This is Yukana Yame, say something nice about her

This is Yukana Yame, say something nice about her.

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she's like the sixth best gyaru character i know

She's kinda got this bitchy side. It's nice.

She's very pretty and has a nice rack.

she has cute friends

yame is super cute and i would make lots of babies with her

She's a fucking dirty cheating slut

Hot as fuck and you can't teach that

Only in the anime, that never happened in the mango.

Another SOFT gyaru in need of creaming from me

She didn't cheat. She's actually a really good girl. Did you forget that when she kissed Junichi that was her first kiss and the most she's ever done?

Blue balls the manga
When will they fuck already

Inferior to Nene in every way.

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Nene is ugly

Wrong. Objectively wrong.

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She's hot. Too bad her manga is so godawful.

will Sup Forums ever recover from this?

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Quad zeros confirm.

Her show is fucking shit, her boyfriend is one of the biggest faggots in the universe, but at least Nene's hot.

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Best girl of her series! Ranko comes a close second.

She was so much better pre-gyaru.

Nene is a goddess.

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Nene is a shitty fat tryhard wannabe gyaru; she doesn't deserve anything good. And (You) can fuck off with your shit taste.

post the pedo

You need to kill yourself.

t. Yama