He hasn't watched Sora no Woto

>he hasn't watched Sora no Woto

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But what if I have?

But I watch it every year.



I have seen it and I don't remember anything about it except the tomato fight episode and that one girl had a tank or something.

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The ending was shit.

>dude let's just stop fighting because someone blew a trumpet lmao

Took me half episode dropping that shit


>IRC meme anime
You have to go back

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Next stream when?

9 months

That's far too long. I missed the last one. I can't go two whole years without a SnW stream.
I'll probably kill myself before the next one. Sorry for blog.


I've watched it and actually been to Cuenca. Didn't see any SnW references on the bridge which surprised me.


>>he hasn't watched Sora no Woto
Oh but I have

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We're never getting that other figure...

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Should have looked harder.

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I just started today actually! I'm trying to pace myself on watching good shows because I don't want to run out.

I watch it every winter.

S2 When? ;_;

Any Cuenca advice?

Play the PSP game.

Already did my nigga.

The hanging houses are actually a fairly decent distance from the train station (that's how I was getting around Spain) and Cuenca as a city is actually a pretty decent size with the old town part being up the hill. With that if you're not a complete fucking NEET there's a university nearby, I got lucky and a couple of girls showed me around because they made fun of me for eating at like 6pm. I guess spainards have specific eating schedules or some shit.

The restaurants at the square and by the cathedral are tourist traps, head a little bit up the road and there's better ones as well as bars, plus there's more ruins and stuff to see up that way anyway.

There aren't any hostels or anything so budgeting lodging is a bit hard, I stayed at Posada de San Jose which is a hotel converted from the old church's monks quarters, depending on your room you can get some beautiful views over the bridge.

I don't watch kusoani

S2/movie never.

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>budget lodging
Out the window user

Yes Europeans eat later. Uni girls sounds like a farfetched but awesome plan. Thanks for the bar advice.

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>but awesome plan
Get out with this 3DPD shit.

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Well that's fucking farfetched. If you're going to blogshit at least do it right.