>Killed main hero's friend
>main hero said "I'll never forgive you"
>Is brought back to life at the every end anyways

Why is this allowed?

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Because shonen

Are you talking about Vegeta?

If you don't like shit writing, don't watch shit anime.

What did you expect? DB is a joke.

Please put "dragonball" in the subject next time you make a thread so my filter can auto-hide your threads. Thanks.

It's part of the nature of making deals with bad guys; they give you something you want, and in return you give them something they want, even if it means a bad guy gets resurrected. Ask any cop about this topic.

>Literally killed everyone
>one becomes part of the main cast and the other is reincarnated

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ikr, why is fat buu still on the team?

No one is irredeemable in Dragon Ball because death has no meaning in Dragon Ball.

>the buildup was a duo with frieza and goku
>not vegeta and goku
I dont get this. Why did they push frieza and 17 so much?

Name one "Z-fighter" that was killed by Vegeta.

Because Toei knows that they could shit in a bag and call it Dragonball and spics would still love it.


>ToP winner can make any wish he/she wants
>"Oh btw, if you had wished for anything other than resurrecting the universes that got erased, Zen-Oh-sama would've erased everything!"
>it was a fucking test all along
Why is this allowed?

Fat Buu killed a few cities at best and none of Goku's friends. Vegeta killed himself.

Because Frieza and 17 are the best characters.

Why is that a bad thing?

who is going to stop him? you?

Eh, well, it's not like death means anything in the DB world; I guess it's no big deal that free will and the possibility of bad/edgy ending doesn't exist.

Nono, it wasnt the retard god children that are callous with trillions of lives, it was the contestants. Arent they cute?

>0.05 [ insert DBS currency here ] have been deposited into your account

Zenny you uncultured swine

Because holy shit how autistic do you have to be to get mad at them doing something actually really fucking interesting and different instead of rehasing the end of Z "Goku and Vegeta team up to save the day!!"

>Wanted a good fight, just like the main hero
>Killed a robot nobody cared about
>main hero gave him a senzu bean to be a good sport
>doesn't even get a chance at redemption

Is there any justice in this world?

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In Z they brought back everyone that was killed by frieza and his goons

>Is there any justice in this world?
Well, we've already seen that death and free will don't really exist. Looks like justice is next on the hit list.

If they wanted interesting, why did they make Super?

Reminder they brought back all universes. Black is BACK

Interesting how? Freeza is alive and well, but no one in-universe even cares. Everyone got what they wanted, good guys won, nobody died, the tournament didn't even have real stakes. You might have been brain damaged to much by Toei to believe this is anything close to "interesting".

Because he draws the big bucks brother.
Gotta keep him in the series, he brings in good money, gonna give him a black transformation down the line too, call it Negative Freeza. That'll get the money rolling.


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Goku fucking fought WITH Frieza, while talking about trust and shit. Fucking Frieza, the dude who Goku gave energy, but still betrayed him. Got a robot body and still tried to kill Goku. Came back to life and still showed no signs of turning ober a new leaf first order of buisness was killing Goku. Now Frieza is basically one step away from being best friends with Goku and he's alive again.
Also Android 17 is the winner of a multiverse torunament. Android 17 of all people, not only is he a weakling but he was a fucking footnote in the entire series.

If you told me any of this stuff would happen at the end of Z I wouldn't even believe it. That's how interesting it is.

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>not only is he a weakling

He's Android 17 empowered by a Producer's lust.
As far as I know he's the strongest thing in the series, he outright has corporate backing.

if you really think about it, Dr. Gero saved the universes by creating 17 didn't he?

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well played

His body count is nothing compared to that of Beerus or Zeno. Dragon Ball characters are completely jaded to the concept of death.

>implying they meant anything besides the ones from the tournament
>implying they meant some worthless alternate future

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> Frieza
> Orochimaru
> Mayuri

White villains best villains

Mayuri did nothing wrong, those Quincy krauts got what was coming to them.

>gets a good fight
>throws a hissy fit and tries to blow up the planet anyway because he's a sore loser
cell is the worst villain

Goku DID give his word Frieza would be brought back if they won and they DID win, so...

Yeah. Heroes gotta stay true to their word. Besides, if Frieza ever did (and will) pull some shit Goku'll show up to set him straight.

A bit late to defend them on making something interesting and different considering how the rest of ToP came out, including

he doesn't need to pull some shit, he can conquer the whole goddamn universe except earth and new namek and Goku won't do a thing to stop him

That's not something that is exclusive to Shounen or even to Japan.

Do you have any idea how many time Lex Luthor has just been completely pardoned of all his crimes?

But that is treated as a bad thing in-universe. Superman doesn't just go along with it and smile at his new best buddy, he hates the fact that Luthor keeps getting away with thing and feels frustrated that he can't stop it without going against his code.

He's no worse than Piccolo

Because he contributed to jiren defeat. Not like he is a treat anyway. Beerus and whis can keep him in check if he tries anything funny and there are only a limited amount of planets he can destroy anyway.

I swear there was a couple of posts in this thread that's gone now

Underrated post.

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Beerus had him revived because he is neutral and gives no fucks.

Looking at it relatively, Freeza is a dictator. Beerus and Shin's jobs aren't to prevent brutal, oppressive, universe spanning dictatorships, their jobs are to preserve the balance of destruction and creation. As long as Freeza isn't tryinig to kill literally everyone he isn't really doing anything wrong from a divine perspective.

Of course he is going straight back to Hell when he dies but that is a separate department.

So are we just pretending Freeza wasn't working for Beerus now?

Literally all Beerus would have to do is tell Freeza not to kill anybody any more and he would, because Freeza is fucking terrified of Beerus. But Beerus wouldn't do that because Freeza is useful.



Because the writer is going to pretend to redeem him, only to attempt and fail at surprising his audience when it turns out space Hitler isn't a good guy after all.

>Nappa will never come back

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Beerus is established as a shit GoD.

who cares in this world anyway?
they literally can resurrect anyone they want




Is jiren the most muscilar DB character?

But he killed billions.
To save trillions


Hmm sounds very familiar

If we're talking about comic books, what do you think of Magneto, Dr Doom or Loki?

>and let's his own brother, whom was just following orders, to rot in hell for all eternity
Goku isn't just a bad father, he's also a fucked up brother.


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He kill two thirds of the Earth before he turned into Super Buu.

Dragon Ball ended win Cell died. Just accept it.

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>main hero said "I'll never forgive you"
A few minutes later the hero saves his life because he wants to fight him again

Freeza is ok, as filler DBZ/GT turned him into a joke character that died with one punch

Now not only he saved the universe, but he also considered to sacrifice himself alone to let goku win while still being evil

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It ended when Roshi blew up the moon.
You can't refute this.
That made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Going from launching each other into mountains to making planetary sized objects just disappear out of thin air.

kys fag buu is shit and everything after cell is toriyama diarrhea shit

Are you replying to the right person?

Wow it's almost like Dragon Ball is shit or something.

Frieza was already working for Beerus, though. It's not like he's going to do anything outside of Beerus' jurisdiction.

Please kill yourself. Thanks.

it was a trial from the gods. A test of the worthiness of mortals. It made the Zenos and angels feel more godlike to me.


Deal with it

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Because his son is going to be hanging out with Uub, Pan, and Bra in the next series.

He was instrumental in the survival of the universe, he earned an actual second chance at life

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The theme of supers finale was "throwbacks" and representation. Vegeta's main arc for super was resolved in the Goku Black saga and he got a bit of service for his character with Cabba and the Toppo fights. The main reason the final trio was 17 / Freiza / Goku was because they're both representatives and villains from their sagas (17+18 killed all the Z fighters in the original timeline so they're no slouches) and they didn't want to use Cell due to spots meme and Buu sat it out since he doesn't have much characterization. So basically you get a schoolyard fanboy dream of seeing Freiza, an Android and Goku go all out putting aside any differences and using their own respective styles and techniques to defeat an opponent that's insurmountable without.

>you will never fuck smf while being in frieza cosplay

kill me

I would unironically love this

Aye fellow rwby lover esketit

This, goku isn't actually a good guy, he's just some dipshit barbarian who only cares about fighting. Probably only wishes the earths population back with dragon balls for the chance of there being more dickheads to fight.

Because Beerus needs someone with an expansive empire of the universe to help raise the mortal level.

He didn't revive Freeza just because he did a good in the tournament, he realized he needs someone like Freeza around to do his job

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Freeza did the same thing friendo

he probably repented in hell

Since when was Freeza looking for a good fight? If anything he wanted the opposite considering he wiped out all the Saiyans in fear of one potentially overpowering him in the future.

that one freiza looks like the megamilk girl

They should just give the GoD title to Freeza, he was doing a much better job than Beerus' lazy ass

But he threw a hissy fit because he lost and blew the planet

Honestly, as long as Freeza doesn’t try to blow up Earth again, no one would give a damn.

He’ll probably come around once a year to try and kill Goku and Vegeta only to fail then fuck off to train and try again some other time

Cell is unpopular with the nips

>Why is this allowed?
Because he will be the next Piccolo and will raise a saiyan child