TV anime adaptation of Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu announced

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Finally. Hope it's not a complete slideshow like Colors.

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Bocchi will be voiced by Chisaki Morishita

What I found out about the voice actress
Cast in:
Mitsuboshi Colors (TV) as Couple woman (ep 3)
Literally her only role.

Maybe good things do happen sometimes after all.

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woah, it's real


Will it be Silver Link again?

I hope they keep her sexy



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I hoped she would get Ogura Yui. At least my cute Bocchi made it.

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>Hitoribocchi no seiseikatsu

Nice. I hope they're all newbies.


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I'd be more surprised if they DIDNT make a bocchi anime after colors tbqh

Best fucking new of the year.

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Time for sexual bullying

>Bocchi finally getting her own anime

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Which studio. Hope it's Dogakobo with newbie seiyuu.


What is this even about?

I was about to say it looks like Dogakobo, they also did Gabriel Dropout and that was from the same magazine as Hitori


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>Dogakobo with a new seiyuu adapting a 4-koma
Holy shit user don't give me dreams. That's like the perfect combo.
All bets on dogakobo.


It's about a girl named Hitori Bocchi she is hitoribocchi.

Based Silver Link would make a great job like they did with colors.

It's Dogakobo for sure, just look at the bouncing hair from the PV.

One girl trying to get 100 girlfriends.

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It already looks better than all of Silver Link's work on colors. Doga Kobo saves the day.

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Dogakobo will not make good anime anymore. It will be Silver Link.

Bocchi is poop

You Sup Forums faggots used to love that kind of thing 5 years ago, what happened?

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The PV has dogakobo written all over it. It looks like something from them. Silver Link can't make something that looks this good.

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Go read it yourself and find out.
It's cute.

Bocchi isn't autistic and ugly enough for Sup Forumsfags to relate.

>tfw shuaby didn't get to read this masterpiece

I swear he wouldn't an hero'd

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I checked it again. Seem likes Dogakobo with their white line in the hair style

>feeling sad about Colors ending
>this is announced immediately after
This is truly the best timeline

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The PV literally says its a bocchi comedy what more do you need

I want a chapter that breaks the 4th wall where Bocchi is stressed as fuck about the anime.

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Dogakobo stopped making stuff that looks that good after all their good animators left. It's not SL but it's definitely that empty shell of a studio as well.

It's kyoani

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I want to call Bocchi cute multiple times!


I need my my Bocchis here is an Aru.

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Not everyone is a faggot like you.

>unrealistic watamote
I can't wait for the shitposting.


>get to see all of them in swimsuits

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Aru best girl

Good, now I won't have to kill myself.

Nako best girl

>we might be able to read the first bocchi doujins by the end of the year
Just when I thought 2018 couldn't get any better.

More like loser

Patrician taste my afrika brotha

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Perfect husbando for Bocchi.

Bocchi belongs in the baka bin.

>new fags

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>Colors AND Bocchi
Thank you god

>Colors are over
>Immediately get a Bocchi announcement
Too good to be true.

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I hope we get to see the best chapter

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Is this Mitsuboshi Colors S2?


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no, same author

Bochi anime, YuruYuri spies anime, Black Fox anime, pony girls anime, yuri TLR anime, some good girls anime in summer season, another Symphogear...
Time to live through another great year.
When there will be no single anime to watch during a season I will know it will be the end, but not today.

Check the calendar. It just turned April 1st in Japan.

No, it’s better.

Bocchi is Kotaha in middle school

I'm more interested in who the director/screenwriter is going to be. Colors might have been low budget but it was still a fantastic adaptation.

Nexus? Though it's probably some brand new no-name studio, there's plenty of those around.

Should I watch colors before this?

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I'm glad but I would've liked a Komi-san anime better


well you can watch colors today, so go do that. In fact read the manga.

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>Bocchi ends
>Colors S2 announced
>Colors ends
>Bocchi S2 announced


>mfw it does

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Bocchi is more like Yui

Kotoha isn't a fucking loser. Bocchi is a loser.

I hope it won't be done by leftovers from studio which did Marchen madchen.

get out Kotoha

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>you will never be Nako and be Bocchi's number one and be able to cuddle when you want to
why even live

I want to make Bocchi my sex friend

Imagine Kotoha growing older and realizing Sacchan and Yui were her only friends. Doesn't know how to socialize because she spent her early childhood playing her DS and loses confidence without red and yellow. She then transfers to a new school and is forced to make new friends.