Baku no Hero Academia

Eat shit nerds, #1 hero coming through.

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nice try

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>dead thread

Jirou has been fixed!

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I want someone to rip Aizawa's eyes out!


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Failed as a hero, Failed as a mother

She truly was pathetic.

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wtf I love Jirou now

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Bakufujos are pathetic

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Dead manga.

Posting the most patrician ship in the series.

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What's endgame in particular? It's that goddamn Ochaco stare isn't it

I wish there was more of the comic, and that what there was translated.

Ochako hitting on Iida to make Deku jealous arc when?

Blocks your path

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what's wrong with that fucking drawing

I want to always protect this smile.

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Why is that face so infuriating?

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Aizawa isn't severely crippled or injured, that's what's wrong with it

A true hero doesn't care about being #1 imo.

Hey Uraraka, want to go eat lunch with...

Uraraka?! Kacchan?!

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I can't believe people are excited for S3 when it features the most depressing moments in the series

>forest struggles
>cops riding UA's ass
>end of AM
>Deku crying on the beach
Top that off with how the series is now and it is currently the last time this series was unanimously agreed to be good.

A true hero always goes PLUS ULTRA and aims for the top.

I'm hype for S3 because after it's done I will finally be free of this series.

When will it finally happen so we get a new MC?

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Nice, less shitter like you the better.
Better yet - why dont you just fuck off right now?

A true hero always goes Plus Ultra and aims for as high as he can go, doesn't matter if others surpass him or if he surpasses others. The world needs heroes, and if other heroes end up being better than you, then in the end the world will be better off.
Not to mention the "Number One" title is an arbitrary ranking that only applies to Japan, other countries presumably have their own ranking.

Why are there so many images of Deku being killed or badly maimed in these threads? Is it a fetish or something?

Why do you sound so mad? I didn't even insult the series or anything. Just said that I could finally be done with the series after S3 is over.

How old are these kids?

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This is not HxH

>End of the manga
>Bakugo is revealed to be the strongest Hero
>Deku becomes the most loved hero, inspiring millions of children and giving hope to everyone, with a fanbase way bigger than Bakugo

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>as high as he can go
>not going beyond your limits
You wouldn't be a successful hero with that limited way of thinking.

Probably around 10

I think it'll be the opposite. Deku will be the strongest but Bakugou will be #1 because of popularity. Then both are top heroes and everyone is happy. The end.

As high as you can go means that you never stop going as high as you can. If you do in fact reach "the top" in the rankings, you won't be content and you'll still try and go even higher.

They’ll probably be a team in the end

Everyone is bored because the manga isn't giving them instant gratification so they're deliberately posting opinions they don't agree with in order to take in (You)s.

Unfortunately, they're too retarded to realize the consequences of doing this over a long period of time, so they've effectively brainwashed every newfag who begins lurking here into believing their fake news posts a la Sup Forums.

Hopefully the animeonlys will bring in some more points of view instead of the same 5 shitposting retards competing to be the next ebin thread may may.

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Everyday until canon.

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>Becoming a symbol of peace was the real meaning of "strongest hero" all along
I can dig this.

Why then?
Why not now? Why not later?

You are the retarded user who was complaining because the previous thread was not active right? You have nothing better to do so you want threads to get more active with shitposts? Fuck off.

This is a ship?

Everything is a ship

so it's safe to assume Eri is also around that age.

>Hopefully the animeonlys will bring in some more points of view
> the same 5 shitposting retards competing to be the next ebin thread may may.
You are included in this right? Retard.

Does anyone else open these every time hoping to be surprised for once

Because I want to see the last few fights I enjoyed animated. Simple as that.

What is she by the way?

Like what species of animal is she?

I didn't think she was supposed to be anything really. Maybe a slug?

>weekend of chapter release
>head into thread
>literally the only thing people want to talk about it shipping faggotry
whoa so this is the true power of BNHA. why the fuck haven't you losers gone back to tumblr yet?

How could anyone hate this?

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B-but what the fuck are the antennas for then?

To be fair I do occasionally change the pic with something not DekuMina related sometimes.

Latest chapters have just been filler. There's nothing to discuss.

That’s how she smells

Her skin is pink because of her quirk, as it altered her skin's pigment. As for the horns... I have no idea to be honest.


Fuck off.

They're for sex.

>>cops riding UA's ass
To be fair, UA deserves it, they keep dropping the ball.
Really, they're absolutely right to be against this dumb culture festival.

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it has to be one of these

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No, Nejire, they are not

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Holy shit why are they so cute

should have clarified a bit

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Friendly reminder that Kendou & Nejire will win the Dekubowl.

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She’s a moth, her costume even has the same fluff

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I'm surprised that Deku still hasn't asked All-Might about her. What kind of nerd is he?

The only few times i enter this thread all i see are ship fags and nothing else. Stop it now.

Why not but I don't get where you are pulling that from (except for the few interactions during the festival organisations)
Best ship is Mei and Midorya desu

Did the drawing of Mei holding huge gun and Mineta titty bar have been finished?

>Bakugo is revealed to be the strongest Hero
There is no amount of plot armor to do that, Bakugou is doomed to be a fraction of what Deku will be, i mean shit even now Deku could solo Bakugou if he wants, because lets say that for some reason Bakugou can make a fucking nuke with his quirk, but he still would need to improve his anime-human endurance to All Might levels and also his anime-human speed to that same level, and his quirk isn't going to help him in those two last items.

He didn't know that All Might had support gear at one point and I don't think he even knew about Nighteye. Deku is the shittest fanboy around.

But do moths have acid or something?

Mei with a gun was posted, but I didn’t save it, titty bar guy is still working on it

>drawing of Mei holding huge gun
This thing?

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But could Bakugo defeat Mirio?

Deku had also somehow never heard of All for One even though he was an urban legend that was all over the internet.
I still don't understand why All-Might and the cops covered up AFO's existence.

I think he was less interested in his history and more interested in his daily escapades.

>BFG 9000

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Not any moth I’ve heard of

Thats the one, I only saw the wip a few thread ago

The look like Kouta's age to me.

Sorry. Nothing has really happened in recent chapters, so we're discussing the only thing we can. Ships.

I'm curious what your definition of filler

They're over 5 since they go to elementary school.

I didn't know OfA also gave super endurance. Wasn't just super strength?

>Wasn't just super strength
That is what gives you super endurance, All Might can basically tank anything except AfO at some level and suffering.

We know fuck all about OfA. But it gives endurance among other things.

>I don't think he even knew about Nighteye
Wasn't night eye just his glorified secretary?
I don't he ever joined AM in public and just did AM's paperwork.

There’s nothing All Might can’t beat, suffering is just a small hurdle that he will overcome

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All Might was tanking noumu punches

But that's not "tanking". He negates other attacks by confronting them with his own. If Deku stays put, he'll receive the same damage than any other person. That's not super endurance.

I keep forgetting that kindergarten and elementary school are two different institutions in other countries.

Read the last chapter again.
Hori gives these small hints, but it's obvious Deku is achieving compatibility with OfA slowly.

How will AFO pass down his quirk to Shiggy if he ain't got no hair?

I like one punch man more, it focused more on other then like 3 people, there edgy guy is not as unlikable and retarded as baku, and the mega op good guy its not as sad all the time even when that's his POINT

Shiggy will take it up the ass, or since this shit is all about parallels and Toshi gave it to Deku, Shiggy will have to take it from AfO by force or rape

AFO transfers quirk through touch.