Vinland Saga Anime

>An anime television series adaptation by Wit Studio has been announced.

Are you as excited as i am ?

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I wonder if it'll be as much of an ad for the countryside as non-non Biyori.

No it started strong then he becomes a sjw.

Probably not, I'm neutral about it and yes, I read it monthly or whenever hox put them out.

Wit Studio also made Attack on Titan and Seraph of the End, two visual astonishing series of high quality. So yes, i am very excited.

Was about damn time, though. Planetes (from the same Mangaka) didn't took nearly that long to get an adaptation.



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yes, hopefully they'll come up with something good and don't rush it.

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That shit is fake and from 2017.

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It'l probably be shit but at least the manga will become more popular. More porn will be nice.

Look at the d8. Off by 6 years, m8.

>Wit Studio
No thanks.

This. Already looking forward fapping to Ylfa and the Huntress.

That too but I talking more about this.

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I doubt the first season will reach Farmland Saga.

Ten dollarydoos that it will end at Askeladd death

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Is vinland saga good again post timeskip?

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I'll bet 5 fictional dollars that it'll get there in the first 6 episodes.

No, they'll won't rush this.

This is one of the few series where Fillers would be appropriate. And i'm not talking about some mediocre sideplots or just-for-fun-episodes. Thorfinn was reaving the North Sea with Askeladds Band for 10 years. I think there is a lot to tell.

Can someone tell me why Berserk isn't getting the adaptation it deserves? Was it Miura who okayed the absolute trash that was 2016/2017?There's no way the best animation studios never thought of animating Berserk once. It's not like Berserk can't sell.

Some people just want to see the world burn. And some people just want to fuck shit up. Take a look what became of Star Wars for example.

The only studio I'd pick for this over WIT for this is MAPPA desu

>It's not like Berserk can't sell.
Probably they thought they could away with the new adaptation.I dont know the sales nor do I know their strategy with the berserk adaptation but I just pirate all the same.I kinda enjoyed the new adaptation though.