How can we fix this series?

How can we fix this series?

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Remove Madoka or Homora

Delete homura

Still can't believe they made Homura evil, wtf were they thinking

Explicit Kyouko sex.

More pantsu shots

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you can't, it ended 7 years ago, get over it. kys and stop flooding the board with these useless threads, faggot

make the girls a little older so i don't feel weird about being attracted to them

We have to go wider.

Nothing, it's closest to perfection an anime has ever been.

Give it an actual ending then it Will be perfect

Introduce a magical trap character

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Do the sequel with Taiwanese glove puppets.

New season

Give it a real ending that isn't a cliffhanger.

More SHAFTism

work and release the CGDCT they promise years ago.

Make a second season without that magical nonsense and just have cute gay girls doing cute gay things.

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back to /vg/ with you.

Pretend the movie never happened

It's literally perfect. Some QUALITY aside but even that got fixed in the movies.

Rebellion is fantastic you fucking pleb.

That's called 'Hidamari Sketch'

Release statement that Rebellion was a mistake and that it is not canon.

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Hidamari sketch isn't about Sae and Hiro.

You can't fix perfection.

>people unironically think Madoka is perfect or near perfect

A new season/movie with an actual conclusive ending.

stop making fucking sequels

>people implying that rebellion was bad

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That faggot needs to stop milking this pretentious piece of shit and just draw more hidamari sketch already

There is literally nothing wrong w having daughterus

>hidamari sketch
Shit had like 5 seasons worth of anime what do you want?

Don't feel bad. It's not like they're lolis.
And you're only allowed to lewd a meguca is if she is your waifu.


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I think Madoka is pretty good anime that deserves a satisfying ending.

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Are the movies worth watching?

First two are recaps with redone animation, voice acting, and some cut scenes and added scenes. I think it's an inferior experience to the series but the redone animation/voice acting is good to experience at least once.
Third one is a sequel. Watch it.

Yeah they're polished and of course the sequel Rebellion

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I thought aoki ume already started on a brand new manga series?

Make a 26 episode remake. Kyouko's character arc was complete nonsense because of how rushed it was, and Sayaka's arc just felt like forced drama with her leaping at the opportunity to make the dumbest possible decisions over and over. The tragedy would have been a lot more impactful if it had been more of a slow burn.

>More than doubling the amount of episodes
That's a terrible idea. I have no fucking clue how they would possibly be able to use that much time without pointless filler. The pacing was one of the show's strongest points, it moved the plot along and developed the characters constantly. 26 episodes would bring it to a crawl.
The absolute most you need to flesh out Kyouko is one episode, but even now you know just enough about her for her to make sense.
I disagree with you about Sayaka.

Urobutcher can't into 2 cour without shit falling apart. The pacing was awfully rushed though.

>The pacing was one of the show's strongest points
Is this a joke? It was way too fast paced. It was like they designed it for ADHD retards who hate moments of downtime and reflection.

By downtime, I assume you mean filler? Maybe of the SoL variety?

Beach episode!

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Brutally murder Homura in the next movie.

>It was like they designed it for ADHD retards who hate moments of downtime and reflection.
And there was plenty of downtime and reflection. For example, a lot of episode 4 was about Madoka mourning Mami's death. You don't need multiple episodes or entire arcs to recover from something dramatic happening.

Childcare episode!

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That is NOT how you parent.

What the heck Madoka that's not how it works at all

No, that isn't correct.

Madoka teaches potty training!

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Madoka would never say this! Besides I'd rather have a baking episode or something.

>And there was plenty of downtime and reflection.
No, that isn't correct. It doesn't even make any fucking sense why Homaru is in love with Madoka because you literally never see the two interact beyond edgy melodrama. You just have to sort of convince yourself that it's a meaningful relationship because the show tells you it is.

More importantly, how do we fix (You) OP?

>moments without dialogue or grimdark melodrama are SoL
It takes a retard to think things like this.

They're like 14, what's so weird about it?

Delete Rebellion

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Oh, I get it. You're just retarded.

Madoka is so great precisely because it doesn't need fixing, at least the original 12 episodes anime. It's up there with FMA Brotherhood in what I like to call "Flawless anime". By that I don't mean they are the greatest anime, nope, the greatest anime are usually less solid since they are taking more risks and won't be of the liking of everyone. For example HxH is very divisive but for the people who like it the Chimera Ant is our bible, or Berserk with all the rape and possible storylines that we won't see.

Not with Madoka and FMA:B. They tell a very SIMPLE story, but it's knit-tight. No episode of Madoka felt like a waste, they gave enough to introduce characters and their ideals while building up to a mystery and drop it halfway on our heads in a very efficient way. At no point can you pinpoint a "flaw" in the writing. If you liked or not the premise and characters that's another story, but the writers didn't drop the ball.

>Oh, I get it.
No, that isn't correct.

They aren't lolis so it's OK user. I mean, Meduka's basically a goddess after all.

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>the writers didn't drop the ball.
The characters were cardboardish and flat. Their actions, motivations, and development felt forced as fuck.

Madoka was decent, but I feel like the people who hail it as a top tier anime are on the spectrum.

When is Madoka: Redemption coming out?

im sure if it was sexual Sup Forums would love it

Are people still mad at Homura? It’s literally not her fault since she was strung out out witch fumes.

Madoka's characters are some of the most dynamic and well-written in the medium. People bash them all the time for being plot devices, but they're actually some of the show's strongest points.

Make Mami real and become my sexslave
There, fixed the series

>The characters were cardboardish and flat.
This is how I know you don't know what you're talking about.

That's not what happened, silly user.

I want a MagiReco anime.

Killing it with fire

Fix what? It's literally the best anime ever made.

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>Madoka's characters are some of the most dynamic and well-written in the medium.

No you don't

There were characters in that show?

Reminder that !Akemi is ban evading and you should be reporting him, because he's not just ban evading, he's trying to shit up threads, attack people, and intentionally trying to make the fan base get less few content.

Unironically this. They captured people's hearts and imaginations.

Took you long enough, this time.

Fuck off, !Akemi.
I like how you never even try to deny that you're full on attempting to shit up threads.

>They captured people's hearts and imaginations.
They were all in literally one of two moods for the entire show lmao.

Release a remix of the caakii song as a single in the usa music record market.
Play it 24/7 on the radio.
Use the profits to finance season 2.

>contrarian reaching this hard

>How can you fix perfection
If you add or remove anything, the whole will be lesser for it.

I think this scene can be removed and the whole will be better for it.

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No, that isn't correct.

Make Kyubey win. He deserves to conquer the LoC after all he went through, it doesnt help that he is the only one with a truly selfless motive.

I wonder who could be behind this post

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Erase Rebellion from existence.

>How can we fix Mona Lisa?

More shoujo-ai.

>Madoka is a child that is told to not mess with the unlabeled chemicals, so she messes with the nature of reality instead.
Say again, how this is unnecessary?
This scene both emphasizes the position of Madoka's mother as a figure of respect for Madoka and shows how young Madoka is, and it is the referenced later when Madoka recognizes that the people are trying to commit suicide by using household chemicals.
Also, it's a metaphor for messing with things you don't understand, which comes into play way later in the series.
This scene is far from pointless.

I guess it was pointless enough for Shaft to cut it from the movie.

The only real answer

Well, they had to cut something.

Give it to someone that isn't Urohack.

>it is the referenced later when Madoka recognizes that the people are trying to commit suicide by using household chemicals
It was actually during that scene. It was a flashback right before Hitomi punched Madoka to stop her from intervening.
It's important to show how important and influential Junko was to Madoka, I agree, but it was an extremely jarring cut-in that made me laugh out loud on a rewatch.

Go back to watching Mari Okada's forced melodramas.

That didn't work out very well for the spinoffs