Who's the best Gundam pilot?

Who's the best Gundam pilot?

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you posted Her


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Technically Trowa Barton.

Best pilot & strongest newtype

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For me it’s Amuro.

came here to post this

>Best pilot

>strongest newtype

As if there is any doubt

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heero yuy. he fought the chink faggot using only a Leo.

I’ll tell ya, Sayla was the worst.

Best pilot is amuro
Strongest newtype the Jewdawg
Kamiyuu is a better pilot than Judau but has weaker newtype hax and vice versa with Amuro.

Setsuna, but only because he became an alien


I'm watching Zeta now for the first time and I agree that Kamille is better than Amuro

>MC doesn't care about the girl that actually wants him

is this how every gundam series is gonna be? Also why was Bright allowed to captain the Argama so easily? Wouldn't it make more sense to make Char captain? If they had at least showed some kind of conversation between him and the previous captain it'd be more believable, but they didn't even show what caused him to desert the Earth Federation (I'm assuming that's what happened because I thought that there were still factions of the Earth Federation that support/ally with the Titans)

Just feels like kind of a lazy way to get Bright to be the main captain again

>Kamille is better than Amuro

What a silly question to ask.

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I'm talking about personality/character wise

so am I

Easily Amuro. Towards the end of MSG in ain CCA he's a fucking monster.

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I came here to post that exact sentence

>doesn't give a shit about killing random soldiers (there are moments where it seems he's suffering from trauma but iirc those were all at times where he could easily have been freaking out about something else like his mom or his shitty dad)
>cries like a bitch whenever someone he knows dies

at least Kamille expresses some kind of regret/frustration at having to slay so many people even if it's cheap. The first gundam felt almost hypocritical because of how little focus/attention it gave to so much of the shit going on apart from """"major"""" characters dying. Like Amuro is portrayed as the kind of person who would definitely have problems with taking a life at first and yet they barely ever touch on that. They do a good job of making the opposing forces somewhat realistic and all that but that almost makes it worse. The only time I can think of Amuro giving any thought to an enemy other than Char is when he met that guy and his wife in the bar and even then he barely lent them any thought. He was just like "so these are the people we've been fighting" to himself or something like that which suggests he's realized enemy soldiers are people too but there's no follow up or pay off on that, he just thinks about it once and goes back to slaying countless goons.

Also Kamille is more alpha (arguably more autistic though) than Amuro although you could argue that Amuro's apparent lack of sympathy for enemy soldiers is more alpha. Amuro is a solid MC though I just don't see how you could think he's better than Kamille apart from just liking him because he's the first MC, whenever he wasn't in the Gundam he felt pretty weak willed. Like he just ran away the second he heard that he might be replaced as the Gundam pilot. I'm really trying to remember some interesting moments that he had apart from the ones with his parents and when he met those Zeon soldiers in the bar. Why do you think he's better than Kamille?

I actually forgot about that time he tried to help an enemy soldier who was dying which was a nice moment but that was a direct result of his retarded actions so it also felt pretty hypocritical. Maybe that's the wrong word but it felt inconsistent or something. The soldier tells him to not be so soft but he literally never tried to do anything else like that and he never acts soft at all when it comes to killing people in his Gundam. Like there's literally no dialogue that suggests Amuro cares at all about the countless people he killed and yet at that specific moment the show expects the viewer to see Amuro as some poor kid who's just caught up in a war and whose kind personality is at odds with what he needs to do. That scene doesn't really go anywhere either