Is this the only anime with mature humor for adults?

Is this the only anime with mature humor for adults?

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Patlabor is very good, but is an entire episode about porn mags really "mature"?

does it have an episode about porn mags? suddenly I want to watch it a lot less.


I dont remember funneh maymay sex jokes or about bodily fluids in Patlabor.

>I don't care about the context of a story but baseline traits it has disenfranchise me.

Porn mags is always bad. Oh and I have nothing against porn but I don't want to watch cringy porn related interactions.

What could they do with porn that makes it fun and good to watch, it'll probably just be some mature story about porn or something and it's only added to make the characters more realistic and relatable

>anime for adults
>Mech shit
>Pick one
Mech shit was the isekai of the 80s/90s


>Mech shit

You shut your whore mouth. Alphonse can hear you

Is it me or was it somewhat weird how Movies 2 and 3 had a different, more cynical tone in comparison to the OVAs/TV series?

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Goto was better in the TV series.

I barely consider the films Patlabor, to be honest.

What about the first one?

2 was Oshii starting down the road you really see defined in Ghost in the Shell with regards to tone and handling of subject matter. 3 is inexplicable. They took a manga arc, then stripped out as much Patlabor as they could to the point that Noa and Asuma are barely more than easter eggs and SV2 as a whole is essentially a cameo.

Zetsubou sensei (and every other Kumeta work fir that matter) exist you know?

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Yeah, you can go ahead and leave anytime.

Any other 80/90s shows which prominently feature the Soviet Union?

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Black Lagoon is SET in the 90s.

>Soviet Union
It's not set early enough in the 90's.

Patlabor 2 was Oshii being bored with the franchise and wanting to move on resulting in him breaking all of the characters.

There are flashbacks to Afghanistan and shit. It's semi-prominent.

That's true, though the larger part is that the entire Russian presence is built around the fall of the Soviet Union. Which is kind of the opposite of what he was talking about.

Layzner and Dunbine both mention the USSR

patlabor 2 is amazing.

mature != good

>alphonse can hear you
user I...