Who would win? A High Tension Japanese Goblin or the Goblin Slayer?

Who would win? A High Tension Japanese Goblin or the Goblin Slayer?

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But goblin slayer loves slaying goblins and the japanese goblin loves being alive, which love is it that will prevail?

Suika can dissolve into mist or become as big as a skyscraper, so I doubt Goblin Slayer would last long.

>goblin slayer loves slaying goblins
He's just being tsundere.

Tsundere for what? He kills goblins on a daily basis.

His love is too heavy for most goblins to bear

Japanese Goburinu 100% of the time

General law is that all lolis are super OP for whatever reason.

Goblin Slayer dies, but dies sticking to his principles. RIP.

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Look here, that's not a goblin. She's a female and not green. Call the hero or something i'm sure she can crit her to death.

GS admits there might be good goblins so he will spare her life after she proves she is worthy to live.

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When is the anime airing?

GS will ignore her as she is not a true goblin and proceed to keep autistically kill gobbos


Pretty much this. She looks like a demi human of some sort like lizard cleric, and her having a vagoo automatically disqualifies her from being a gob.

GS would automatically dismiss her as a goblin and walk away. Suika would get fucking annoyed and start to stalk him.

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Not a goblin, so no slaying.

>His principles
Then he would walk away cuz she doesn't fit his vision of a goblin. Being female is an automatic "is not a goblin" for him.

She's an oni not a goblin.

But she's a japanese goblin.


GS is insane and his vision of a goblin is set in stone. For him gobs have these three things
>Always male
>Always green
>Always with the same basic face structure
You will never convince him that suika or wasabi are goblins.

>You will never convince him that suika or wasabi are goblins

She'll change his mind.

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If CG can't make him open out, much less wasabi will convince him she is a gob.

Female goblins are only good for one thing.

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Suika, of course. The other dude doesn't even have danmaku. Can he even fly? How much sake can he take?

High vivid shutters green oni.

GS: " this is not a goblin"

Strangely, sake doesn't make him go drunk but does put him to sleep.

w-what is he doing to her?

Forming a pact obviously.

Putting a slave seal on her.

>high tension
Translator is a retard.

>for whatever reason.
because it's more entertaining when you can't judge their strength by their looks

doesn't she literally say high tension in engrish?

>I am goblin! Slay me!
>Go away

I'm not wondering why, I'm saying that some reason will be given for them being OP despite the looks (divine being, etc.)

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It's wasei eigo and you shouldn't translate it literally. It means "excited, energetic, high-spirited".

Yeah, I imagine that if my love took the form of a 4 foot long oak club, it might be a little to heavy for most people to bear upside their skulls.

The Katakana you're pointing at literally say "High Tension", what the actual fuck are you going on about?

Yes, and マンション literally says "mansion" but means "a shitty cramped apartment". Kill yourself.

Stop posting.

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Didn't know Suika or any ハイテンション person was electronics. How does it feel to know neither Japanese, nor English you moron?

>He actually tried to ignore the "etc"
>He honest-to-goodness doesn't understand metaphors or slang
>Trying to lecture other people about language.
Jesus you're toxic.

>ハイテンション (和製語high tension)気分が高揚しているさま。緊張感が高まっているさま。

You probably also don't understand that with music translations, the preferred method of translating is to keep the fidelity of the sound as opposed to trying to transliterate, but you just go ahead and keep shitting up the thread. It's already dead thanks to your shitposting that no one gives a horse's ass about.

It's the power of true autism. He thought he could pose infront of anons on the internet, then he got BTFO and all defensive. You think he would just stop posting since he's literally anonymous and nobody will remember him 20 minutes from now, but not him. He's on a mission.

>Sup Forums thinks onis are goblins

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Maybe you shouldn't argue about things you have no idea about, especially if you "don't care".

>be dump EOP that can only use rikai and jisho
>pretend to know Japanese and "BTFO" someone

I just notice that there's one user forcing his ideals that GS won't recognize a new type of goblin. He seems to depict GS as a narrow minded person that don't acknowledge the possibility of female goblins. Which is the opposite of the real GS that are open to new possibilities.

What should I do about it, I wonder?

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I think you need to fuck off with your faggotry.

>be dump EOP that can only use rikai and jisho
Looks like you got the wrong user, I'm not the one who was arguing with you. I'm just looking from the sidelines.

time to purge this thread. is it going to be poison, water or fire?

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>same as goblin

i don't think female goblins exist in the GS universe
they seem to reproduce by raping human and elven women

What? But there aren't goblons here, you aren't the real GS.

I don't get this doujin

>Give me your dick
>Proceeds to rape her

Was the Hero tsundere? How can you rape her if she wanted it in the first place?

>Being this new


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its the same as when people says demon demons and onis are the same because of translations, they just pretend to be retarded

I'm pretty sure he's calling you new because you apparently don't know the fucking video that was already posted in this thread which is just an old meme. But since you don't know old memes it's safe to assume that you're a newfag.

Nah, pretty sure it will be at some point. It just not revealed yet.

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I'm not that guy

That doesn't matter, your sexuality has nothing to do with you being new.

The only reason he wears the helmet is so the goblins can't see him blush.
He's just a genderswapped, more extreme Takagi, always trying to figure out what Goblin-chan is thinking and to leave an impression.

Aw, that's so sweet of him.

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I now what I'm gonna spam in the next goblin slayer thread.

Subterranean unicorn 2hu > Horned watermelon buddy.

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Collapsing an underground ruin it is then

Could GS beat Rou?

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Not alone.
There's a chance he can win if Goblin-chan helped him.

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She's a drunk hooligan that just wants to party with little regard to people's safety.
Is also a conceptual manipulator and extremely dangerous to be left alive, even if all she cares about is having high % of alcohol in her blood.

She must be put down

There's a chance that she could be used, if you research enough she had a soft spot for some people. If you can get on her good side, she can be a huge help.

Maybe try raping her first.

there was a manga about isekai a gobling loli and some dude exploring a dungeon or something, does someone knows the name of it?

>Immortal, unkillable Density manipulator, capable of controlling both physical and conceptual densities, can multiply, become intangible, throw fucking black and white holes as attacks, and even affect stuff like the density of an opponent's concentration or powerlevel if she wants.
>Vs a regular autistic knight

This isn't even fair and you know it. 2hoes are hax tier.

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The fuck are you implying about Goblin Slayer?

What is it?

user please.

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Here's something for you to reverse-search.

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Adventurer maybe?
I'm not knowledgeable about D&D and shit but Goblin Slayer is just some dude with a regular armor, that picks up regular enemy weapons to use, has some scrolls, and partners of different classes to have some variance in his strategies.
Also specializes in killing hordes of enemy weaklings, a very different thing than taking on one extremely overpowered enemy

All things considered he has 0 fucking chance. Reimu is a planet level buster that specializes in murdering supernatural beings one on one, and even she can't get rid of the nip goblin even if she wanted to.

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GS isn't good enough to be a knight.
He's a glorified peasant that knows how to kill midgets.

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that'll do user. that'll do.

i think we've already been shown that he muticlasses, he's a fighter and a ranger.

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Would you, Sup Forums?

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I'd take away her alcohol. She'll never grow if she drinks that stuff.

>I'd take away her alcohol.
>She'll never grow if she drinks that stuff.
How is your reasoning even worse than your action? How do you do that?

Shut up or she gets a flick on her forehead aswell.

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Goburou, yes.
Hoburou, maybe. Rou has magic and Detect at this point, but GS doesn't stomp around when he is cave-delving and should be able to sneak close enough. Both are capable of killing each other with one hit at this point. Just depends on who strikes first.
Onirou and up, no. Not that GS'd be interested anymore.

>The only good goblins are the ones who never come out of their stinking holes.
>THEIR stinking holes
They come out of womens' holes
Confirmed GS hates and disregards women because they are carriers of the goblin plague.

>You will never have wild drunk sex with Suika as you manhandle her tiny body and grab her by the horns

Why even fucking live man

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Suika is not goblin she is ogre


He just wanted to be a goblin all along

user. Gobo did nothing wrong. She just wanted to help.

based gs

If she wanted to help, she never should have left her stinky hole.


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Goblin slayer adapts to the situation and grows through experiance. If he encounters a female goblin he will just adjust his mental notes on goblins to include that there can be females now.

Yeah, it'd be awful if these goblins got their hands on some innocent men. GS must protect them.