Fit Anime Girls Playing Beach Volleyball Gets an Anime

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>Girls playing volleyball anime
>Girls playing beach volleyball anime

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>fit anime girls
me gusta

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AOTC confirmed.

This is gonna be my jam.

I can't wait.

Is the manga good? Are the matches and/or characters/playstyles interesting?

I closed the video after I saw the Kadokawa logo, but good luck.

>KFags are this pathetic

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Pandering ahoy!

Not a soul watches beach volleyball because the matches or playstyles are interesting.

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At least one anime to look forward to.

Hanebado also airs this year.

all the girls seem a bit too generic and easily forgettable. I've seen more appealing designs in a hentai.

Oh. Nice

Hentai has better designs than anime in general, so this means little.


Looks pretty good. I love the beach summer vibes, makes me feel good.

First Killing Bites girls now this.

Good lord my dick will never go soft again at this rate

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That ain't fit but I'll still watch it.

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Killing Bites set the bar too high. There won't be tummy service of that caliber again for years.

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>Subscribes to the local Gym.
"I need moar".

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If it is halff as good as Keijo I am sold.

Aww yeah.

This gonna be full yuri and the girls will only love each other.
waifulol will get owned.

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Shame that it will end at 10 volumes, heh.

Don't reply to Mugino.

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Picked the fuck up

Hopefully some of them are not as string bean as in the manga.

>fit anime girls playing volleyball gets an anime
>they're not fit


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I do love that music playing though

Guess I'll pass on this show, then. Seen that same shit 100's of times. It offers nothing.

You forgot about the best part, OP. It's full of yuribait

dear god this artist

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and there will be some canon pairings

I read the manga until the latest chapter, it's ok at first, but it's getting boring real quick, no tension and no progress, and this isn't really cute-type manga. Sport is boring without tension and progress. better rewatch Saki and moe ping pong.


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>butt shots
>sports bra
I dont know if my dick could handle it

Will it fail as badly as Keijo did?

I mean name one sports anime that isn't full of yuri/yaoibait?

Slam Dunk
Ahiru no Sora (soon)
Captain Tsubasa

How does one do 11 with two hands?



Baarebooru, yaranaika?

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