Why does yuasa's art look so bad so often?

why does yuasa's art look so bad so often?

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>implying that looks bad

It looks pretty bad, user...

Explain why.

>ugly faces, design in general looks amateur
>washed out palette
>no shading

I understand it's the intentional style and is supposed to look like shit though.

>I understand it's the intentional style and is supposed to look like shit though.

Everyone says the same about your face but we don't go fly in and make threads about it.

>look amateur
No it doesn't.

>washed out
This is inherently a bad thing?

>no shading
Who are you, otaking?

>supposed to look like shit
No, it's supposed to look distorted and exaggerated.

That's yuasa for you. It's like retards here just praise his ugly works just by the virtue of it being different. Edgy faggots everywhere here.

The point of his style is to convey motion rather than to make pretty wallpapers. And why would you expect a shot of a middle aged guy to look pretty?

i'm asking more to see if there is a good reason for it. for instance, if he did most of it himself or something, then it would make more sense.

I just told you. The point is to convey motion in animation. And do so on a budget.
His art does not look amateurish. This week's Märchen Mädchen looked amateurish (or horribly rushed). Yuasa's art can look simple or crude, and weirdly distorted when you pick frames in the middle of movement. But I can't think when it's ever looked amateurish like that.

Stop being so insecure Sup Forumsirgins about your pewdiepie circlejerk no ones saying Yuasa is bad. His art just looks bad sometimes even if its intentional like that final scene of ping pong its still bad.

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>ugly faces
>I don't want to fuck the characters, so it must be bad!

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Maybe ugly isn't the right word then, I just mean they look off and unpleasant. I don't need or even want every face in an anime to give me a boner.

Because its made to be as minimalist as possible to give more resources to motion.

And it worked well for Devilman.

Ofttimes people just confuse "different" for "bad" and anyone taking screenshots to prove how bad the art it is just missing the point.

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>Ofttimes people just confuse "different" for "bad"
Or maybe people simply have different tastes and have different ways of evaluating what's "good" and "bad".

Cant help but feel this is a cherry pick, especially given that its a still.

Yes hence what is "different" is seen as "bad" by others. Were saying the same thing.

It doesn't however excuse people who just see different and automatically think "bad".

It also doesn't excuse the people who want to impose their own perception on other people. "I think its shit so I gotta make threads and post everywhere that its shit as fact instead of just my lazy opinion" inst a good argument nor a carte blanche to be an obnoxious ass..

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got me hard

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this its a question of opinion and it will always be

it's good because it's a special unique style

>Yes hence what is "different" is seen as "bad" by others. Were saying the same thing.

We're not, what I'm saying can include that, but it's not the only possibility. For most people, it's not simply different = bad, and the fact that the two can overlap is just a coincidence.

>they look off and unpleasant

But I think the woman's face looks nice. You've just been programmed by all the moeshit you watch to think anything that deviates even slightly form that model looks bad.


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m8 I hate moeshit/slice of life and never watch it. While I appreciate that's he's trying something different, I just don't think it looks good.

I think you can only talk for yourself.
And I see your point and its a valid one. What I said is to the people who actually do that who also love to jump on these threads just to shit on something for the sake of shitting on something.

Oftentimes the different=bad comes from a point of lazyness. "I dont feel like making the effort to understand". This is valid so long as you acknowledge it comes from lazyness.

"I made the effort to understand but i still dont like it" is also valid but over here its expressed in such a lazy manner it might as well be the first.

People will make the same effort to understand you as you made to express yourself.

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>I think you can only talk for yourself.
That's technically correct and fair, but the same goes for you when you say that "Ofttimes people just confuse "different" for "bad"". I think people are smarter than we tend to think, even if they don't always show it.


>I dont feel like making the effort to understand

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I agree.
I also think people are smarter than we think but also prone to human error and being "lazy" and prideful.

You shouldn't expect people to be 100% on their game as they're just dicking around on internet imageboards but I do wish they were honest about it instead of being too prideful to say "I just dont feel like making the effort", futile hope that it is.

Gotta run now. Happy Sunday.

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>prone to human error

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You claimed it looked amateurish. It doesn't look remotely amateurish. Why should anyone presume you know what you're talking about at all?