He watches English dubs

>he watches English dubs

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based frogposter

I unironically watch dubs

Lol basef


Name one English dub that has good voice acting.

There is no difference between subs and dubs in watching them. The difference is in listening to them.

You dumb frogposter

What's with the recent surge of dumb frogposters on Sup Forums?

Cowboy Bebop

Check out THESE dubs

I tend to watch dubs for long running series. Subs for seasonal stuff.

>he posts frogs

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Kekkai Sensen
Cowboy Bebop
Naruto (except for Naruto himself)
Black Lagoon
Death Note
Death Parade
Nanatsu no Taizai
Yu Yu Hakusho
My Hero Academia

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Check em

>My Hero Academia
I don't have anything against the dubbing of MHA but I prefer the script of the sub.

fair enough

>he watches Anime
Manga is superior in every way. Only lazy pedophiles think otherwise.

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fuck off, and take Sup Forums with you

>For the active pedophile on the go!

Lets get some dubs here

I'm watching Ghost in the Shell SAC in dub right now. Deal with it.

frogposters get out
check these dubs

Dubs in general suck, but you should watch my Dubs and check em


Welp, can't argue with those numbers.

Very good, but i also would like some

You sure do get us kawaii desu :3

what are some animes about frogs

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How about instead of getting you, I get some Dubs? They're more worth my while anyway

You need to look through the noose, and pull the rope
Or you can just check these dubs

How does Sup Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.


Check these dubs

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Check it out, these are some CRAZY dubs

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Is this the dubs thread?

I only watch Latin dubs.

From the looks of your fabulous dubs, yes, it is.

I'm impressed.

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best posts
this thread is 100% off-topic by default, since crossboarding faggot OP posts meme frogs
therefore we all have to check our dubs now until the mods delete and ban OP
don't forget to sage btw

Good thread

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You guys are obsessing over dubs? Try trips

Don't forget newfag mods will also ban that poster. Self moderation is dead.

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Check my du-no, check my TRIPS

goodbye, user. I hardly dubbed thee

Ghost Stories

I hate these threads and I also hate everyone reading this excellent comment of mine

But I love you and also have dubs

To the anons here, we have yet ANOTHER DUBS THREAD
I'll check your dubs in both threads, but only if you'll check mine


No frogs on Sup Forums

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Impressive. Very nice.

Sup Forums is dying, it's time to move to 2ch.

MORE FROGS ON Sup Forums!!!

Fucking mods, get this shitty frog thread deleted

>thinly veiled digits thread

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Sup Forums loves dubs


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you're not even trying, are you?

oh shit checked

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