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So what do you guys think of the Clear Card Arc?

Let's predict the future:

>Kaito/D Clan is going to be like the English counterpart of Syaoran/Li Clan. He's going to be the one who manipulated the dreams.
>Akiho accidentally sealed the Sakura Cards and created the Clear Cards from them. Since they were made from the Clear Cards, that's why Sakura's staff transformed.
>Akiho is the real Dream Sorceress, who's magical circle is the clock and who's magical association is related to gears and mechanics (All of the cards have a gear/clockwork theme).
>Syaoran is acting shady because he's taken the Sakura cards and is using them (nearly confirmed).
>Akiho's powers are fragile.
>Akiho is the english counterpart to Sakura.
>Kaito is the antagonist but his motivation has been to help Akiho awaken her true powers.

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>All of the cards have a gear/clockwork theme
This isn't true. Siege, Aqua, Reflect, Gravitation, Flight, Lucid, Spiral, Snooze, Labyrinth, Reversal, Hail (some of the hail pieces on the card might look like gears but I don't think it counts), Appear, and Blaze don't have clock/gear themes. So that's most of the cards. And the anime is making it painfully obvious that Sakura is the one creating the new cards.

Not true. The cards themselves all have gear icons on them. Every card image features crystals and clockworks.

Also, Sakura may be creating the cards, but the end game will still be her giving the clear cards to Akiho.

Where is the clockwork on Flight?

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I think the gears kind of appear while Sakura secures them in the crystals but I think it's just part of the steampunk inspired designs of the clear cards.

>Kaito/D Clan is going to be like the English counterpart of Syaoran/Li Clan
You mean Clow's father side of the family? I think so too, considering that in chapter 21 Eriol sent a picture of Clow's magic circle to Yue and Kero.

Did she foresaw she was going to get this cute daughter-in-law?

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Why does her dad always sound like he's speaking with a sock in his mouth? Also why does he call her "Sakura-san", isn't that that too formal for addressing his daughter?

>Sakura wishes for a tie
>hail interrupts the match at 18-18
She's definitely creating those cards. Magic leaking isn't that rare of a thing.
Now the question is, will we get the old cards back at some point.

He calls her Sakura-san because in the original that was a clue to figure out that both him and Eriol were half of Clow's reincarnation at least in the manga.

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>she's creating the cards but doesn't know the kanji for Hail

Isn't 氷 in 氷雹 a bit unnecessary?

Japanese has a lot of weird stuff like that. 子供 is child but I've seen just the first kanji used to mean child too.

Major downgrade from Fly

It's more versatile and aerodynamic than Fly though.

Flight has a much greater degree of movement. It seems like easily controlled weightlessness rather than bird-like flight. And out of all the Clear Cards it's the only one so far with an actual personality. I don't remember Fly having a personality outside of being a bird when it was first introduced.

It looked like wings. Now it looks like something really dumb.

It's ribbon wings now.

>Sakura may be creating the cards, but the end game will still be her giving the clear cards to Akiho
Akiho gets to sit on her ass while Sakura makes her a full deck of cards and gets terrorized in her dreams... That's really unfair.

Uh oh

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It looks great. You're a fag.

So dragons eat kaijus for dinner

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>CRYSTALS and clockworks

"And" means both. And OP's post said every card had a clockwork/gear theme.

>will we get the old cards back at some point.
I really don't think you need to worry about that

not really

I'm sure you will

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Reminder that Sakura and Syaoran are PURE!

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