Did she had any redeeming qualities?

Did she had any redeeming qualities?

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Pretty sure you just posted both of them, OP.

I can think of 2 big ones

Countless hours of masturbation with her doujins

Big tats
Could heal people
Wasn't completly useless

>we only ever got one Dark Orihime fanart, and that was a DeviantArt thing
Would've been nice...


Did she have any flaws?

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//*( ・ω・)*//
no but she's cute

Only one: not nearly enough screentime.

Healed a bunch of characters throughout the series, especially Ichigo. Used her abilities beyond shielding and healing in neat little ways like as transportation, and having one of them follow Kazui around.

Her powers are broken
Big tits
100% human

Well, if she break a dish, with her powers can easily fix it, that's kinda neat.

>//*( ・ω・)*//
Fucking kill yourself

>not calling her oralhime

Nice girl
Big tits

Back to dumblr or deathberry ichirukicuck.

Perfect Child bearing body.

Anyone has any of the gif versions Sup Forums made of this cover?

Never forget best girl

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She won the Ichibowl.


So, she’s a human version of Crazy Diamond... Interesting.

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Wtf even is that pose? It looks so fucking ridiculous like she’s pretending to punch her own face.

>he likes the smell of jizz

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The series would have been better without her.

Not really.

God bless.

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3 if you count the space between

I just want the damn gif.

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>super cute
>genuinely nice
>fun and outgoing personality
>perfect big tits
>great ass & hips
>has hax powers with all kinds of every day applications
>she's a natural redhead, literlly the hottest and most exotic hair color for a girl
What's there not to like?

Those novels made me like her more

Most of her hate is because of shipping.


When I first saw that dress i thought the shit in the middle was a white shirt. Bro this girl is a whore....i love it


That and her ICHIGO-KUN!

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If you have to ask then i'm sorry for your homsexuality.

She's basically Hinata.

No, she isn't. I like both girls, but Hinata was super shy while Orihime was always outgoing. Plus Orihime was much closer to Ichigo than Hinata was to Naruto.

No fucking sword!

I'm still having trouble imagining Ichigo having sex.

Really? While Kubo didn't give us a ton of scenes, we still got a handful that proved Ichigo was aware of the opposite sex. It's pretty much canon that the guy is into big tits since he only ever lost his cool three times, naked Yoruichi/Rangiku in the schoolgirl outfit/Orihime final arc outfit. They were probably both shy and nervous the first time though, blushing like crazy.

Her boobs

Being better than rukia


You forget about his Oedipus complex.

I'm just kidding.


Now the Giselle one pretty please.

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Nice hair and titties