Anime that needs another season

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Fucking THIS.

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I would kill to see the ending animated

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Dragon Ball Super

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BLEASE Bokura wa Minna so deserves it, the chapters after the end of the anime get pretty good

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SukaSuka or SukaMoka.

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Also maid dragon

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It just recently ended too, so it would be prime time for another season.

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Maybe I missed it, but I'm pretty sure the anime never reached the end of the manga?

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Waiting impatiently while the manga makes us nervous about the outcomes of moon adventures.

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Obligatory Haruhi.

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As long as Deen doesn't do it.



keep dreaming


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>Flying Witch doesn't deserve a S2
Well fuck you buddy

The story after the anime went to shit, there's no need for a new season, you'll all hate it.

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I would love another season of cross ange, even though there's really nothing to continue

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go watch mishishi if you want more comfy anime with magic stuff involved. Admit it, you only want an s2 because the witch looks bangeable.

> (You)
>keep dreaming



That's a wrong opinion. Literally the first time reading it too.

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>keep dreaming
no bully pls

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I just want more comfy magical realism SoL with hot witches.

I want this so bad, even if the chances are low. An OVA. A movie. Anything.

Yonezawa recently said that S2 is not his decision but he'd be ok with it because some twats on twitter were bugging him about it.

Mushishi is a different kind of comfy. Sometimes I want the kind of comfy in which everybody doesn't end dead or cursed for life.

PA Works please. Sakura Quest was nice but just wasn't the same.

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Too pure for this world.

Sup Forums rewatches when?

The world can always use more Akko

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I literally just finished watching LWA today and fucking loved it. The world/lore has tons of room to explore too.


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There's still hope and it's growing bigger

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The anime was just a fucking prequel for the whole story.

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secret collection

Outlaw star

Bubblegum crisis

There will be an "announcement" about this on 28 Apr

Reminder that the keions are cakes by now.

And that only makes it better.

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>Outlaw star


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I need more Jibril

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Fuck everything else ITT

i want this

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>more yuri bait

I will never give up

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I want more maids

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Lousy cliffhanger endings. Live action drama was pretty good though. Even if they did change a bunch of shit.

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lucky star had a shitty anticlimactic ending anyway it shouldn't end there
oh and which probably will because there's more manga content and the show was popular
;-; it's never going to happen even though there's plenty of shitty source material to improve upon

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Kill yourself.

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god no, the ending was crap.

All of these deserve it. Honestly I don't know how a few don't have it.

Why? Everything that comes after the end of the first anime is complete garbage.

They even teased it in the last episode.

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god please

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Just rewatch the endless 8 over 15000 times.

Only if it changes the ending and makes it super moe instead of the weak shit the manga got.

Then what it still won't be the same

why would anyone ever want more of this

More flat

How'd the manga end?

>How'd the manga end?
with a sequel

I would be happy even if they just did the Megumin spin-off. I'd definitely like to see the entire LN series animated. I haven't laughed that hard at anything in a long time.

Need more:
Rosario+Vampire reboot that stays faithful to the manga.
Hataraku Maou-sama
Heavy Object
Seiren S2 covering all the other possible routes.
Trinity Seven
Unbreakable-Machine Doll
Wtchcraft Works

There are others I can think of, but most of them are getting new seasons. I don't need to mention them here.

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They're dating though, right?

>They're dating though, right?
that's so old news user jeezz

They ended up together but Kawai never really loosened up. And in the end when they decided to keep dating after moving out of the guest house the best we got was still a hug.

As long as there's an actual relationship, I'll take it.

Like half of the anime I have seen.

>19 year old Sousuke and Chidori going back to high school with a new cast of characters

shit writes itself

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>Gurren Lagann
>Log Horizon
>Kill la kill
>Hunter x Hunter
These are the sequels I want the most. But as Code geass R3 proved, anything is possible.

Go back to Sup Forums.

you're probably one of the morons that asked for the flcl sequel

Fucking noucome s2 pls. This was fucking hilarious anime.

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