How the fuck did the Red Ribbon Army, run by Irish Hitler and Black Butler...

How the fuck did the Red Ribbon Army, run by Irish Hitler and Black Butler, with most of their generals being total shit, and their strongest member being defeated by a joke robot girl,
create THIS?

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Dr. Gero really, really hated Goku.


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What the fuck does "MIR" means?
I'm tired of stupid meme replies, please be serious.


I honestly couldn't give you an "official" answer because nobody in the show has asked 17 what does it mean but in my headcanon it means minotaurus island ranger.
Mir also means peace in German so there's that...

>Mir also means peace in German so there's that...
what? no it doesn't

Would U7 be the msot advanced one if Gero and Bulma had worked together?

Dragon ball is fucking retarded.


uh yes it does, I am 1/16th german i should know, gringo.

To be fair, 17 would probably still lose to the joke robot girl

>'RRA' up 100000000% in after-hours trading.

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>Android 21
Strongest android even superior to cell, only problem was her hunger
>Android 17 and 18
Strongest man and woman on the planet and both have procreated.

If 21 gets a canon arc that'd be three Dr.Gero creations that are superior to Cell and are Goku's allies instead of his enemies, the good doc is likely rolling in his grave right now, the only way to insult him more is to have Yamcha dick 21

A better question is why, if humanity is capable of building unlimited energy super robots that are apparently as strong as gods or something, didn't they just build a whole bunch of them instead of wasting time training?

>both have procreated
17 is a stepdad, isn't he?

Money. Hired the right guy at the right time.

It doesn't matter, sequelitis means RRA is now synonymous with android squads.

I hope 21 gets to appear in official canon.

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He said he had a child and adopted 2

Though they totally overdid Goku's endurance, I liked him struggling to even maintain Super Saiyan at the end.

You're an absolute retard if you think that just because 17 outlasted everyone in the TOP that by extension he is the strongest. Were you not paying attention to the themes of "trust" that were brought forth for practically the entire episode? That's the point. It was a group effort. Had Goku (the strongest warrior in the tournament) not completely wrecked Jiren's shit, 17 and Frieza would've been mere cannon fodder to him . It was only after every person in Universe 7 had given it their all that the tournament was "won" by 17. If you had popped 17 into a 1v1 with every fighter, from the beginning, healing him every time before each new fight, he wouldn't have lasted the whole tournament.

>captcha I AM NOT A ROBOT (androids BTFO)

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>Mir also means peace in German so there's that...
The fuck? Stop spouting bullshit.

It means 'peace' in several slavic languages

Something Something Ranger.

He has three children, two of them being adopted. You're only a stepdad is you marry a woman that already children, not if you adopted children.


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So with Super done, is it worth watching?

You know the reason he's forgotten is because his design is too much of a pain to animate.

Monster Island Ranger......

>Mir also means peace in German so there's that...
I'm german, mir = mine. As in "this potato is mine".
MIR is also russian for peace. But I think the MI Ranger guesses are closer to the truth.

Humanity isn't capable of that. Dr. Gero was and he is now dead. As far as is shown Bulma can't reproduce Gero's work. Thats what has been shown.

just wish the knowledge into bulmas brain. That should be easily doable for good ol' shenron.

Cell also have the Frieza problem that he never trained a single instant of his life before his battle due to his MASSIVE pride, because he is "muh perfection"
In fact, over the fight he went from weaker than SS2 to slightly stronger than SS2 Gohan just due the effort.
He has Frieza, Goku and Android DNA / Technology inside him. If he actually trained, his gains would be huge.
But i hope they dont repeat the RoF story again by going with "just train 4 months, bro!"

Cell has a much bigger problem. He's gone. He isn't in hell, he is completely gone. They only bring him back in non-canon games and such. But unless someone is gonna use the super balls, he won't come back anytime soon.

>Goku (the strongest warrior in the tournament)
Jiren was, otherwise Goku wouldnt need all this trust and help.
Jiren needed to be triple teamed for a very very long while to fall

Nah, mir is dative in german. Mein/e is genetiv.

You're probably right, grammar isn't my strong suit.

Is he canonically gone?
I know that 16 cant be rewished because he was 100% machine, but cell was 100% biological. Doesnt he has any fragment of soul?

I hoped Cell would show up in another universe because he blew up so hard his cells went to another universe.

He is in anime-filler hell, but that isn't canon.
I don't believe he has a soul because all the DNA comes from other people or something.
That would be fucking hilarious.

And despite not being canon itself, DB Fighters Z confirms that Cell has no soul by him flat out stating it I believe.

>watch the episode
>he specifically say he won't stop his evil ways, and go back to gather his army

Well, I don't lay off the possibility of him sacrificing himself in the future because of the time he spent with Goku.

He literally tried sacrificing himself in this episode. But before that he made sure to remind Goku of his promise.

So they were just pretending to innocent and unaware that they were murdering entire universes at a time when it was really just a test? huh, but what about the marble planet game thing?

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Planets are just planets. We don't know if anything actually lived on them.
I don't know who said it, but someone mentions that U7 only has 6 planets with sentient life on it.

No. They would delete even the winner universe if a selfish wish were done because they lost a bit of hope on ningens.

I'm mad that this guy managed to become the Mary Sue winner of this tournament, despite him only having fought poachers (with guns, the shit Goku could shrug off as a kid). It makes zero sense how he went from weaker than Cell to SSB level.

Why does Toriyama SUDDENLY have a boner for the guy? Also?
>Are you really sure saving literally all of the fucking universes is worth giving up a world trip over?
18 is worse than 17 and worst wife, Krillin deserves better. I miss Marron.

You powerlevel fags will always be retarded.

The mroal is, ivest in R&D guys.

*invest in RRA

Peace in russian.

It was Shinn I think and he says 23 if I recall correctly.

>you can wish for absolutely anything from Super Shenlong: Become a God, destroy a universe, gain immortality
>hurr I'm gonna wish for a cruise trip around the world

Thank fucking christ this fucking cunt excuse for a show is over now! The only thing I'll miss from dbs are the Gohan Blanco/El Hermando/El Grande Padre memes which basically shit on the show itself.

Ringing out someone with a tackle isnt a sacrifice.
Its a cheap victory.

Even if you ignore powerlevels, that doesn't ignore powerscaling is a thing in pretty much every shonen ever. We've never seen 17 do anything that would make him stronger, nor was it even implied. It was just "lol I fought a lot of poachers also I'm as strong as SSB Goku now?"

Nothing trumps plot armor and shitty writing. Remember that there were robots in the tournament. "Science" and tech mean nothing in a story where the main character is supposed to triumph over everything.

It is when your original goal was to get the super dragon balls.

>Grinding poachers for 7 years gives more exp than bullshit training with Whis
Well damn. Think Goten and Trunks can go SSJ4 after being on the island for 2 hours now?

>Implying those brats can even beat a single high level poacher, let alone grind them

>over the fight he went from weaker than SS2 to slightly stronger than SS2 Gohan just due the effort.
If by "slightly stronger than SS2 Gohan" you mean "weaker than SS2 Gohan at less than half power and only one arm." And that wasn't due to effort, it was due to saiyan hacks.

Reminds me of the Legacy of Goku games where you can gain tons of levels by beating up wild boars and shit, but the story events where you trained for years only net you one or two.

I'm pretty sure they couldn't defeat a single poacher without fusing, considering how underleveled they are for the area.

>killed a few humans to save trillions

How did he do it?

So, what if 17 winning the whole thing was in Toryiama's outline for the arc, and Toei decided to push him so people wouldn't hate the ending by having a literal who win it?


Nice trips

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I wasn't expecting a thing from this ending and still got fucking disappointed. This writing level is an all time low even by shonen standards


Why is Toriyama afraid of going past EoZ?

Doesn't want to mess with GT canon.

>I know that 16 cant be rewished because he was 100% machine
Android 8 came back and he was 100% machine. 16 didn't come back because no one gives a shit about him, that's all.

What the fuck would he have done after erasing everything?

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>the Legacy of Goku
The second game was actually really good

It's the animators team that have a massive hard on for him. Also, we didn't get to see goten and trunks vs poachers in the ToP, right?

8 obviously has a soul because he's friend with goku

>the animators team

Wrong, user. Someone far, far more powerful has that erection.

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Remember when Goku was a retarded monkey boy and then it turned out he was one of the last survivors of a proud race of warrior aliens from a doomed planet?


MUI Goku was stronger than Full Power Jiren, he just ran out of juice before he could end it

So they went from journey to the west , then they implemented superman's origins and after that ... it's just pure fucking feestyle

Sun Wukong dealt with the gods too, DB has always just been a loose retelling with a bunch of sci-fi and fantasy references sprinkled into it and then morphed into a battle shounen

So you would be fine with something like yamcha spending his time doing some sport for like a few years then show up being able to kick vegeta’s ass? Literally a lot of shounen shit is about power leveling or at least try to make the power scale make some sort of sense.

Cell has Frieza DNA but he is not a prodigy.

He power up like a normal Saiyan, just like when he regenerate and got a zenkai. So, he would need to train years to achieve a power near SSJ3.

Sure, if it's justified. Take the fight of Gohan vs Krillin. On paper, Gohan should be able to fuck Krillin up until the sun doesn't shine anymore. But the show actually justifies Gohans loss due to his inexperience compared to Krillin. Krillin has way more experience fighting people than Gohan does and Krillin has always been a dirty fighter. And I would bet that with the right idea, Krillin could've even beaten SSJ Gohan.
A fight is always more than just numbers. Powerlevels ignore all other factors and that's why they're completely retarded and are shit discussion material because it will always cycle back to "b-but his number is bigger!". So what?

>So you would be fine with something like yamcha spending his time doing some sport for like a few years then show up being able to kick vegeta’s ass?
Not him but yeah i'd love that, except db's power levels are so fucking large/stupid that it wouldn't work, what i'm saying is when you spend most of the time only powerleveling 2 characters while the rest continuously job, it's impossible to make any of those "irrelevant" characters relevant again without it not looking weird and dumb as fuck,ruining the series "power logic" in the process.

So was Buu's Fury. Legacy of Goku 4 when?

Never, all you're going to get for now on are generic fighting games.

Creating everything agian but with different parameters to see if the result was better.

What an hell of a self insert

We don't know what he did other than scare poachers on he island, presumable the PTSD of being vored by Cell gave him enough motivation to start training on his own one way or another.

Also keep in mind that Goku the strongest whatever of all time started off nearly as weak as a common human and even during his pre-teen years he was still on the same level as humans.

Chad 17 on the other hand was created with a base power level, power level 0, that was already stronger than Frieza and stronger than Super Saiyan.

It would've been hilarious if Freeza took more time to repair himself and then encountered the androids.
>flies all the way to earth
>finally i can kill those damned monkeys
>hey, where is everybody
>why are those 2 fashion models smirking at me?

Reminder that all of this happened just because Commander Red wanted to be taller. Everything would have happened completely differently (RR saga, the androids, Cell, future Trunks, ToP) if the manlet wasn't angry about his height.



Cell coming back would be the most creatively bankrupt thing in Dragon Ball history and I would love every minute

Only if he gets a new more perfect form. Because that shit lends itself to some good jokes in and out of the show.

The scenarios you bring don’t really work that well, that is like having Superman getting his ass kick by an MMA fighter, sure on tech the MMA fighter is greater than Superman but no way in hell he would be able to win so saying that krillen being a more experience fighter so him beating gohan is justifiable is nonesense, sure would make sense if they were going at it purely on tech alone and no power/ki is involve. A way to make it so that number alone don’t matter much is introduce unique abilities, look like YYH, yusuke was strong but he still lose to some random high schooler because the dude have unique abilities that make his strength useless.

Yeah but totally ignoring powerlevel will make the series shit and illogical. Power level apply into every show and even real life. We can get around that with thing like weapon, cheat or in DB’s case unique abilities. Look at show like YYH or HXH.