What do you remember about Valvrave, Sup Forums?

What do you remember about Valvrave, Sup Forums?

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>look at these awesome flash forwards, the story will totally pay off in the end if you stick with it.

I blame the split cour

I didn't watch it, I heard there was some rape in it though.

vampire rape


It kinda sucked

I was hoping the second half was going to be focused on the future part, but then we got a horrible second half.

>space vampires
>consensual rape
>cream and coffee
>ouji with zero explanation
It was great.

Cute shoko in cour 1, scared and confused girl who became retarded in the second one.
Seriously, I still don't get why she didn't let them enter the ship when she clearly saw that they were protecting her in space. I get that she was responsible for the students and that DUDE VAMPIRES LMAO was the last thing she thought could happen, but how could she ignore jewbro and thunder and let them die? even Akira was upset.
Fucking Okouchi.

>weird names
>prime minister is a joshi kousei
>loli princess
>switching body
>which part is rape again
>better than Guilty Crown
Don't remember what it was even about though

How could I forget Haruto leaving L-Elf alone with their test tube baby?

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season 2 didnt happen


it was fun watching with Sup Forums

I want to cum inside Kriem.

Is S2 really not worth it? I remember watching S1 with Sup Forums but for whatever reason I didn’t watch the 2nd cour.

Season 1 was one of my favorite series to watch as it was airing.
Season 2 managed to avoid doing anything fun for the entire run.

At least 50% of my enjoyment of the show came from the threads.

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the op was good


All the mysteries in S1 got really lame answers in S2. I would be happier not knowing what runes, magius, and the valvraves really are.
Haruto remains a huge faggot.
Saki gets no screentime.
L-elf gets defanged.
Shoko becomes a zeta gundam character.
I liked everyone better in Season 1. Season 2 ducked every memorable flag it could have hit.

I like that rape scene

That's partially it, but it's also the fact that nowadays 52 episode shows are rare as fuck. It's all about 12-episode anime now. Valvrave was clearly designed with way more episodes in mind than it got which makes sense. Mecha shows thrive in long storytelling, but we're not in that era anymore. Only Gundam shows gets that much and they have to frame it within a two season structure.

No. Watch the first half of episode one to know how the fight ends, then drop it.


Boku janai
Boku janai

ED by Angela

Cream to your coffee.

I remember someone subbing a line as "cheeky little cunt!". Then I dropped it after 3 episodes.


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must've been gg

Saki had the best hair.

>What do you remember about Valvrave

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It was honestly thefunnest time I had watching an anime with Sup Forums.

best girl

terrible end

That I'm still mad Saki didn't win the bowl and Shouko became a pilot, bitch deserves death.


I think the highlights for me are Valvrave and Penguindrum. I wish I had been here for Code Geass though.

Were you here for Guilty Crown too? That was a blast.

Best day of my life in this decade.

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World's cutest Hikki
Moses parting the sea of students

I remember the first half. I never watched the second half because I have adhd and have only ever finished a single split cour show that I watched as it aired.

I was, but for whatever reason I didn't keep up with it while it aired.

I wish Franxx was as fun as this show

Saki was the best girl
That's about all I remember


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That look on her face incites something in me.

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Five years later and we still have no full version of Tomatsu singing that song.


Okouchi is necessary for fun

R3 is when anyway?

The shitposting, and that guy on /m/ who kept trying to ruin the threads on Sup Forums for some reason


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ERU-ERUFU, while being tied up, flicking a screw towards the ceiling light to break it, then proceeding to kill his captives.

Possibly at the end of this year, the final recap/retcon film comes out May 26th, so I could definitely see R3 in the fall.

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The dorsia kids ruined season 2.

>Shows humanity to be completely incapable of accepting anyone different from them
>Shuns their space vampire protectors
>Anime ends with, "man isn't humanity great?"

How could I ever forget the first true 10/10 anime?

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that it's the best mecha of 2010s

I actually forgot what happened apart from consensual rape

Anons were saying its a trainwreck when in fact it was amazing. I still don't get it.

Don't feel bad Sup Forumsnon. I stopped watching it around ep 14. I kept downloading it to. I have yet to finish it.

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Haruto was such a garbage MC.

He was so great.

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Eru-erufu is besuto efuru.

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No one on Sup Forums have ever watched Fafner.

you're right, I'm going back to /m/.

>tfw there aren't enough L-Elf/Haruto doujins
Why even fucking live? Are body switching space vampires not hot enough for fujos?


Not a ton of people on /m/ have watched it either.

>implying /m/anlets watch anything but gundumb

if I make a fafner thread on /m/, at least it will get replies.

I remember the brain damage.

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Why is angela so great?


Knocking up a girl is to fujos what a bf is to idolfags.

I barely remember anything to be honest and it hasn't even been a full year ago that I watched the entire series.

But L-Elf and Haruto literally had a son together. Maybe.

That Audrey was best girl

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Yeah. It was yet another mecha that I hoped would be good but wasn't.

Where's the season 2 edition?

You are wrong, he didn't knock up a girl. The child isn't Saki's.
Haruto left L-Elf as a single dad. Greatest love story ever told.

>at least it will get replies.
You can probably get them here, too.

Think it was confirmed in light novel or something that it was Shoko and L-Elf's kid

He failed to deliver with Kabaneri though.

>Shoko and L-Elf's kid
>light novel
Good so it's not canon then.

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But Mikimoto delivered instead.

I choose to believe Shoko was killed by a stray laserbeam after she tried to sellout the squad.

Lmao the denial.

Love Live characters in a crowd scene. We used to see little touches like this a lot in older mecha series like the original Macross, but not as much now.

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Actually Shoko died in episode 1. It's so sad a pure girl who did nothing wrong had to be killed by space Germans in the very first episode.

>later they all died

The writer said I could believe whatever I wanted in regards to who the kid belonged to. I believe it was a product of Haruto and L-Elf because space vampire magic.

I remember when Shoko betrayed Haruto but ended up piloting his robot at the end. Made me seethe pretty hard.

Haruto and El Elfu as characters in an arcade game. Good ol' Sunrise always delivers.

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Speaking of Fall 2013, just about EVERYTHING in Gundam Build Fighters, including Zaku burger man.