"And that's how i saved the multiverse, made some new friends and made my dreams come true within a day

>"And that's how i saved the multiverse, made some new friends and made my dreams come true within a day.
>What have you done with your life recently?"

Is he the most alpha character Dragon Ball has ever had?

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Starting from today, I'm taking inspiration from 17. Time to change my life for the better.

>the most shallow character wins
typical, but at least it wasn't Goku over and over again. I guess there's not much to complain about.


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>Teamwork = an heroing with the enemy while asking the weakling to stay behind and get the win

He just wanted a boat


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Based 17 saved super from being abhorrent to being watchable.

are we toei posting?
>to achieve ultimate strength you must complete stop thinking and be borderline retarded, also training is irrelevant

Is he gonna fish from a cruise ship?

>"Now excuse me while i go fuck my wife in our new private suite with my infinite stamina"


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We need a video edit with those faces c'mon.

what i'm curious to know is if that entire ship is his, or did bulma just send him on a cruise.

Is it really so hard to put dragonball in the subject so i can filter it properly?

>Hides under a rock
>Saves all universes and gets a boat

Seems a bit silly to give a man a cruise ship when he wanted a fishing boat. I guess Bulma just sent him on a cruise.

I rather not suck an animu director dick for it

I liked DBS 17 better than GT 17.

GT 17 was garbage while 17 in Super was the best character by far.

good point, but this is bulma and I could see her throwing cash at him after finding out he saved the entire universe.

>I liked DBS 17 better than GT 17.
Not that hard since GT 17 was raped and turned into a non character.

To think that just a few hours ago, he needed to be convinced to participate because he didn't care about the potential destruction of the universe enough to skip work for an hour.

Bulma/Capsule Corp owns the cruise ship.


Yes I know, but we're wondering if she actually gifted him a whole cruise ship when he wanted a fishing boat or just gave him a free ticket for a cruise.

ah, well that clears it up. thank you, user.

Nigga, they probably have cruise ships in Capsule storage and they just gave 17 one

What's next for our savior?

But he just wanted a fishing boat ;-;

>proceeds to go bankrupt because he couldn't pay for the entire crew

And whats stopping him from fishing from a cruise?

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>I just saved the multiverse and saw a bunch of people get wiped from existence, not to mention a galactic emperor team up with the last survivor of a race he genocided. so yeah, I guess my day job and family responsibilities are manageable

Casually saved the multiverse, gained the respect of the angels and god of literal everything, and even gained some perspective. what a guy

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Fuel cost

Isn't Goku's track record in tournaments pretty bad?

Was this the most wholesome episode in the entire DB series ? I feel like it was

He's never finished worse than second.

Third if you count the Cell Games.

Park the thing somewhere, throw a long ass line and chill.

Has only won 1 tournament and that was back in DB against Piccoro

But only one victory

Best Friends Forever

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Better than Ash Ketchum.

>Turns his killer instinct towards protecting the environment
>Has a family he cares about deeply

>Super generals getting deleted
It's truly over.

Wonder how Anti-17fags and Toyofags will damage control next when 17 wins the ToP in the manga too. They won't be able to say 'muuhh Toei wank' anymore.

It's Bulma's cruiser, either the original one or another from the same line.

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Why you gotta go there though?

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Needs more crew to properly operate.

They probably have tons of those around

It literally is one Toei producer wanking 17 though. Like there's proof of that.

It was glorious while it lasted, I'll miss being both an android- and lizardfag, and insulting anonymous jobhan supporters
Not to worry, we'll be back in power once movie and subsequent series comes out

>The reason they retconned the location of Bulma's party to a boat was so they could give it to 17.

>Toriyama already confirmed he wrote the order in which U7 members get knocked out, meaning Goku and Frieza double ko with Jiren is in the script and 17 being the last man is as well.
>Toyo has 17 and Frieza right next to Goku in his cover.
Yeah...get ready for 17 being MVP in the manga too. He's already being proactive in the manga as well, kicking U10's shitty ass.

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nice headcanon spicdroid

>Frieza is off conquering the universe, inadvertently keeping it safe for Earth from all manner of intergalactic baddies that haven't been unearthed
>17 is taking care of his island and family
>Goku is chilling as per usual
Best boys

I haven't watched Dragon Ball in years but I remember 17. He has a family? Do we ever get to see them?

Because Nintendo will never allow him to win anything because it means the conclusion of the series as a whole.

If they had the balls they could at least have Ash win something substantial as proof of his growth but nope.

Meanwhile Dragon Ball is like "here is this character everyone forgot about over twenty years ago, he just wants a boat but he's going to save the entire multiverse and become the biggest hero in the history of the franchise because fuck you" and it was entertaining as hell.

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>How much of the story was written out in Toriyama-sensei‘s original draft?

>Nakamura: The course of events for the Universe 7 warriors was written out in a document from beginning to end. For instance, who Piccolo fights and loses to, and who ultimately survives. Plus the course of the battle between Universe 7 and Universe 11 all of the main points were written out.
Cry more, retard.

Frieza has an army of cannon fodder ready for when Yamoshi or whoever the villain in the movie attacks.

Toriyama has stated several times 17 is powerful since the start. He was just the first Android absorbed by Cell.

Hell 17 even says in his arrogance in the manga originally that he's the most powerful Android and nobody took it seriously until now because he didn't have much of a role in the grander scheme of things, but the detail was there from the start.

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Is it really Nintendo doing that though? Because the games and manga have a new main character for every region.

1. Yes, a wife and child
2. No



Spinoff Slice-of-Life starring these 3 when? Answer me, Toei!

OP should kill himself slowly

They should show it.



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Toriyama was too lazy to design them.

>literally proves nothing
>no arguments
Wow, it's fucking nothing.

>t-the new villain is Yamoshi!
Stop with this dumbass spic-canon, you're becoming as bad as the Brolytards

>male Android stronger than female
As it should be.

GODtaro will in the manga.

You're either fucking retarded or in denial, probably both.

>posts a Kanzenshuu link
Kill yourself.

But he only won because Goku had him stay back since 17 was the one worst off while he and Freeza went for a joint kamikaze attack.

Herms posted it, deal with it. It's real, no matter how butthurt you are,you retard. 17 will win the manga ToP as well. Krillin and Tien getting eliminated first and second like in the anime is already proof as well.

>m-muh Herms
That's right, hero-worship your e-celeb cuckmaster who consistently fucks up translations and pretend it's word of god, you cock-gargling faggot fanboy.

>"That’s why it’s not like the original stories that Toei Animation would make back with Dragon Ball Z. Instead, it’s a question of how Toei Animation will depict the original draft which Toriyama-sensei came up with"
>both stories are interpretations of the skeleton scripts
Manga and anime both confirmed to be canon.

Was surprised we never saw his wife, I was anticipating the joke that it's just a genderbent Krillin.

Android 17 is what Nietzsche meant with Übermensch

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Probably the second. He just wanted to take a vacation with his family, not own and operate a multi-billion dollar cruise ship.

The animation director being a 17 fanboy that you brought up was translated by the same sources that you're criticizing though

Bringing SS back along with frieza was a top tier idea and brings back great nostalgia


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The episode is what, barely few hours old and there's already fanart??

Did Vegeta just randomly forget how to use his advanced SSB form at the end?


that image was up last night buddy

>#17 protecting the environment meme
He's got a fucking huge boat - what do you think it runs on? Love? He's destroying the environment with that oil guzzling, pollution spewing yacht

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It runs on capsule magic, totally environmentally friendly.

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They wanted to portray Goku and Vegeta as equals in the same form. SSBE is Vegeta's equivalent (in strength) to Goku's SSBKK. They probably ended up using both as the fight went on, (offscreen).

It should've been Krillin

Shut up manlet 18spic

>they resurrected Frieza

That's it. I'm fucking done with Dragon Ball Super. What a piece of trash it is.

I know right?
It should have been Cell

>whining that they did exactly what they promised to do to even get Frieza on the team
>being done after the final episode

Frieza basically does Beerus' job for free

>I'm fucking done with Dragon Ball Super
>on the last episode

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Ignore this fag, he's been mad for threads now, it's embarrassing.