Darling in the Franxx

Japan works fast

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They are so cute

Name a better anime couple.

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Not fast enough
I need more



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Franxx is flopping so Franxxfags are spamming the board with threads to make it seem like the show is popular.

Kokoro is so into Mitsuru is funny as hell

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GoroIchi nip shippers are drawing them now.

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It's the power of love.

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isn't he gay

Futoshi is bullying himself

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highly bisexual, he is attractive to Kokoro and Hiro. I

kuno is the only gay it seems.

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>but muh promise
>spends every minute after crying

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This is entirely the reason. We're on the ropes, we have to do something.

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Crunchyroll astrosurfing campaign.

They're mad as fuck that VEG was a hit that got stolen from them by Chad Netflix bank.


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>gets paired with hot girl
>gets paired with lesbian
what's a fat man gotta do to get laid in this anime?

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As gay as Hiro

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Based Gorobros always have us /milk/bro's backs.

>next episode they are reading the childbirth book together

I want this.

W-what did he mean by this?

>Kokoro wants his seed
>milkman only delivers milk for Hiro
yes please

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Mitsuru better not die before impregnating Kokoro

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Realistically speaking aren't Kokoro and Mitsuru too young to have a kid?

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>kokoro want's procreation
>Milkman is Hirosexual who wants to prove himself

Just imagine the strategies Kokoro wii have to plan, just to drag Milkmai into greenhouse
>So.. this kissing makes you stronger? Are you sure Kokoro-san?
>Of course, 002 and Hiro did this during their first mission, you have to stick out your tongue, Mitsuru-kun

>Kokoro san this massage makes me feel weird. I feel hot, is this fever coming back? You said It will make us stronger.
>It means you are just healthy boy, don't worry about your... ara... boy part growing. it's all like in the book.

>Kokoro-san, what is this rope for...?

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Damn, Mitsuru looks like THAT?

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15/16 is probably the age pre-modern humans have kids

>ywn shove your milk down mitsuru's throat


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Fuck them.

I like colored-pencil user version more

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she'll have to dress up like Hiro for him to get hard

they are both terrible people, they deserve each other

>02 gave Mitsuru dino aids
>Mitsuru gave Ikuno
>Ikuno gives it to ichigo and Futoshi
>Ichigo gives it to Goro
looks like everyone besides MikuZorome has it now

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I dont xerome can talk nigga shorter than mitsuru

>not even holding her hand

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Reminder to always stick your dick on crazy.

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>it's actually a girl's body takes all the damage, while being fully controlled by a boy
I wonder what did they mean by this.

How's he so perfect Sup Forums?

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>Kokoro has to trick and mommy him into fucking
>Mitsuru feels betrayed and goes back to his humilliation mode (version sexual) on her as revenge
>Repeat until reaching the little league
Is there anything that can stop them?

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The most good looking pair.

I get the feeling IkunoxFatoshi are first on the chopping block of deaths

They serve no purpose.
02Hiro, IchiGoro, MikuZorome and now MitsuKoko

Ikuno and Fatoshi aren't going to have any relationship at all so what better characters to write off for a death?

Why are people mad about this cute couple again?

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Kokoro is dirty slut, Miku is the real best girl here.

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Actually it's Zorome that will die first.
Naivete needs to be punished.

lmao fatfuck fanfiction writers on suicide watch

But I like Ikuno. She was good in this episode.

So pure

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>Miku is the real best girl here.
You don't remember how she wanted to pilot with the 26th squad's leader? How she gushed about him?

I want Mitsuru to ask Kokoro about what a kiss is since he heard the others boys talking about it. Then rape happens.

It really feels like nobody is actually going to die in this series

*2nd best girl

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Now all that's left is for Kokoro to cut her hair to become best girl once and for all

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Kokoro made Mitsuru smile. Kokoro made Mitsuru's fever go away. Kokoro gave Mitsuru hope again. Mitsuru made a promise for the first time since he was nine.

Kokoro likes Mitsuru a lot. Mitsuru is now warming up to her.

This episode made me want to kill myself again.

desu didnt have to do Fatoshi so hard, thank god they did it to a unlikeable character though

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2nd and 3rd best

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Hiro x 02
Zorome x Miku
Ichigo x Goro
Ikuno x Ichigo

at the end its a look of sadness, that only sets the stage for Mitsuru to rise up and save Kokoro from the fat man's rage. He will be her knight in shining armor to save her from the fat dragon's bread breathe

>Ikuno x Ichigo

Fuck off Ikuno, we know it's you.

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Are you fat?

>teasing Zerome is the same as literally cucking your partner that you made a promise to that you had no intention on keeping

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I can see Mitsuru talking about babies with her now

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I lost weight in 2016, so not fat anymore. But I'm still a kissless virgin after so many efforts. That's why I'm butthurt.

How would you feel if you were to work with psycho who literally gets depressed if she couldn't kill anyone lately?

It's not the same. Zorome is cute and not fat.

Sweet lord she is so breedable. I want to have dozens of babies with her, and live in a cozy cottage where she bakes hot cross buns

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>did it to a unlikeable character though
It was too funny

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He totally starting to like her. She has a charm that makes him believe again.

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This literally happened.

That already happened this episode.

And they still say that if Futoshi becomes /fit/ Kokoro will back.

>wants Hiro's dick
>didn't like 02 pegging him
I get mixed messages about Mitsuru.

This is Futoshi and Ikuno's future

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Holy shit

Even Ikuno doesn't want to be with Fatshit

plant seed my dude

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This is cute.


Until one day she leaves you for a hotter guy she met on the street.

Futoshi will become /fit/ and dick the gay out of Ikuno.

Yeah but it was more like Mitsuru telling Kokoro to stop thinking about pointless things. Now maybe he'll open up to the idea

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