Would you watch an anime set in the Roman Empire?

Would you watch an anime set in the Roman Empire?

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Depends on its quality and genre.
I'm not generally opposed to the idea.

Historical (doesnt have to be 100% accurate)?, yes. Isekai? Nah.

I already did. It was fun.

like historie maybe

If it had girl gladiators, sure.

I mean Thermae Romae exists and it's great

>girl gladiators
>not superior girl legionaries

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it would be cool if done properly

Faggots like you are why nothing good will ever be made

t. queen faggot

Yeah, the Holy Roman Empire.

Lolified Rome SoL. Loli Scipio butting heads with Loli Hannibal (over mundane things)? Fuck yes.

Fucking racist Nips whitewashing Romans.
I'd watch an anime about Rome if it were historical and shows that Julius Caesar was black.

And everytime Hannibaru-chan visits Scipio-chan, her mother dramatically announces: HANNIBARU IS AT THE GATES!

>give me back my bento or I will sack Rome

No because Japan would just end up making a show about Japanese people larping as Romans.

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Seems like a nice cute history lesson series, would watch.

Does that include the Roman Empire going against the JSDF?

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They were barely explored.

>Here comes 400 posts of a shitstorm

I'll start by saying this is just Japan thinking what it's military is, when in reality I doubt it could invade a country the size and strength of Lithuania, if said country were armed with sporks

I would watch Rome ojiichan anime anytime. sorry I'm a fag, I miss hetalia

It isn't even about militatry strength. It's about logistics and the ability to project power.

Sure, but not in the shitty way GATE did it.

That was only as an inspiration since it has mythical creatures and races in the series, and it went to shit not because of MUH NIPPON SPIRIT but because of haremshit faggotry.

Never forget

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If it's something on the level of Vinland Saga, fuck yes I would.

Why were his descendant all retarded? Specially italy, what a faggot.

real roman empire?
or shit ruined by anime tropes?

Cute slave owners doing cute things with slave girls? Add in isekai and we're set.


What Rome? The OG? HRE? ERE? Russia?

I don't think Russia ever made a claim for the Roman title, legitimate or not.

Their emperor title was Caesar/Tsar

It's unfortunate that there are people like yourself that don't know what isekai means.

I know, but that title alone does not imply pretense in the way that the HRE was pretending to be what it was not.

Think again, Moscow is called "the 3rd rome", they took the title and the eagle like half of the countries in Europe it seems

Perhaps, perhaps.

I bet you think you're really smart.

I stand corrected.

No. This thread template always sucks because it always ends with "dude lmao BUT WITH LOLIS/JC x---D i love being a weeaboo".

I'd watch a historical documentary, though.

The one where rome was actually the capital faggot

>I'd watch a historical documentary, though.

Just watch HBO's Rome and Spartacus again, that's all we're going to get

No because it would be full of japanese manerisms with the token guy 1000 times folded katana and people bowing everywhere.

It'd be cool if the MC actually was powerhungry and enjoyed blood sports like a true roman.

I CLAVDIUS: The Anime, VAs being as many of the surviving cast as you can get? Sure!

The accusation of irony in user's interest in little girls does not make you seem mature. Rather, it makes you appear out of place.
What are you doing on Sup Forums?

Its unfortunate youre too new to get what I meant.

So early mid or late WRE?

>late WRE
>Rome as capital

Try again pleb

I think late Roman Republic is the most interesting time frame.

Whoops, read that as "has Rome".
Ravenna is close enough right?

Caesar is /our guy/

Ravenna is a shithole that they had to fall back to. Mediolanum was the better capital, every patrician knows this

>Mediolanum was the better capital

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True patricians were in Constantinople, not in your italian shitholes.

Someone has to write it first.
The Turkey/Ottoman's got an anime and now a mongel one has been announced.

That's not how you spell Cicero, monarchist anti-republic cunt

The ottomans

We're talking about the WRE here, greek fuckboy

delete this

The senate forced Caesar's hand and they were a bunch of backstabbing cowards

Defecator, may everything turn out okay so that you can leave this place

Caesar cheated the system to avoid getting ostracized for the shit he did during his consulate, he was a traitor to the SPQR and would have ended up like C*tiline had it not been for Pompeius's utter ineptitude at killing anything other than fucking pirates

Caesar was a true hero that subjulgated the eternal enemies of rome and did many necessary reforms.

Reform this, genocidal maniac! *stabs u*

Dont you fucks got a board to circlejerk? Kill yourself retard.

What I would really like to see is an animu adaptation of the Satyricon.

The gauls had it coming

Caesar did too

I guess he had it coming since he didn't take the traitors to the Tarpeian Rock

I want more GATE.

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>Defend the republic, murder those that want to impose tyrannical rule
>Get called a traitor

1, 4, and 5 for me, please.

The only thing they were defending was their own corruption

Like what a certain someone avoided being judged for by (ilegally) becoming governor of Gaul, twice?

So it was in Bulgaria and Serbia and no one calls them "Rome".

>I'd watch a historical documentary, though.
Go watch Historia Civilis on youtube then you mongoloid.

Him becoming governor was completely legal unlike a certain someone being consul while still being governor of Hispania a fact that the senate was very happy to ignore.

The winner is righteous.

>Completely legal
The Senate didn't agree
Also Pompey's being in Italy was necessary to the survival of the republic, seeing what Caesar was up to
It was not enough sadly

Will there ever be a new series, or has it faded into obscurity?

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If Caesar was monarchist then why did the refuse the crown 3 times? Checkmate

Shut up Marc Antony
If he didn't want to get the old knife, he should've just become a consul again.

No. Inevitably, Nips will get everything fucking wrong and I will rage.

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>hey guys look how smart i am i know basic history

He was a consul. And a tribune. And a dictator.

But not a tyrant.

Dictator perpetuo
Doesn't sound very republican


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They lost the Finno-Korean Hyperwar so they can't claim to be the heirs of rome.

As long as it isn't about teenage wonder children in roman highschool

What if that teenage is Octavian?

We need an anime based on the mali empire or egypt

Yes, but I'd prefer one based on Caesar's Legion

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if the plot and the historical accuracy is at least as in the HBO Rome series... then maybe

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