Name a hotter girl

Name a hotter girl

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She's eternally forever alone because her lover died.
His power play didn't even do anything really. His death was completely pointless.

Rukia and Yoruichi

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Literally perfect in every way.

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Chifusa is perfect.

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So, shes free to cuck then?

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These two, can't forget to mention the delicious brown.


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Rukia's not hot but her charm is off the chart.
Fuck Bleach had too many great designs for female. Rukia, Matsumoto, Yoruichi, Neil, Soi Fon, Nemu, even fucking Orihime would've been cool if it wasn't for Kurosaki-kun

Yes. Rukia mother fucker.

Fuck off Narutards

Horrible taste.

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Your mom

Well there is a perfectly functional shota around for her to have some fun with.

Who is bigger?

Tsunade is literally a better Matsumoto, and has better doujins too.

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his mom

literally perfection

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They're literally the same character. Both are beautiful, busty blondes that love to drink and hate responsibility. They also both lost their respective lovers, and closed their hearts off after their deaths. Their biggest differences are their abilities since Tsunade is stronger and that Rangiku was a bigger tease in general.

Which appeared first?

>literally a better Matsumoto
More like the poor man's.
Imagine Kyoani's take on Bleach girls.

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Pretty sure Tsunade since Naruto was published first. Rangiku is still the hotter, and fun one of the two though. Though the looks have to do with the artstyle of course, and Kubo definitely beats Kishi in that, especially in terms of female designs. Naruto has some of the most bland female characters in shonen. Tsunade would look 100x better in Kubo's style.

I absolutely disagree. I think both artists have styles that while unique from each other, are totally bland especially as the both series progressed. By the end of it every characters looks indistinguishable from one another save for hair. I think it all comes down to personal preference and for me it's Tsunade.

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Tsunade first appeared in Naruto chapter 139. Rangiku first appeared in chapter 80. There's a years difference between the publication of Naruto and Bleach, and each author probably took a few weeks off, so it seems Rangiku would have appeared first.
Naruto has shit art. That Tsunade in your image has serious man face and her chest looks like a lump on her.

Nah. Bleach had the better artstyle, and character designs. The women were 100x better. The only good-looking women in Naruto were Kurenai/Tsunade/Mabui, and they either had pouty lips/lipstick to make them look more feminine. Sakura/Hinata/Ino/Tenten were incredibly bland. Also your image is not helping you at all.

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That's a cute, sexy face.

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The character designs in Bleach were incredibly hit or miss. Some of them looked cool, and some of them looked absolutely retarded.

Much like the designs in One Piece.

There are no cool character designs in one piece

Most of the designs in OP look retarded. But they fit the general tone of the manga.


I'm not saying the retarded designs don't fit the tone of the manga. Just that there are absolutely retarded designs, and some that are actually cool.

My waifu

Dr. Devonia Necro

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My mom

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The men in Bleach were very good-looking as well. But since this is a boobies thread I'll say that Yoruichi is best girl.

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How did Hitsugaya not fuck that?



He likes flat chested girls, just look at Momo or even Karin before the end of the manga.

Karin was anime only shit. Literally never interacted in the manga.

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You mean how did Rangiku not fuck this?

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My waifu. Not posting her though.