, look up rule #1 and tell me if that post follows it.

Miku > 02 > Ikuno > Kokoro = Ichigo

Zero Two > Miku > Ichigo > Shit > Kokoro = Ikuno.

That’s implying I had expectations. When they revealed the character designs I already had a bad feeling


What's the context for this post? The """"girl"""" in the post seems entirely reasonable. She made bad decisions under the influence, but seems to understand part of it was her own fault and doesn't entirely blame the neckbeard. It wouldn't be unreasonable to claim she was raped.

I can't understand the outrage behind Kokoro abandoning fat faggot. He's fat, constantly eats, is stupid as fuck, and has shown no desire to improve any of it. He clearly cared a lot more about Kokoro than she did about him.

>retelling a real life experience to prove that Kokoro literally did nothing wrong
Nothing to see here desu.

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You might probably want to take your own advice and see whether or not the structure or intentions behind your post are prohibited as well.

It doesn't matter what "she" did or didn't do. It's not in any way related to anime.

But it's not.

Get another chance at what?

Those are the reasons I dropped the show, it's not good.

yikes!! Time to go marathon this series then.

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Impotent hatred and crying about Franxx from an incredibly vocal minority is something that has been occurring for the past 11 weeks and is nothing new.
When shitposters and Discord start making threads about "hating" Franxx you know the shitposting situation is getting desperate.
If you think this is bad wait until 02 finally gets an episode dedicated to her. Next week
I can't wait for their tears.

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One-sided love isn't NTR.

Isn't it projecting less than half of Aldnoah Zero?

It started great and got fucking stale in like 3 episodes


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If a fat, dumb girl clings on to you constantly, would you seriously stay with her instead of jumping ship to another 8/10 willing girl?

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>If you think this is bad wait until 02 finally gets an episode dedicated to her.
>I can't wait for their tears.
What are you talking about? Most people I've seen complaining about the show say that 02 is one of the only reasons they're still watching.

The BDs? Probably. The objectively shit manga is carrying it so I don't think people care.
A:Z went to shit around the half way point so Franxx could do the same thing.

Yes. But to franXXfags, spamming the board with threads is a sign of success.

where were you when the series dropped?
dropped after the beach episode

Yeah it's pretty crap

How is Kokkoku actually? I've never seen anyone talk about it, looks kinda generic desu. Good opening though.

We're already in trainwreck territory though.

OTP is happening

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After the power of love shit episode 6. Now I just go in the threads to see the trainwreck that DiTF is.

Those are people that actually like or liked the show. The shitposters who sperg out about it whenever they see anything Franxx related hate 02 the most.

02 has had about 2 minutes of screen time in the past 3 episodes. I'd feel very sorry for people who are watching this show just for her.

This show is nothing without 02, give me one other reason to watch it.

J-just wait, she'll be r-relevant again!!!

Chidori gets cucked pretty hard.


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Everyone who likes Franxx are enjoying themselves discussing and laughing about fun and interesting things that happened in the show, while Franxx haters (usually VEGfags) are just being bitter all the time "b-but muh sales!". pathetic.

There are like a shitton of plot related stuff they could do but they prefer to have the kids NTR.

Is the source material better or this is just a product of shitty writing skills?

>is this the biggest disappointment of the season?
I want to say yes, but then again, did anyone actually have expectations for this thing? The PVs were the most boring and generic thing ever.

the anime is the source material.

How is autistic discount Seiba anyway?

This is the source material fuck you mean

Reminder that both Fatoshi and Kokoro are shit and arguing over which one did wrong is pointless.

Stop using terms you don't know the meaning of.

No, the biggest disappointment was VEG. I was excited about both shows. I'm enjoying Franxx, but I dropped VEG. It's a shame because I thought it looked really cool.

Better than FranXX, because it doesn't make any pretenses of being more than a drama show.
FranXX on the other hand bait and switches you into thinking you are getting a mech show with some drama instead of 90% teen forced melodrama 9% boring characters and 1% action.

Discussing NTR and shitty teen romance is what you consider fun? And you wonder why people call franxxfags crossboarders.

>confirmed Homosexual
>can't have romantic relationships with his crush
>Pilots with 02 first because he is jealous of her instead of Hiro
>Realizes it's all pointless so accepts his death
>Kokoro shows him the true power of NTR and cures his homosexuality at the same time.
I love this show.

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It's fairly interesting, actually. Execution is a bit lacking at times, but at least they are trying to do something different.

if i was a girl i would only Goro ride me

But they jobbed?

I liked Kiznaiver. I still don't get why Sup Forums hates it so much.

So it takes pride in being a shitty drama show for women with a generic Saber clone
I don't see how that is supposed to be a good thing.

What about you? is discussing a show you obviously don't like something you consider fun?

The greatest romance since Toradora.

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Too intense. Shit gets real like 10 minutes into the first episode

I just want you fuckers to make 10 threads at the same time

I just thought about it. I kinda want to see an edit of the Resident Evil 4 "No way fag" picture, but with Kokoro in front and Futoshi from behind.

It's the first weekend that this has happened unfortunately. It will die down on Monday.

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>outrage behind Kokoro abandoning fat faggot
Outrage is not about that but about how she was fucking with him for a very long time before that
>Enable fatass into that behavior
>Play along with him a lot
>Then suddenly fuck him over
I'd add that whole sequence was intentionally executed to make everything about it ugly enough to overshadow good moments of the episode, that influenced people opinions a lot as well. But nobody would have been mad if she just told him to hold his horses or wiggled out of dialogue, or maybe if she just didnt treated fatass in a way that he come to this, at the same time not liking him.

Because it doesn't try to be pretentious like FranXX. At least VEG knows it's bad and doesn't sell itself more than a melodrama. FranXX on the other hand... yikes.

Wasn't it the same after episode 5? I remember a fuckton of threads both Saturday and Sunday. And the situation might get worse after episode 12.

she was clearly being nice, and she had very practical reasons to play along. She has no idea what the consequences of rejecting him are, and if this episode is anything to go by, he would have a major breakdown. Their teamwork would be destroyed, and we all know what happens to pistils and stamen who can't pilot.

Episode 3, 5 and 11 are just that awesome.

This episode was as good as episode 5 if you ignore all the shitposting about NTR. I haven't seen the staff leak for episode 12 but if it's a 02 episode it will be busy.