Who would win Sup Forums?

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Chlorophytum is OP as fuck

fatoshi would hold back because muh kokoro

Fucking this.

DitF threads were already cancer, now we are reaching new levels of garbage.
Fucking Japs writers and their obsession with NTR. This shit doesnt even improves sales.

Futoshi is better pilot than pegman

futoshi is the better pilot by far


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Futoshi would take care of him real sneaky like

They will find his body face down in a toilet with empty pill bottles everywhere. Futoshi will be the first to point out that it looks like an overdose.

Is a draw

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The one and only.

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Milkman let him hit him

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What the fuck is that wall made out?

Mitsuru already won. No reason too discuss.

This is not the USA.

when will str fags learn?

good point, he already has the girl.

Game over for Futoshi

This No point in fighting anymore. Futoshi already gave up on Kokoro

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Futoshi is going to move on, get fit and ripped, and convert the dyke into his gf by giving her the huge d
Mitsuru is going to die before giving Kokoro the baby cream cause he's an anemic bastard and it's going to drive Kokoro batshit crazy. She will turn into a crazy childless cat lady by 30 or she'll be thrown into one of those VR pleasure chambers ie episode 10.

I want all four to die, like the fatso losing his shit and attacking the bitch and the faggot ehile on mech and killing each other.

Mitsuru is a shitty pilot

He isn't. He just needed the right partner

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Fatoshi is a better pilot and a stronger individual. The team as a whole is better off with him in charge of the more dexterous Chlorophytum so he can use his abilities to the max, and Milkman can be less of a liability in the back-line Franxx

Those weren't VR, it was basically a heroin den coffin. No stimulation to go with it, it just floods your brain with pleasure hormones

1 second into the webm and based Mitsuru already protected Kokoro-chan from savage fat beast.

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Wow they just roast Ikuno and Fatoshi with their flames no fucks given

No one will be laughing when Futoshi unlocks his inner faceless bald fat man.

This, she would chop genista up

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I mean, Milkman got the girl, so...

>inserting as cucked instead of the cucker
As expected of tripfags.

Who else can't wait for BASED Milkman to get Kokoro pregnant so she can be a real mommy. Remember, she's not the nice girl people see her as.

>Be milkman and fatass
>Decide to settle your shit once and for all in a duel to death on robots
>Meanwhile multiple clues that feedback inflict robot structure damage on pistil
>But they dont know
>Bonus: fatass wins due to being, as we found out, extremely skilled pilot
Oh sweet Jesus how I want that.
We already won sweetie, shit's just too good after saturday.

Genista is the worst mecha on the team, and is downright shit without team support..
Chlorophytum would tear it to pieces, better pilot or not.

same goes for Futoshi

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Clearly Abe is telling us that we will improve once we learn to move get over the person we obsess over(waifus)

Ikuno and Futoshi can't go 102% unlike Kokoro and Mitsuru

>Who would win Sup Forums?

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>didn't dodge and deliberately received a full blow
>"Aren't you a man?"
Didn't know fatfags are this retarded,

That seems pretty standard for pulse. Post sync comparisons, if there are any.

Futoshi. Not only is he a better pilot, but despite being incredibly emotionally unstable, he never lost synch with a partner Milkman couldn't even start his mech with. Even if Futoshi is fucking heartbroken over being lied to, being cucked, he's still able to completely adapt and pilot a pistol he's never run with before.

Milkman is a bad pilot, but then again, he only ever wanted to be the pistol.

>Not even at 100% Futoshi is a better pilot and fighter than Mitsuru.
Mitsuru needs to be purged or replaced.