How DEEP is the anime you watch, Sup Forums?

How DEEP is the anime you watch, Sup Forums?

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Inferno cop

Paranoia Agent

Wow, the deeper I got is with Kaiba.

How is slice of life deep exactly?

>Watching anime
>Not reading manga or light novels


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why are full metal alchemist, ghost in the shell, and paranoia agent so far down when they were all on cartoon network? why are mnemosyne and texhnoloyze at the bottom when they're both babby's second anime tier?

inb4 someone uses the word pretentious without knowing what it means

dunno. where is berserk?

you're fucking presumptuous.

Inferno cop

Every anime has infinite depth. You can dig to any depth for any anime. It's just that people each dig upto different levels and find the value in depth differently. People should just stop being shallow minded retards and start looking at works through interesting lens and angles rather than "muh depth in muh anime is deeper than your trash anime"

How deep would Yoji Kuri and pre 1950s anime be on the scale?

>Every anime has infinite depth
This is wrong.

SHAFT in general

Inferno Cop might be one of Trigger's essentials, but Ninja Slayer is the magnum opus here.

Where does /ak/ stuff like Black Lagoon and Jormungand fit?

berserk is a manga, it doesnt have an anime adaptation

Isn't Inferno cop ironic weeb tier?


Only if you watch it ironically.

All anime is ironic weeb tier if memed hard enough.

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Dead Leaves

You must be infinitely retarded to not understand that.

Already a thing.

really nigger ?

shit list

I beg your pardon?

So people who read manga are below the bottom right?


Can someone explain how R-15/Freezing etc are deeper than Kiss x Sis/Aki-Sora/DxD?

That's a given.

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I think he meant /an/ and /k/.

How is Kenshin entry level?

where is love live?
i cant find it in the picture

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>watching ww2 era anime

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Lurk moar

I'm a facebook otaku and I am okay with that. Pretty decent shows there.

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Cowboy beebop should be below naruto and one piece.

Also, why is Keit-ai at the very bottom? That doesn't seem right.

Fate/Zero should be higher IMO

contrary to what most think, fate is actually pretty obscure

Got as far down as Ebichu.

not very

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Daughters of Menemosyne. I dont want to go deeper...

How wouldn't it be? It's a popular series from Shonen Jump and aired on Cartoon Network for quite a while.

Not really. I don't know if it should be above but they should at least be around the same area. Cowboy Bebop is insanely popular and generally someone that doesn't like anime will still like Cowboy Bebop.

Is it bad that I skipped everything between inferno cop and Sup Forums elitist?

No. Watch lain and that's all the art you will need from anime.

peak Sup Forums elitist and I don't want to go deeper.

>tfw you watched Keit Ai and can't bear to watch any inferior anime anymore
Looks like death has come for me early. Guess I'd better get it over and done with before I go into despair from knowing I will never see anything quite like it. My life is fulfilled.

Wow I didn't know Toonami aired it. Did they even air the whole thing?

Waizardo tier which is pretty much plebeian tier since this list is shit.

I'm fine with it

Just checked and it aired seasons 1 and 2 but not 3. Three was the filler season anyway though. I used to watch it all the time on there. A few episodes snuck in some swearing and blood while Toonami was heavily censored.

"Slice of life in general" apparently.

I'm so fucking confused looking at that list.
I love Kon's work but I'm scratching my head at Millennium Actress, like, why is it so fucking deep? It's a great movie but Kon is/was influential in anime and even western movies so why does this chart treat his shit like it's super secret?
Anyway Infeno Cop is as far down as I go. I've also seen Mnemosyne but I didn't realize that was something anyone else actually saw.

How DEEP is the anime I watch, Sup Forums?

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What's EoE supposed to be?

Big O, and I've surpassed not only this bait, but the entire potential of this chart.

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End of Ero, a tale of a pure Japan.

can't find it

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Where can you find keit-ai?

>inb4 it was never made

When Yuri Gagarin went to space, he said he saw no God up there. Then a small child asked him if he had been nice.

Is it actually Eva and you're just fucking with me?

Neon Genesis Evangelion is Eva you wretched person.

I know, but why would someone put it in there? EoE wasn't deep


The deepest one I actually liked was Ein Landarzt but I've seen kiss kiss kiss

>This is an objetively measure
>You enjoy unironically shows
>some kind sense of taste
>Events Horizon
>now is time to die

I know shitposting is hard but did some eleven just throw this into Google translate and hope for the best?

>Not posting the porn one

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Best Girl

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