Games you would like to see getting an anime adaptation

Games you would like to see getting an anime adaptation.

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and this

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It already has animu inspired desings and everything.

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MGS is pretty much an anime already

I'd be like Nadia except good.

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Castlevania, if possible symphony of the night.

Jet force gemini or pic related

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I can dream right?

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Skyrim anime where the Dragonborn is your stereotypical harem mc and all the ingame housecarls serve as his harem, each one assigned a cliche personality ie tsundere, yandere etc. Throughout the season they compete to be chosen as the DB's current follower over being cooped up in an owned house.

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The one and only

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The real question is what ending they'd use
Water is allegedly the most popular in Nipland

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Silent Hill the cultist timeline or Silent Hill the puragory for the punished timeline?

A jet set radio anime.

air gear doesn't count since it just turns into a battle manga where people wear rollerblades after the first couple volumes

I want more Kid Icarus wacky hi-jinks


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Shadow Hearts 1 & 2.


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I don't want your game, go away.

[Muffled spanish guitars in the distance]

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Good idea but it must be porn and almost all of them should be curvy

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I'd kill to see a Silent Hill anime, it's such a good series especially the first 3 games. Fuck Konami.

I've always wanted more of Suikoden III's opening.

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When I played Suikoden 2 a couple of years ago, outside of the grinding the story and characters made me feel like I was watching anime. It was really nice.

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Bonus ending just to piss people off.

It's my favorite ending too so I would be the happiest man If they went with that one.
I think an anime of SH 4 would be great, the game had the most bizarre monsters of the franchise and the story was creepy too, just the gameplay that was awful.

Not an anime

Give me some Switch remakes too, and we'll be aces

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I'd much rather see an original series directed by Yoko Taro. He'd definitely pull off some crazy shit.

Chrono Trigger

It already has a manga

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Monster hunter.

Titled something generic like "Tales of the Hunters".

A 36 episodic course split between LR/HR/GR 12 each.

3 sets of 4 characters starting and displaying with each weapon and progressively hunting flagship monsters/capcom given monsters/user voted monsters.

Soul Calibur straight from the beginning using Kawano Takuji's art.

That actually would be nice, but they would need to hire Akira Yamaoka to do the soundtrack.

This but make him a japanese neet that was transported to Tamriel


I really don't understand how a MH anime still hasn't happened. Stories was jumping on the Yokai Watch train and showed they're willing. So why not mainline? Everyone and their mom plays mainline MH over here. What's keeping them from trying?

>inb4 katawa shoujo
crapawa shitjo is not a game

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Sword Art Online

>It already has a manga
Holy shit I didn't know about this

That game has one of the most beautiful stories

Capcom being Crapcom.

>ywn see digimon Tri in Suzuhito Yasuda's art let alone cyber sleuth being animated

It hurts mang.

[muffled computer noises in the distance]

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Xenoblade. As long as they get the same cast for the dub, I’ll be happy.

huh, I didn't realize you could have chrono in your party in this scene. I always finished that sidequest before he came back

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Pretty sure you were supposed to bring him back to life and only then do the side quests.

I always did all the sidequests before I brought him back, because I liked all the different parties you could make when you weren't forced to use him

You don't have to use Crono after you bring him back you know.

Oh wait...

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Yes please

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Actually that doesn't sound too bad.
You mean a GOOD one right?

I actually likedSOL DMC, the main problem was it wasn't what people expected.

This is all you get.

Bloodborne, theres not nearly enough Victoria era style anime.

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I just want the ending of 3 to be fixed, I could care less if they go full 'space runway ideon' with it.

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Golden sun would be cool as fuck as an anime

>he's still in the first 3rd of the game

Jordis is best girl. Lydiafags are lying to themselves.

AC5's cutscenes were anime quality all on their own.


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