Tropes that piss you off

>character names his attacks

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When the power of friendship pulls you through everything and also when every single villain becomes an ally.

>villain explains his ability to the mc

Mozgus had the worst apostle form

Villains becoming allies can be cool if they actually redeem themselves.

When the MC/Villain has some sort of breakdown and starts laughing uncontrollably. Very very overdone. Meant to be cool but just isn't, and usually ends up ruining the scene.

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It wasn't even apostle. But that whole fight was pretty bad.

can't think of this done badly rn

I see someone wanted Jiren to win last night

>character doesn’t name his attacks
>video games do it for him

>character doesn't use an umbrella for 5 min
>gets sick instantly

I sometimes like this one. Death Note did it well.

I guess this is done primarly for three reasons:

One, since manga is static it makes easy and quick to understand what kind of technique/movement the character is using.

Two, when people talk about it, they can refer to an "iconic name" instead of saying "that one thing that makes a cutting windwhirl".

Three, people that don't like generally are "why this is not mature like me" insecure faggots, so it's an easy way for the author to know how many faggots are reading his manga.

What I'm curious is to how yelling out the name of your attacks became a thing. The earliest example I'm aware of is Fist of the north Star. I wonder if that's where it all began or were there prior examples?

I think these can both be done well, it just takes effort to write. Power of friendship when they're physically helping each other out is awesome, power of friendship when they're cheering someone so they can punch harder is retarded. Redemption arcs are fine when there's an actual process. Not so much when it's a single conversation/sentence that makes someone flip sides.

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Threads that piss me off:

Greentext bullshit complaining about anime/manga tropes.

Mozgus sure was unique even among Berserk villains

> "You were staring"

honestly had to do a double take, because I didn't even see her tits at all due to his HUEG gauntlets blocking them

I'm already upset by this

we think alike user

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This is the worst opinion in existence.

Techniques that supposedly reduce the life span of the character. We never actually get to see this drawback. Or the character "masters" the technique so it no longer has said drawback.

at least in Bleach saying the names and incantations make the attacks stronger.

There was a guy like this in Jackie Chan Adventures.

Well yeah. It's kind of hard to take a series seriously when they're making up names for attacks. Shit is ridiculous.

holy newfag, batman

Hell, what I posted may not even be the oldest.

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Weak MC-kun acts like a bitch but suddenly gets op for no reason

Depends. Sometimes a cheerful laugh as if you told the villain a nice joke is creepy as fuck and only adds to the atmosphere of a psycho

I hate it when characters get sudden "hidden" powers and rubber-nen the villain out of nowhere. Even worse when it happens like in bleach, where all fights turn out who has the most rubber nens (in the end it's MC, but it gets on ridiculous levels where both sides get at least 5 powerups out of nowhere)

When the villain starts talking to the MC, telling him he's wrong and should just stop or die and blah blah blah, and the MC just stands there and listen and agrees, dropping hteir weapons/closing their eyes, etc. Then a friend/lover/memory gets them out of their bitch fit and they start fighting for real.

His super move shaves years off his life.
Does it so many times he should be stillborn.

At least trigun did it right.

>character names his attacks
Kek don't ever watch Overlord

Oh so spooky crazy anime eyes. It's fine in moderation, but do it every second fucking scene and the character doing it starts looking like a goofy fuck from looney tunes. Kakegurui was especially bad.

Makes sense in overlord because they are using some cross between D&D and an MMO magic system. So calling the names of the magic has at least some context.

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can you provide an example?

But this is one of the funnest parts about Symphogear

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I want to buy this game but fuck, I'm 23, I'm too old for shit like this

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oh that

Every time they call out their moves I always think, "Did they develop that name in training or are they just making shit up on the fly"? It always breaks my Fourth Wall immersion even though 99 percent of all manga from 1955 do it.

Like hell you are, just don't go playing it in public or some shit.

This and tsundere's.
You can still play it just for the gameplay.

Ehhhh I would say that 90 percent of all Asian water has some funky diseases like malaria in it so if you get hosed in the rain you're probably signing your Death Note. This is like truth in television for anime tropes right there.

Jesus christ how much of a casual newfag to manga are you?

Sexy af. Would still bang if face was permanent like that.

I think he is talking about those guys that laugh while holding their stomachs and with an unfocused gaze.
I personally think that laughing at something like is a joke or a chuckle is a good way to convey desperation.

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>MC-kun, you are the most important person in the universe because you never give up

>MC is a moralfag that keeps letting villainous scumbags away with their crimes because he refuses to kill them and they always go back to doing villainous things including murdering innocent people

don't you have some rival cartels to behead, paco?

>plain looking MC gets a harem of top tier girls just because he is MC

You'd think there'd be some in-universe cringe over it.
Mami-san has her reasons though

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When a series gets drawn out way past where it should of ended
ESPECIALLY dragonball
Fucking newfags
very much so

MC starts as weak and not special at all but determined to overcome his weakness and become the strongest...

just for us to find out that he is the chosen one/has strongest demon/has strongest rarest unique magic/his parents were kangs etc.

Example: MC from Clover, MC from Hero Academia, Naruto, tons of them

>he doesn't play JRPGs in public
get on my level

>Entire plot revolves around adhering to autistic Japanese etiquette
>Even worse when the only ones who seem to actually care are the MCs

I loved Guts vs. Mozgus's crew. Those guy were kinda like Guts in the way they had hard ass lives and trained for what they had (plus getting the upgrade from that living Behelit). I REALLY liked how the whole crowd was cheering against Guts when he fought Mozgus too.

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>Glorious Nippon Swords
>Folded over thousand times

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So basically Fairy Tail

Nah, cool villains shall always stand evil and ally only to cuck MC later when time is right

>im 23
you should be mature or apathetic enough by now to not give a fuck

It predates manga and anime. Calling out your attacks before doing them is a martial arts thing

>Martial arts
Imagine during boxing

>protagonist and antagonist have a staredown
>wind blows
It will never not be gay

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but that was Kakegurui's entire shtick

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powerful old man trope

It was done amazingly with Doflamingo.

Sad backstories that try to justify villan's actions.

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>Childhood friend almost never wins despite having the most character development and meaningful screentime/history with MC

Someone is still upset about nisekoi

They were all his childhood friends in nisekoi
>And I liked Chitoge the most

Well not the most...
>I liked Tsugumi more

>Unrequited love almost never gets fulfilled
Well that's pretty normal. You think just because you like someone they have to like you back? Get real.

That's the price you pay for watching/reading (shoujo) romance.

>insert song starts playing during """hype""" moment
>OP starts playing as an insert song
I hate this shit so much. And of course normalfags will always cry out "MUH HYPE" whenever it happens.

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>being this fucking dead inside

>Being a brainlet on an anime board talking down to people for arbitrary reasons

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>Tropes that piss you off
All of them. Every single one.

>woah they played the song guys!!!!
Sad that you have such low standards that this is enough to impress you.

You haven't even said why you think that's wrong, I guess because there is literally nothing wrong with it

i like it

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what the fuck kind of magic is red blue green

So you just plain hate anime?

That is a cute nep.

>there is literally nothing wrong with it
You can make people invested in a scene through good direction, good characterization, and good dialog. Playing the OP song to generate "hype" is fucking lazy. Hypeshit is overrated anyway, the best anime usually don't have a single punch thrown.

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>somehow adding a song removes good direction from an exciting scene
>you can only have one without the other
Imagine being this fucking autistic

You want to hurt me? Go right ahead if it makes you feel any better, I'm an easy target. Yeah, you're right I like OP's a little too much, I also like anime too much. I could be cold hearted cynic like you, but I don't like to hurt people's feelings. Well you think what you want about me, I'm not changing. I like...I like me, my doujin friends like me, my cosplay convention friends like me... cause I'm the real article. What you see is what you get!

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Who can kill everyone except the main henchman and thus gets his ass kicked so MC can step up.

>I'm the real article
That's some bad translation there, user.
Talk with your editor.

Screaming out an attack's name makes it stronger. Bonus points if the name is germanic.

MC gets stronger from random things happening to him. Like if a bridge falls on him he'll literally be strong enough to destroy bridges with his fists as a result.

samefag. I already said that hypeshit was lame. Real anime doesn't need "exciting" or "hype" to carry it because it carries itself with excellent characterization and direction. Insert songs in the middle of the episode are like training wheels. It'll get you far enough to please the lowest common demoninator, but people with taste and standards will reject it for the real deal.
Fuck off shonenfag.

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I can understand it when it's used as a verbal shorthand to make referencing the attack/move simpler later on to avoid long exposition.
However it's rarely used like this, much more common to see it used while also having lengthy exposition for exactly what every attack/move does.
Basically have attack names or have explanation of what some attacks do but you shouldn't really ever have both (or you could have neither and just have characters fight without needing to name or explain everything they do). Sadly most battle manga do have both.

counteraction rising...
yeah we are ready for the punchline

>Real anime doesn't need "exciting" or "hype" to carry it because it carries itself with excellent characterization and direction
It's funny because you sound exactly like this autist Are you baiting? It makes no sense, seriously
By your retarded logic anime shouldn't have music at all

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>MC has the tomboy warrior and the slutty witch all over him and could fuck them anytime
>holds out for goody twoshoes do-nothing princess in the hopes he'll marry her but she friendzones him anyways
Every goddamn time. Why do the Japanese like autistic virgin faggots for their MCs?

>sagiri poster at it again
Are you human or just an agglomeration of shit taste?

Stop posting anytime.
>HxH image
This argument is over. I hope you realize the whole board is laughing at you.
Fuck off with this boogeyman.

Also whenever there's a tropes you love thread everyone mention how much they like "MC goes berserk" scenes but I think they're stupid as fuck.