Is this the most pretentious scene in all of Anime?

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they ran out of budget so they just put a 2 minute still shot so brainlets could defend it as deep two decades later

Is this the most pretentious post in all of Sup Forums?

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>not posting the .gif version

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Honestly, the hand shots were more cringe worthy.

I don't think you know what pretentious means

then explain it to me oh wise user

Evangelion really just shot itself in the foot with using religious imagery for the aesthetic, causing retards to completely ignore the hopeful message and instead focus on that stuff instead despite the staff openly saying that it was only used because it looked cool.

they did three noticeable budget cuts
Good: Elevator
Okay: Sex Scene
Dogshit: Killing Gays

>killing gays
I don't remember them ever killing Shinji unfortunately

You don't even know what that word means.
Upto this point we've been with shinji. Everyone around him abuses him, uses him or takes advantage of him, even Misato. Kaworu is the only person who made him feel "good". Now he learns that he is a danger upon mankind and he's one of the few people who can kill him.
With that mindset.
What's great about this scene is the length, what it's not showing you, and the consequences behind it.
The length and what it's not showing is shinji thinking about what to do. He must have been losing his mind.
The consequences are that he either saves humanity but he loses the one thing in this world that gave him some form of happiness.
Or humanity will be lost for some quick transient feeling.

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that's only with retarded westerners and not with the nips

That is literally the epitome of the symbolism within the series.

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I unironically enjoyed the shit out of this still shot. And then his death is even off-screen after all this tension. It was just perfect. Why is eva so fucking good?


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Sorry for your small brain

Completly agreed. Guess we're both 2smart to like NGE.

Nah. It's a good scene. There are quite a few others like it in the show, though.

Underrated image

What's pretentious about a Tom and Jerry reference?

A lot of the Jewish Kabbalah symbolism very clearly meant something with the whole instrumentality / recombining of humanity into a single consciousness.

Or it could be there because Japs like other things and usually add them in because it's cool.

I'm sorry if it triggered your ADHD, shitstain

What a pretentious way of spelling budget.

Fucking retard

Was Kaworu Shinji's 5th or 6th kill (not counting Berserker kills which go to Yui)? I like to think that Gaghiel doesn't count since he was in Unit 2 with Asuka and in the Manga she took care of him by herself. That way Kaworu is his 5th kill making him the only actual Ace pilot.

The whole "we added it because it was cool" line was only in reference to the cross explosions.

if one doesn't see the connection between the theme of individuality, the me, the self and the "it", and religion (also a form of being one, as you give yourself up for something greater), then I don't know what to say...

I feel it's all just loose connections rather than very deep ones.
>"We have religious stuff... what do we add?"
>"I dunno. Cross explosions seems pretty cool. fits the theme."

but it was pretty cool and did absolutely fit the theme. What's your problem again?

Huh? There is no problem. You're absolutely right. I'm just saying there's nothing particularly deep to explore about it.

I'm sure Ergo Proxy has got one that comes close.

Something trying to be deep with low effort or substance.

The OP shot doesn't really count because it was created out of circumstances of low budget, and was definitely done tongue-in-cheek. Gainax has a history of being massive trolls.

People also call the christian symbolism of Eva pretentious but it's literally only used for easy motifs - any sort of complexity is found within the character interactions and those are pretty straight-forward.

I haven't seen it yet, but this might make a run for title of "Most Pretentious Anime"

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Well you have several different ways people think of it.
I personally think it's a good watch with good animation and shot comp.
Good characters too.

>I haven’t seen it yet

I think I'll like it, I love Wes Anderson's stuff.
I was just trying some weak bait.

there will be a continuation of a stream from last night in about 4 hours, so you can watch it with us if you want.

Since when does Sup Forums hate Ergo Proxy?

I don't know if Sup Forums does but I don't much care for it.

Never really bothered to watch it. Though I've seen and heard some things of it.
All I can think of when I see it is Evanesence music.

It was pretty close to something really good but they failed to deliver almost every episode.
In the end I only enjoyed 3 or 4 episodes.

It's the literal definition of fake deep.
Just as bad as lain and yet Sup Forums eats that shit up.

I liked the boat episodes and the quiz show the most. Everything else was pretty pretentious.

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I wouldn't entirely call EVA deep either, but it's certainly abnormal.

I think of it as a good character drama with good art design and an abnormally interesting setting that also explores some mental stuff.
Though you have me interested though.
What's the 'fake deep' Ergo has?

Also is it only that because you don't like it or because it promised too much and didn't execute properly? This is important.

I want to say 5th.

Come on Lain is 100 times better than fucking Ergo Proxy

It feels more significant that way. Well it would if they mentioned anything about Aces in anyway in the show.


In real life a pilot becomes an ace pilot if they have 5 or more confirmed kills.

That's actually interesting. Huh.
I mean I guess in the world I don't know if their chain of command even applies to the kids.

They are employed under NERV since they have Access cards, right?
They're just Pilots, tho EVA pilots are abnormal.

>Wes Anderson
Maybe I'm just illiterate these days, but what?

He's a director.

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Was going to post this.
It's anything but pretentious. It's a great homage.

Jerry did nothing wrong.

Jerry is the cause of all the problems.
Hence why Karl gets squashed.

Daily reminder that Sadamoto did everything better and Anno is a hack fraud.

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>literal faggotry

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Too bad the Manga lived far passed EVA's relevance.

this desu


No that's not how it works, you're supposed to say it's pretentious and meaningless, homages don't exist, that's blatant plagiarism because Anno is a hack

He looks cool here.

Will begin in about an hour or two.

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so the jews want everyone to become ONE?
i thought magic space zombie was like "hey guys, come hang out with me up in my cool cloud palace!"

Is Gendo cool or is he a big fucking nerd

Literally ran out of budget. What's pretentious about that?

You tell me

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What doujin are these from?

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It's actually an official manga, the Shinji Ikari Raising Project

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Is Anno the John Coltrane of annie-may?

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Official as in sponsored?
If so, how old is this?

Google's your friend

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Thanks. Guess I've got something to read later.

What is this alternate reality Gendo?

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Gendo with no troubles and maybe some brain damage.

So basically Gendo would have been the best dad ever if Yui lived

I find it weird that it's never brought up what with Asuka wanting to be the best Eva pilot and becoming an Ace or better the first Ace would prove that.

Pretty much

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Why did Anno let this happen


It's an alternate, fan servicey universe, might as well have some fun with characters that otherwise have shitty depressing lifes

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This one is actually a doujin.
The person who makes those are fucking great though. Name is Tengu, I think.

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I will never not be entertained by Anno wanting to create a work that would reach the Otaku's and try to help them but ended up creating a franchise that has fueled Otaku culture for decades.

Oh, it ended?
Anyone win the Shinjibowl?

Anno was a fan of Tom an Jerry

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No, they are all still in the status quo

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I've searched for NGE Tengu and I've only found hentai

Tonight is episode 7-12 at pic related.
Please be excited for Asuka.
Will begin in 10 minutes.

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That's because it is hentai. It's Hentai/Comedy.

That is not the true gendo its Madao.

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We live. Lets get comfy, boys.

Gendo should be a big nerd.

Honestly; I don't see why people see evangelion for what it is:

It's a series with excellent art direction but not good with writing and coming off deep. At best; it only touches up on being and existence and everything else is common sense in terms of expecting things. The religious themes used to help make sense of the story helped and the series was honestly straight forward rather than being this double entendre deep meaning. And the fact they ran out of creative material and budget was pretty obvious as well. It was too cringey to the point I wished they admitted it instead of cover their ass up so much.

Even after seeing the movie; I like how it ends with Asuka's recurring gag of "how disgusting."

It wasn't too bad a series; but highly overrated. I'm better off watching Angel's Egg in contrast instead of Evangelion Death and Rebirth and End of. It's all the same thing done better and differently really.

I'll admit. It's funny seeing how Anno can't and doesn't know how to end it at all. But what was funny was how he conveniently and ingenuously wrote lots of characters out out of the blue as a means to help clear the drawing board and make it easier for him to conclude it instead of wasting so much time and effort on an epilogue. That's what's pretty funny.

can we finally admit that this entire show is the most pretentious piece of hot garbage in all of anime? Would've been fine as just a show about mechas and a boy with some daddy issues, but oh no. Had to go and make the whole thing look as though it's the second coming of christ


>50 years later and the gooks still can't compete

Sadamoto fucked up by taking the anime in a different direction, making good changes to the plot here and there that would have added up to a new and interesting ending, and then just defying all the plot and characterization changes and doing the final chapter of End of Evangelion exactly the same anyways because he painted himself into a corner. What a fucking disappointment.


Fuck, I meant to say the manga.

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