Reminder that Steins;Gate 0 anime will be shit

Reminder that Steins;Gate 0 anime will be shit

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Implying SG wasn't already a butchered pile of shit, WhiteFox didn't adapt the best part of the VN with Nae.

>not shit

>the best part of the VN with Nae.
This is not even bait.

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only if your a lolifemdomgurofaggot

Why is it going to be shit OP? I enjoyed the VN a lot.

This would have been a good addition for shit shows like Mirai Nikki. Not for S;G. So glad WF didn't adapt that retardness in the end.

>VN adaptation will be shit
What else is new?

How is it retarded ? It was the best example in the whole story of how destructive Okabe time travelling was.

>How is it retarded ?
A fucking yandere loli with a knife. This is Mirai Nikki level of trash.

>SG anime
>butchered pile of shit

but how? it adapted the true end and that was great

That faggot just wants his psyho loli dogshit. Don't insult him just because he's retarded.

It's not a perfect adaptation, that's why it's a butchered pile of shit.

why so smug?

My waifu Suzuha is getting animated again so it has to be worth something

Because you can't adapt 40 hours of content into a 2 cour anime, in the end it's rushed.

WF can only adapt so much in 24 episodes, user. and of course they would adapt the true ending, they wouldn't adapt any of the filler endings

>there is no God
Reddit. the Anime

So would Putin really reinstate the SU if he had a time machine?

This is the only reason I'm watching this shit.

Doesn't matter, if it isn't perfect, it's shit.

Which ending was that from?

Maho is ugly

>An R;N translation got announced before C;H NoAH

At least CoZ is doing NoAH

Is Noah that different from the original?

How does it look bad in any way? I read the VN and this looks great.

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Steins Gate anime is just too ugly to like after reading the VN.
Speaking of which, the same applies to Trails in the Sky, holy shit the anime has some absolutely terrible art compared to to ingame portraits.

>tfw no Mayuri gf

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>tfw WhiteFox is making the Goblin Slayer anime and there is a very real possibility that they will butcher it

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Mayuri is useless


He already has immortality, only the dragon balls can stop him.

>Changing 2036 scenes from night to day
It already is

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She knows.

6 new heroine routes, a redone true end, tons of new CGs. The original is basically an unfinished version because they ran out of money and to finish the game.

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Came here to post this