Dragon Ball Super

>Think UI blanco
>feel like you're being held
>wake up to this pink guy

What do?

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So what are your predictions for the movie? Hz

Turn UI Rosa.

The saiyan from the teaser is Keru's lost dad

What was his name again?

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>it's over
F-Fuck bros I'm going to miss you all. We'll back in december right?



There's still the manga, though it's monthly so the threads will slow down

How do we rank Dragon Ball's main sagas main villains/antagonists? Solely as villains/antagonists in their respective saga of course.

I say:
Cell > Freiza > Zamasu > King Piccolo > Jiren > Omega Shenron > Vageta > Baby > Buu > Beerus > Piccolo Jr. > Super 17 > Tien Shinhan > Golden Freiza > Jackie Chun > Hit > Commander Red > Pilaf

I think we can all agree on this... VOTE:
Vote here: strawpoll.com/f825a848

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Best Harem Ending Ever.

>Based Cabba.

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Do this

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>Commander Red instead of Mercenary Tao

Red never actually met Goku face to face.

>Super ending
>All everyone can do is talk about CHADhan

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More like getting raped ending

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>manga threads
No thanks.

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>moeshitfags on suicide watch
What a nice day

>ywn smash cabba's tight boipussi

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Finally we are FREE

That is ok.

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I'm so glad we got to see her smile again.

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>not a scratch on her

just how strong is la pequeña marron?

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You wanna know whether a character is relevant or not? Check if they have any post-credit scenes.

Pic related, of course.

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This is Android #17. He was not only the MVP, but the WINNER of the Tournament of Power. Say something nice about him.

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Why is this cute lizard so based?

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You're welcome.

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I was honestly contemplate putting him. He is honestly badass and one of Goku's first real threats, but I decided not to as he's still just a mercenary and not the main villain of the saga.

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>cares about the enviroment
>sails on a cruiser fit for thousands of people with only his family
>causes more pollution than a tiny nation

Thank you for bringing them back, we owe 17bros big time.

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Hi Tommy.

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fuck off retards, dont show up in my show again.

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>The Grand Priest
>Whis, other Angels (Y)

>UI Goku (X+++ mastered, S+++ minimum)
>Jiren (X+++ full power, X minimum, S tired)
>Beerus, other GoDs (X)
>SSB Shinka Vegeta (X- rage power, S+++ minimum)
>GoD Toppo (X-)
>SS2 Kefla (X-)

>SSBKK Goku (S+++)
>Anilaza (S+++)
>SS Kefla (S++)
>Super Maximum Light Speed Mode Dyspo (S++ with high FTL speed, S raw power)
>Toppo (S+)
>SSB Vegeta (S+)
>SSB Goku (S+)
>Hit (S+, but technique is S+++)
>Golden Freeza (S+)
>No. 17 (S+)
>Ultimate Gohan (S)
>Kefla (S)

>SSG Goku (A++)
>SSG Vegeta (A++)
>Dypso (A, but technique is S)
>Legendary Kale (A)
>SS3 Goku (A-)
>Kakunsa (A-)
>Berserk Kale (A-)
>Obuni (A-, but technique is S-)

>Super Saiyan Kale (B+)
>SS2 Goku (B+)
>SS2 Caulifla (B+)
>SS2 Vegeta (B+)
>SS2 Cabba (B)
>Final Form Freeza (B, S limit broken)
>Magetta (B)
>Piccolo (B)
>No. 18 (B)
>Ribrianne (B- on average. Inconsistent. Shifts between D- to A-)
>Monna (B-)

>SS1 Goku (C+, S limit broken)
>SS1 Vegeta (C+)
>SS1 Caulifla (C+)
>SS1 Cabba (C)
>Majora (C+)
>Saonel (C+ likely, C minimum)
>Pirina (C minimum, C likely)
>Bergamo (C)
>Lavender (C-)
>Basil (C-)
>Frost (C-, technique and strategy is B++)
>Rozie (C-)

>Goku (D+)
>Vegeta (D+)
>Caulifla (D+)
>Jimeze (D, technique is C+)
>Gohan (D on average. Inconsistent. Shifts between D- and C+.)
>Cabba (D)
>Botamo (D)
>Kale (D-)

>Krillin (E+, but C- when assisting No. 18.)
>Tenshinhan (E)
>Ganos (E, but gradually increases power. Technique at E.)
>Dr. Rota (E-)
>Roshi (E-, but technique is B-)

Note that Saiyans can fluctuate their power with rage/zenkai, making their power inconsistent throughout the ToP, because this is their natural trait.

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C'mon user don't be like that, you should be happy 17 got his boat. We're here to stay.

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too many saiyans, DB would do better without so many of them. There Goku, Vegeta and Gohan and thats enough.

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Ayy lmaos are for bully!

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Fuck off retard this is the U7 show

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Use your brain you dumb waifufag. This unknown Saiyan is wearing Frieza Force armor. He serves Frieza.

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>seething Toeispic

What was Jiren's wish

Take your spic chart to reddit.

>frieza and goku can fight better together than vegeta and goku could
>android 17 does more damage to jiren than vegeta, frieza and hit combined
>android 17 gets the fucking wish
>android 17 wishes back all the universes and saves the day
>zeno doesnt give a shit about the universes being back even though he wanted to erase them because there were too many
>they also dont seem to care about the low mortal levels in these universes anymore
>frieza gets fucking resurrected AGAIN

>the characters "go back to their daily lives"
>literally nothing changed
>goku even says he has no idea how to go UI

this entire arc, which was like 30% of DBS, ended with literally nothing happening. it may as well never have happened because the arc happened over the span of 1 hour

also anyone who says shit like
go the fuck back to red dit you disgusting pile of shit

>first time I get on Sup Forums and don't see a Super thread with 500ish posts
Fuck, it really is over, isn't it?

This seems pretty solid.
Zamasu reminded me a lot of Baby, but on the whole, I really liked what they did with Jiren by the end.

She is having a baby soon.

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Wife is back.

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She got screen time at the end of Super and won't be in the new movie.

Does anyone have a picture of that final scene

No she's not, cabba is going back to do some special training with vegeta.

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Miss me with that gay shit you fucking degenerate fag.

>yamcha not on the list
even goku knows yamchad would destroy him if he stopped holding back

Feels good man.

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Does anyone have the Ribrianne pastas saved

live airing of 131 comment thread where?

When Jiren attacked the audience I began to dislike him a bit but the way they show his change and growth actually made me like him a lot more. Keeping him as a force of nature is great too.

kawaii blue vegeta ?

I don't get why the gods would have erased all the universes if the winner didn't wish to revive the previously erased ones, because Zeno and others don't seem to actually care about the people they rule over.

We won.

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Happy keru best keru!

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Looks like a furry

u7 won, all the other universes LOST. FACT.

>all universes restored
>low mortal levels also restored
why would the zenos be fine with this

Because they don't actually give a shit. They just wanted to see hype as fuck fights.

>w-we w-won
>needed 17 pity wish to get revived
>kefla nowhere to be seen

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Based Bureeza and 17. They ended it well for such a shit series

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Don't you mean U7 won?

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Because they now know they should git gud since they almost got their entire universe erased.

u mad

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The only good part about adult Gohan was him being smug

reminder that budget and quality are not related
also super was hand drawn

Well now that the tournament of power arc is over I don't think I'll be coming back to these threads, not until movie 20 is released. It was fun shitposting here, you guys were fun.

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>threads have slowed down to a crawl
At last...we're free.

You're just in the wrong thread.

is it over..user?

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Nah faggot, this is the one with the most replies by far. DBS threads are just ded.

At long last, user. No thread rules forever.

the reason it's trash is because of time and?

I just need to use this thread to pay respects to the entire dragon ball series and this ending of dragon ball super. Off the bat, there's the huge personal development where Jiren starts connecting with his Pride Troopers, helping him stand one more time;Frieza works together with Goku (his greatest enemy) in a ridiculously awesome fight sequence and great team coordination; and Android 17 becomes more and more human - sure he's a wildlife protector, but think about all the times he's given up his own wellbeing for the sake of others (especially in this last episode). Android 18 was right when he was becoming more and more like Goku.

The conclusion was also incredible in my mind. At the end of any good series, I get this feeling where I want more and can't wait to see more, but I have this weird emptiness because I know there might not be more. There is so much potential to develop these other universes, for vegeta to see salada, for goku to revisit jiren. But even beyond that, this conclusion harkened back to very simple dragon ball z times: the timeless goku vs frieza as we see frieza reassembling his forces, and also goku vs vegeta as we see them preparing for battle with their usual stances in the first spot they ever did battle. There is still so much for this series to do, but I'm okay if it ends here because this was perfect. I started watching this series probably when I was 7 years old or so; now I'm 23 years old and it's amazing just how much magic this series could create


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My fiance, who has never seen the show, watched the finale with me. Today I asked her what the plot was.

"A bunch of good guys had to fight in a competition to stay alive, and Roku and the space fetus beat the big guy! Roku had a stroke but he got better. And then the dead ones were revived, which you enjoyed but I had no idea who those people were. Everyone was so happy with your favorite character that they bought him a boat."

Also, when Toppo and Jiren were talking about how they would beat Goku next time, she said "No! Why would you fight?! You're friends now!"

MC is a loser

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t. Cuckren the Gay

Indeed, that's the reason most people like him anyways because he failed to deliver the kill

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>moeshitfags on full meltdown for the amount of DBS threads
Say it with me

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...I see only....Movies before me...

Baby was his race's cry of vengeance. Not at all like Zamasu.

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