Freeza redeemed


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BASED lizard

So no real villains in DB now? We Busou Renkin now

Did you take that screenshot on a ps4 or what

>he got away with it
with what? he was killed three times and punished for his crimes.

He’s still a villain, watch the episode


Goku's just going to pound his femme ass if he starts some shit.

Those slipping hands, amirite?

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>tfw you're so strong that you can negotiate for your release after murdering entire species and planets and most of the friends and family of the people who put you into your prison in the first place
What a fucking chad

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He killed trillions to save Centillions

We /hailtheemperor/ now

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>Frieza, we need your help to save Universe 7! Wont you lend us your strength?
>Sure, but only if you resurrect me
>Are you going to be evil after we rez you? Are you going to try to take over the universe again
>Of fucking course I am
>......Okay, deal

>Frieza, you're trying to betray your own universe?
>But then it'll be destroyed, dont you have anyone you love?

I didnt expect them to bring Frieza back, and I didn't expect him to be such a fucking ride throughout the series, I thought they'd make him a good guy and have him take a driver's license test or some shit.

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jirens family killer is somewhere in the multiverse along with el hermano

I legit thought they were gonna reveal it was Frieza, somehow.
Then I remembered they were in different universes but it seemed like they were setting it up

I was going for Belmod, especially being their universe's GoD

Jiren's family killer is Jaco. He's really powerful except he can only take over the bodies of weak beings.

Freeza would legit be a better driver than Piccolo or Goku, he's always piloting that flying chair

It was El Hermano.

Jiren trusts no one because his brother killed his family and his friends abandoned him.

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I don't think he's redeemed and I hope he never gets redeemed. The T.O.P. was more of "forcing" Freiza to work with the team for the sake of survival.

However, considering how many empty planets there are in U7, he's probably up to evil real estate things.

After how fucking shit he was in Z filler, GT And RoF I’m glad he actually clutch it out vs Jiren

Him sacrificing alone against JIREN would’ve been fucking perfect

>posting beaner shit

Yeah, after the disappointment that was RoF, I'm really happy Toriyama didn't abandon Freeza to the cuckoon.


Yeah the guy calling himself the emperor of the universe surrounded by all that ominous dark purple really looks like he's about to start handing out puppies to orphans

Kishi did this with Oro so it's nothing new

-Know that the highest God in the Universe values Virtue and selflessness
-Know that Hell actually exists and that he got sent there... twice
-Knowing this he still dosen't change his ways...

And they think that he "got away with it" or that there won't be a reckoning.

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outsmarting the GoDs arc when


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That's the joke, he was being ironic

Oro is hardly a "main villain" even pre Shippuden. His only intention is to destroy konoha and get a suitable body for his immortality plan so when he got both of them he's usually keeps to himself.


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Based lord furiza


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>That pic

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we need to update our list of villains who got away with everything

That's about as likely as Gohan becoming relevant again.

> How to recognize evil people 101:

With Oro they concluded it was pretty much impossible to kill him for good, he's like a roach

Cell was a great villain but it would be lame to have literally every villain in the series end up as comic relief or a antihero/rival

Leave him be

Give me a quick rundown on this guy

>eliminated the most Saiyans
Monkeyfags on suicide watch

Cell will be brought back as a poacher in the upcoming Animal Island Arc, wherein 17 will promptly oneshot him.

>implying the spics haven't been right about literally everything

>Cell absorbs Gohan
>is saved by android 17 this time

I fucking hate it. He just sat back and did nothing the whole tournament.

He's tied for Goku since Kefla counts as two.

>At the end of the arc and after being humiliated, Cell resolves to give up his evil ways and become a scholar alongside Gohan.

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freeza is now my favourite dragonball character


>Cell with a mortarboard atop his head fin things

Do you think she makes her bf dress up like frieza when they fuck?

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Reminder all of frieza's murders were retconned in namek saga and saiyans were resurrected

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no because toriyama is senile and it was an oversight

>Saiyans all return to life
>Immediately die again in the cold vacuum of space because Planet Vegeta wasn't restored

They already established there would be a time limit for about 1 year to a mass revival.

>doesnt know the most infamous villain in anime


>highest God in the Universe values Virtue and selflessness
>Erased 6 universes for no reason when he was in a bad mood
>Still hasn't restored them to this day
>Suddenly he would have been pissed if the winner didn't resurrect the people he murdered

Do you actually get away with it if you've been literally sent to hell?

Think of it as Old Testament God.

Even the Greek Gods are less hypocritical assholes than Zeno.

wud you?

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No, but I would a female of his race. They probably don't have sexes, though.

I would, yes

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We had Zamasu. One of the best villains in the DBverse.

>Whis used his angel powers to resurrect Frieza
>Whis did not use his angel powers to resurrect Frieza but as a cute girl
I can't really complain because there's no reason to do that and it may not even be possible, but it could have been nice. And yeah I guess I might.

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Freeza lookin good here, damnb

>looks like some sort of "Alien Child"
>Silence Mortals, that's no Child; that's THE Omni-king....

If you scratch underneath the surface, DB is a show with genius level subtexts.

>Notices that the last episode airs the day before Passover.

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He literally said he's going back to what he always did, he came back to the freeza army to steal and sell planets

He will probably avoid earth and will never face Goku again though, he finally learned that he's not invencible and can't simply defeat anyone directly

Well, the new movie is suppose to be centered around Frieze and the Sayans; so it will be interesting to see if the events in Super will, in any way, change Frieza's philosophy..... or if Zamas was right, and that some mortals are simply so evil that they're beyond redemption....

Or if Gowasu was right and that sometimes an enlightened individual might be "evil" for the purpose of secretly, or ignorantly in the case of the unenlightened, working for the greater good.

>It's very interesting looking at DBS in the light of these conversations; espically when you consider that Goku and Vegeta both had to literally confront the "black" versions of themselves... and that Frieza and Universe 7 were saved by the power of "Trust"... when Frieza himself betrayed the trust of Frost, and previously lived under the philosophy of "it is better to be feared than loved" and that loyalty/submission could only be achieved through fear.

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He wasn't redeemed.

17 and Fieza ruined everything