Osomatsu-san Thread

Tomorrow is the season finale! Are you excited? What's something you hope to see? Let's discuss.

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Not excited, because I don't want it to end. I'm hoping for a hint at more things to come.

>What's something you hope to see?
An actual conclusion, good or bad

This is the best case scenario. I want them to at least leave the door open to another sequel.

Gonna catch up on the last 4 episodes tonight just in time for the finale. So far it was a good run, maybe a tad bit less awesome as the last season, but still enjoyable.
I secretly hope these last four blow my fucking tits away desu famalamaramakenpachisama

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They almost look better as girls (minus Jyushiko). Must be the wigs.

Anons, how would you feel if at the last episode they introduce the -kun Matsunos?

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>Turns out the 3rd season is a -kun season
I'd be super ok with this.

I'd rather they didn't it has nothing to do with me hating kun and everything to do with the fact that I'd rather they focus on giving the Matsu's a satisfying conclusion.

I'd be happy for this, fuck those who'd ree at it. But since it's the staff we know, it can't be.
Not the one art user that gets controversy, just I know to keep expectations realistic.

I'd still fuck Kara.

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The third to last is the worst episode in the entire season. Sorry.

I can’t tell if these actors all have really similar faces, or if they are just Asian.

What official merch do you guys own? I have an Osomatsu and Choromatsu Nendroid, and I just ordered a Karamatsu one.

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Well they are supposed to be sextuplets. Also pretty sure it’s the wigs.

Why did they re-release the Oso and Kara nendos, but they haven’t for the other brothers? I missed my chance to get an Ichi the first time.

I only own like 5 can badges and a tote bag but I just won a osodog off of toreba the other day. I think my collection is going to grow rapidly after this.

They make even better men playing women than the 2D ones, the hell.

Probably because they are pretty popular characters and guaranteed to sell. I can't believe how much the resell price on Ichimatsu is, ridiculous.


I’m guessing they didn’t get the preorder numbers they were hoping to on the first two and decided that rereleasing the other brothers wasn’t worth it. Breaks my heart.

That skit was great. I was talking about the suicidal Iyami episode.

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>tfw you'll never kiss a wild alligator

What was bad though? Suicidal Iyami was funny even if it was sort of a cop out from the staff.

It's Iyami where you could have had more character development for characters that mattered. Enough said.

What's with the Shoujomatsus on this episode being so fucking CUTE
I'll also accept Matsukos as a term for their genderbent selves

They’re matsumis (todomi, karami etc) the matsukos are the joshimatsus.

I wanna dick em both

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I'm not heart broken about it. This season was mediocre over all.

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Iyami killed Osomatsu-san.
It's official.


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Get out of here with your mediocre motorcycle show.

I saw lots of lewd Karami, but barely any Osomi or the others. Shame.

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Why would anyone ree?

How he was barely in it? He had way more screen time in season 1 and was in two of the best season one episodes. I mean I get that most people don't like him but the writing of season 2 is to blame not any particular character.

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I'm speculating here, but I'm pretty sure the re-releases for the last four are just delayed because GSC is really backlogged right now, maybe more than usual. A lot of things have been delayed (e.g. some of the Detective Conan Nendos just got pushed back by 2 months).

But it'd be pretty sad if they don't actually get re-released. Though Manda has most of their GSC versions for an ~okay price (except Ichi at 6k).

Dude, just ignore them.

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what would kissing huge teeth feel like

Got all six Nendoroids and that diorama figure from the end of last year. Nice mementos I'd say.

Like kissing a metal plate probably.

I'm gonna miss shitposting in these threads

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Are you a salty iyamifucker

>Me is gonna miss shitposting in these threads zansu
Fixed it for you

I'm gonna miss these threads as well, they are some of my favorite on Sup Forums

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No, I just save nice things for later reposting.

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Choose a side.

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Kara and Juice are my favorite, so it's easy.

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Dark side. If Jyushi was switched with Todo it would be my top 3 faves.

Remember when this was a comedy show? What's with all the melodrama? Did someone die?

I need laughter in my life more than ever and this is really getting me down.

Even -kun had drama though? I wouldn't worry though, knowing how the writers are they're probably just going to trick us into thinking that it'll be something serious and not just everyone dicking around over treasure hunting.

The laughter will have to end eventually.

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Dead thread.

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Slow thread, did everyone kill themselves before the series ended

Either burnt out from too many threads or asleep.

Catchup user here, Suicidal Iyami sure was a weak episode.
Here's hoping that the last ep before the finale is fu-
>Dad in hospital

Honestly surprised every thread from this week has managed to hit bump limit.

Get ready for disappointment.

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The last episode's going to be garbage and include the side characters and there's nothing you can do about it. Pierrot sold out to Showa fetishists and betrayed.

Well that certainly happened. Me's thinking they'll probably pull something like they did last season, with a frantic race to chase for that treasure was aching for...

... sanzu!

You could say...It's gonna be SHEEEH-t

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I think it’s funny how easy it is to divide them like that. They’re all bad, but there’s clearly a set of generally well meaning idiots and a set of absolute evil.

What does Iyami talk like such a retard?

If there was an /ag/ we could have ososan threads indefinitely, but they would be the worst kind of cancer.

what does that stand for?

What if they pull the same thing as the final Pop Team Epic episode, with that sudden announcement of a new season?

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What if the PTE episode was trolling

oh no no please no
Come on, that was definitely a jab at PS&G my guy.

>Ososan ends in announcement of a F6 anime, fans rage whether or not they know they're being trolled

That's a good idea. It clearly worked for S2. Why do you think there are so few S1 anons left? If we try this again we might be able to get S3.

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I would be very happy

anime general

>meanwhile fujoshits everywhere deplete the entire battery stockpile in the country

Just look at this face

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We need to sacrifice something, but what would be powerful enough to appease the ososan staff gods?

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We overthrow Karamatsu. He's big enough.

I've got a Karamtsu nendo, a Sutabaa mug with tottyface on it, six cute clothespins that look like each brother dangling, and a small few Karamatsu can bages and acrylic keychains. I've also got a pretty Karamatsu themed wallet and an Oso nendo on preorder.

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The most valuable thing you own is your life. If you really want an S3 you'll have to be willing to lay that down. Fujita will accept no less.

No user, the stakes are much higher now. We need to offer something more valuable other than my peasant life.

Your merch collection. You must burn it to send it to the netherworld and please the gods.

Okay, if you're really willing to go the extra mile. You need to get yourself a gun and assassinate the highest ranking government official in your country. Make sure you drain his/her blood, and use it to write a message to Fujita asking him to continue the series. That might convince him.

killing karamatsu would just make the show shit

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He'll be one less obstacle for Choromatsu to overthrow Osomatsu and take his rightful place

But then again, Totty shouldn't exist!

Killing Totty would just make Matsubara quit the show.

How many times must I kill myself to bring back my favorite shows?

Sounds good.

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Mail him Totty smut

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It should be Oso, then maybe some of the other characters can progress and be more interesting. It could be called osomatsu-not.

Enough with the Matsubara talk already, it gets old.

Worth it.

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Someone who flips the fuck out on other anons should have some issues they need to get over.

I'm not even the user that said it but the only thing getting old is anons feeling the need to complain about other anons talking about him. We get it. Just move on and ignore.

>you'll never get Shuu Matsubara just giving in and using Totty as a human toilet to satiate his obvious fetish for the character

I’d watch that episode.

Imagine if they stuck with the original concept art style.

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I don’t like it. The show wouldn’t have as popular if it looked like that.

That'd be kinda interesting. I like how weirdly warm/soft it looks.