Imagine you're an anime villain. How would you win against the power of friendship?

Imagine you're an anime villain. How would you win against the power of friendship?

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I would quit being a villain and have sex with Himawari.

Orbital missiles.

Get some friends

Get friends who are also villains

sow discord between the protagonists friends, make them think the MC fucked their wives or something.

Turn friends against each other.

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That happens sometimes and never works.

You realise it's hopeless in a straight up fight and try to make a new main character.

Tactical nuke. Or a dozen.

Take advantage of the power of friendship myself. Mandatory group hugs and fugs among the Legions of Terror. Weekly drinking/anime get-togethers with the Inner Circle. That kind of thing.

These bros get it.

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But once they have their confrontation/overcoming arc they will become even more powerful. You would be sealing your own fate

Don't try to fight them, find workarounds. Also, Basically Anshin'in-san

Except groups of villains stand just as much chance against friends as a single villain.
You need one decisive strike capable of leveling a continent, and do so without monologuing about your plans/ideals

Make friends with the MC and lead him down the path of chaos, the rest shall follow. Like moths towards a flame.

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Villainy is relative. From my point of view, hero is the bad guy. So if I abuse the power of friendship, it'll be no worse than them.

>Imagine you're an anime villain
>But muh ambiguity
Real fun guy

But your opposition are plucky and cute!

Be a villain with time powers and age them all into adulthood. That's the easiest way to destroy a friendship.

I'd invest millions in the creation of the perfect male idol that would show interest in all girls of the group.
If there are any males in the group the spirit of friendship would be broken by jealousy.

I would get defeated and turned good guy.

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My dick powers>>>>>friendship.

Grow dozens of extendible tentacles, try to change the genre to hentai. Then maybe I can win

I wouldn't.

My plan all along was to create the circumstances that would give rise to a group of heroes who would band together for the common good and defeat me. Even though they will strike me down, through the anger that motivates them, the trauma that will strengthened them, and their close bonds formed in among the strife I've set upon them, I will forever be a part of them.

They shall become the heroes I could never be, those who could endure all the darkness of an uncaring world and rise above it, rather than crumble and forever be corrupted by it.

I would use the power of cock.

>Make good friends myself, making sure we've bonded over our shared ideology
>Actually fuck it let's just use straight up cult tactics so I have even stronger "friendships" than the heroes

Fight fire with fire.

With the power of striking fast and hard, instead of sending progressively stronger minions for them to level up against.

That's a Clash of Titans level battle there bruh. Niggas is gonna get hurt.

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Shoot them at the end of an episode with a single bullet.

with my dick

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